I think of you in colours that don’t exist



I watched you from a distance
Not courageous enough to come close
Not sure if you would appreciate the gesture
Don’t know if you would even reply my hello

It’s been so long I felt this way..
So long that I can’t trully tell what it is I feel..
But one thing is sure…
It’s so clear that I can walk blind to where you stand..
Because my heart right now can find you even with my eyes closed..

But what do I say..
When you never even for once looked my way..
To be cautious..yes?
To be afraid…Mehn I don’t know.
Everyone tell me to stay away..
You are out of my league..
I can’t even be able to take you to expensive nice places other than the lil cozy places that I can pay atleast..
What do I do when the world is against us being together and yet walking away is no option..because my heart can never be at ease..

I think of you in colours that don’t exist.
Because you are different from anyone I know..
I can never even begin to equate you with anyone I would ever know..
Your smile..
The way you focus..
The way your eyes lights up..
The way everything stands still just when you are there..
You are a beauty beyond comparison
And this has nothing to do with your physical attributes. .
I fell for your heart..and I know it doesn’t know me yet..but I pray one day it does. .

I don’t care about the barriers that keeps me away from you..
I don’t care that my friends and your friends say we arent gonna be together or look good together. .
I don’t care about race and all that..
I don’t care if you are black and I am white..or I am white and you are black..
That’s just colour..
We are red within..when we bleed
But you..beautiful one..
Give my heart a dance that I can’t even pray to stop
I think of you in colours that don’t exist and everyday I fall inlove with you all over again..
Take my hand..
Give in to the wind..
And let me have this dance..and take you to places that you can only dream.



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