RED (3)


Xoxoxoxox oxo

“you mustn’t look at the holy one that way”…He was often told when he was just a youth..

He never asked any questions but he knew he was always intrigued  .
Now he was much older and a man..
He dared to question it…

“Why not?”…
“She is just like every other girl in the village ma’

“Why can I have my way with every other woman but her I cannot because one made up story your ancestors told you about some god “Macdiva “…and she being his or its holy priestess. ..and gets to live longer than every human and supposedly possess power from the four elements of the earth…and bla bla bla

“It does sound utterly ridiculous don’t you think mother?””… He asked…

While he watched the young girl move through the crowd and few people bowing to her ever so slightly and some touching her garments and touching their head with for blessings and some children running to her to give her flowers to adorn herself with….

She was indeed beautiful and everyone knew it..

Her beauty put every other woman to shame…
He couldnt deny that probably some beautiful goddess somewhere specifically created her to show her prowess but then again it was just bedtime made up stories too..

“Look Nickolass ….
“You are a handsome young man and can make every other woman fall to your knees. one is caging you…
Go out there…
Find the one that gladdens your heart and if you will… bring her home and our hearts would be merry..
That our only son is now a man and ready to begin his own life and start his journey.

“But her..that mustn’t go near …
Listen child and do not let the wrath of the gods be on you..
Even your skills and looks won’t safe you and neither can will…”.His mother grabbed  him by shoulders and shook him..

He nodded. Not because he listened and he was scared but to put her mind  at ease and for her to let him be..

While she walked away with a basket of fish…
He puts down the rope he was rounding and stares at the figure slowly fading away..

“Oh mother..
You don’t know how she gladdens my heart just by looking at her..
How can I possibly not love such a woman..
That looks like an angel..
And one most especially hasn’t been ruined by the desires of men..
How can I not want to love her till death and pray she loves me as well…
How can I keep my promise to you ma when I can’t even keep myself away..
To her my heart beats for..
And to her I must go..gods or no gods ..”!!..

He made up his mind…
He continued about his business for the day.


He strolls out from under the cave he had been throughout the night..
And the girl followed right behind him..

He waved to his friends by the river..
They were washing themselves and their lady friends. .

“Come join me Nakoleon. .let’s bath together and make sure this day never ends”..

She pulls him by the hand and together to go meet up their friends..

“You don’t look so great Nak..
Too much to drink last night man?”..

Nakoleon washes his face and looks up at the owner of the voice…

“A tad too much plus…she is a rider..
I was wasted before I had to go three times. And she was gaming for more..”

He referred to the skantily dressed woman he came out of the cave with..

“Yeah. .her friends say she is a wild one…”..

Blady replied…

“Don’t worry when am done I can pass her to you…
What are friends for if not for sharing..”…
He smirked..

Blady was drying himself…and shook his head.
“Thanks but no thanks..
I don’t have such a healthy heart …I don’t wana die out of exhaustion….

“Maybe samdy here can have her. .”..
He flogs the other guy his towel…
He had soap on his hair washing..

“Gladly my friend …
I am a cheerful receiver..
How can I possibly refuse..”..

Nakoleon and Blady laughed…

“Male slut”..they echoed..

He takes a bow ..with soap entering his eyes…He deeps himself into the river after yelping..

“Aww poor you..
Come let me wash that out of you..”

The lady friend he was in offered..
Sinking her naked body ..
At end of the day..they began making out in the river…
While everyone watched. ..

While the lady friends of Nakoleon and Blady helped to wash themselves …

Nakoleon watched the displays infront of his eyes and he suddenly grow bored.

“Do you ever feel unsatisfied..?”

Blady had been one of his closest friends..
Well him and the slutty Samdy..
And ofcos One other from the next village..
But Blady has been the closets thing he had had to brother. ..

“It depends on what you mean Nak…”..

I don’t know..
Like these woman..
They all feel thesame..
Act the same..
Even make me feel thesame..”

“Well there are woman..
They all are thesame..”..Blady replied obviously unsure what Nak meant..

Nakoleon was fully dressed now.
He wanted to leave and go some place..
Anywhere but here…

“That’s not what I mean..
The thing is…
I love women..
I love the way they make me feel…
But I always have to do nothing before they fall on their knees and begging me to take them..
Where is the chase man..
The shrill fun of it…
All i have to do is open my chest and smile and they all are stripping and getting down on all fours and busting it open for me..
Believe me it’s amazing but…
After that moment..
When am done…
And she is done…
No communication. .
No interest other than her breast and what’s Inbetween her legs  “….

He sighed.

Blady seemed Confused.

“And you love that right?
So what’s the problem..
Plus…haven you looked at you..
You are a a handsome sight..
Which woman woundnt want to throw themselves at you..
And mind you its because we are your friends we get to enjoy in the spoils you know..”…Blady pointed out..

He was dressed at well…
Putting on his sandals..

“I think I want something more..
Someone who doesn’t need to show me her body for me to go after her..
Someone that would be beautiful inside and out..
Someone who——”  he trails off…

“Damn men…how much did you take last night bro”..Blady seemed concerned…
His friend wasn’t making an iota of sense…

“Not nearly enough”…He replied but he was lost in thought. ..

