Follow you untill it’s dark..



Do not fear..
Hush now do not dispair
Yes everyone is gone..
No one trully cares..
But wait..don’t you see me here?
Quiet..silently walking behind you..
Waiting..guiding and keeping you..
I will follow you..
As I did from the begining..
As I would till the end..
I will..
Always.. He here..
And I will follow you untill its dark..
And when the morning comes..
I would be standing here still..

Do not give up
Hush now child..
Do not lose hope
Trouble may come..
It will always roam..
Do you give in?
Do you let yourself just sink?
Why do you wallow in self pity and think it’s all the end..
Because no one was there to lift you up and you think it’s a trend?
Why do you fret…do you forget I have been here.
Silently and quietly waiting for you to ask me to help..
I always want to..
I will always and never leave you..
Not when you are at your highest..
Neither at your lowest..
Through thick and thin..
Even when the world grows still..
I would..always
Follow you untill it’s dark..
And when the morning comes
I would be undoubtedly here..still..

Do not be scared..
Hush now…never be afraid
I am your friend when the friends leaves..
Am your sole parent when yours grow old and sleeps.
Am the love of your life when the one in your heart grows cold..
I will always be the one who remains even when you throw tantrums and lock me out..
Whenever you open the door..I would be waiting..
I am limitless.
You can say I am equally timeless..
But one thing that gladdens my heart.
Is knowingly that you are just my lil sweet one..
Who doesn’t know that no matter how much fuss and cuss you make..
I will never kick you out like second base..
So I will always be here..
Protecting and keeping you from harms way. .
Waiting untill you trully allow me all the way in..
Lemme occupy and give you that peace I know you you only need..
Lemme feel your heart with love that closes every empty void..
That joy that lifts you from your feet and throws you ofcourse..
Lemme give you that life that no one beneath the heavens can give you..
Wait I can do one better..
Make you immortal in a world of forever that you never can imagine in your dreams..
Take my hands and lemme make you ever green..
but do these things..I pray thee
Love me.
Love others
Love yourself..
Do not conform to the things of these world. .
Do not let it ruin you..
But hey..If it does…
Do not be afraid ..
Come to me..
With a humble and contrite heart
I would wash it all away..
And give you my child a clean slate..
No it’s not magic child .
You just have to believe and you will see..
This world will come and go..
but I will remain.
What am I?
Who am I?
Listen child..for I shall say it once..
“I AM”
and  will follow you until it’s dark and wait till the morning light..
I will surely remain..
Take my hands..
And sweet one I will make it rain.


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