My lover is gone…


Xoxoxoxox oxo

I let him go..
I had to..
It’s killing me..
But I had to let him be..
Instead of waiting for him..
To come back to me..
Now my lover is gone..
And it’s ok..
Because I will be just fine..
Because I knew he let the water run dry..
And let us come to that point I had to stop myself from keep trying and holding what’s already lost..
When am the only one doing so..
My lover is gone and I know I will be just fine.

I let it him..
Not so long ago..
I really don’t know how am gonna go on..
But I had to.
Do you know what hurts?
Being the only one who loves..
Loves alone..all by yourself. .
When the  one you could literally die for
Has a loveless heart..
It’s killing me..
Being here..
Standing alone..
By the corner ..hoping he sees me..only me..waiting …not right through me ..and
Chasing after another..
The pleasures of plenty others..
The vain and worldly things.
The fantasies and fun…
Forgetting that he had left our bed cold and void of warmth from time memorial..
Forgetting that I held on..
Still hoping..
One day my lover will come back..
Yes he always does..
But stay I pray..
But his heart is never here..but where I can’t ever near…
And thus I had to let him go..
I can’t keep a bird caged in that wants to fly and see the world..
But fly bird..
I won’t stop you I say..
But don’t come back..
I won’t be waiting as I always did..
I am done…
Am tired
Of standing by the window forever waiting that this time you return would also be a day after forever ..
So my lover is gone..
I would shed a tear or two.
Have some sleepless nights too
But I will be fine..
My lover is gone and I know I would be  alright..

I had to let him go..
And to God I can’t deny..
How my heart breaks..
How the tears pour..
Within this walls are stories i can’t even reveal..
It knew me more than you ever did..
It listened to my cries..
It was silent to my pleas
And as a friend always there for me when you never could be..
Your hugs I miss..
You touch I could die for..
Your smiles my happiness..
Your heart I wanted..
Your desire..
Your everything. .my prayers..
My everything you are and would always be..
I love you today. .tomorrow and maybe forever and a day more..
But I don’t want to love you alone. .
So am gonna go ..
Move on with my life and let you be..
Maybe one day you will realise what you miss and come running back..
But forgive me if I have let my love for you fade away too..just the way you did..
I have held on for too long..
Waited for so long for you to see..
I am loyal and am stuck on you like glue..
But yet you found away to make me feel unworthy of your love and attention and maybe it’s time I think of me too and move onto someone who would fight for me too and love me like I do..
So goodbye my lover..
So long..
You are gone..and soon be forgotten soon..
My lover is gone..
And I know I would be just fine too..


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