He had bumped into her while his father had forced him to go to the goldsmiths shop …

He remembered her Vividly when he was younger..

She had such beautiful eyes and her skin shone bright…

She never was allowed to play with the other kids..
They said she was something special..
He didnt know what they meant..
But to him she was the most beautiful child he had ever seen …

And her shoulders carried a birthmark of the moon…
Skillfully placed..

One day he had snuck into the Macdiva inner temple..
While everyone was at the front paying their respect to the aging priestess. .

She was adorned in while..
Top to button…
Face covered in a veil…
And made to sit facing the wall..

They said for her to be able to communicate with the god without distractions…

They said she was the chosen one to take the place of the aging priestess. .
And she had to learn the ways of a priestess as a child..
To keep her focus and aware of how she is suppose to take care of her people and be an intermediary between the god and people…

He had watched as she was left alone and tried as much as possible to concertrate with eyes tightly shut..

He had an apple in his hand…

He went to her…

“Do you have to close your eyes so tight ..
Doesn’t it hurt?”..

The little girl opened her eyes and stared..

“Who are you?..
“How did you get into this inner room?
“You are not supposed to be in here…..

I just wanted to give you an apple”.
He said offering it to her after wiping it clean with his dirty shirt..

The child smiled back at him and accepted it..

“Thank you.
You know every child is scared of me..
Why aren’t you?”

He laughed.

“Why would anyone be scared of you..
You are just a child..
And I really don’t like been told what to do..”.
He stated matter of factly.

“You are bold.”..

“As you are strangely beautiful”

“I have been told I am of the gods.
And I shouldn’t mingle with other kids because I am to remain pure and chaste..”

“Chaste..what does that mean?”.  He seemed Confused.

“I don’t know.
But i am sure it’s something huge and important and i was told not to ask too many questions.

“Do you always do as you are told?”
He asked ..
Playing with the lock of her hair..

She looks at him.
“Well…aren’t I? “..
“Didnt your parents teach you to be obedient?
“That’s the number one rule of the land”..

He laughed .
“My father is too concerned being drunk and going after other things than to care about his son and rules ..
Besides I take care of myself.
See I am a man.
And when I am old enough I will come for you and marry you because you are so pretty..

“I am not supposed to get married they say”..

“Well…when I am all big and grown up..
I won’t listen to them I would take you away and we would live happily ever after”…

She was about to reply when the guardian walks in…

“How did you get in here boy??”..

She pulls him by the ear and drags him outside.

He got alot of strokes for it and couldn’t sit on his ass for a week..
And was told to  never go close to her again unless the gods would rain down fire and consume him and he would never see his father again.

His father was a drunk and a womaniser but he loved him.
And he didn’t want a god to kill him .
Who would takecare of the old man and pick him up from the streets and make  him tea and bread.

So he never snuck into the inner temple ever again.
But he never forgot the little child and he prayed she never did..
And everyday…
Since then..He had hoped for the opportunity to see her again..
And he had..

When she was presented to the Shorbakla people as the new priestess. .
And he realised the wave of joy that washed over him..
He couldnt get close enough to talk to her because they weren’t allowed to..
But over the years..
She was allowed to move around her people..
Communicate and hear from them..
But she habited the temple in which her life revolved around. .

He always pitied her .
That she lived a lonely and isolated life.
Without a family and without love.
Other than being worshiped and she in turn worshiped the god Macdiva .

He wanted to whisk her away to a place only he knows .and fulfill all the promises he had told her..
And love her until she slept her last..
And by god that is what he would do..

He was tired of passing his time with this women and all he wanted was to bury his head in her bosom and sleep forever.

And he knew  or thought he knew she would welcome such release of bent emotion and run away with him.

Screw the gods.
How selfish is it..
To make a beautiful woman die of loneliness and  ever be able to trully experience the love of another man..
And he was going to be the man to make her feel all those things she was kept away from and she would trully  see that the gods and the people are just liars…

There is no god.
No power.
No elements.
No afterlife and immortality.

They were just jealous of her beauty and good genes and wanted to isolate her..

He was going to free her of the shaggles of it all..

He decided..

“…….Nakoleon. !!
“Hey …Nak..
Are you okay??”..

Blady shook him out of his reverie..

He sighed..

“You just disappeared on me.
What’s the matter with you..are you okay?.
Should we go see the town doctor..
Give you something…??”..

“No blad. fine.
Just thinking.”..

“Lets get out of here …!!

“What about the ladies and Samdy?”..

He looked on as the three ladies and samdy continues to enjoy themselves as he made a three some. .

He felt disgusted.

“They seem perfectly happy…
Samdy can meet us at place where the four clans meet..when he is done with reliving every fantasy…or whatever they are doing….”..

Samdy waves and nods without breaking from the kiss he was engaged in while another was fiddling with his nipples and the last had him in her mouth…

“Males slut”..

Nakoleon and Blady said in unison again as they packed their bags and left…
Allowing the scene fade behind them…



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