I think of you in colours that don’t exist



I watched you from a distance
Not courageous enough to come close
Not sure if you would appreciate the gesture
Don’t know if you would even reply my hello

It’s been so long I felt this way..
So long that I can’t trully tell what it is I feel..
But one thing is sure…
It’s so clear that I can walk blind to where you stand..
Because my heart right now can find you even with my eyes closed..

But what do I say..
When you never even for once looked my way..
To be cautious..yes?
To be afraid…Mehn I don’t know.
Everyone tell me to stay away..
You are out of my league..
I can’t even be able to take you to expensive nice places other than the lil cozy places that I can pay atleast..
What do I do when the world is against us being together and yet walking away is no option..because my heart can never be at ease..

I think of you in colours that don’t exist.
Because you are different from anyone I know..
I can never even begin to equate you with anyone I would ever know..
Your smile..
The way you focus..
The way your eyes lights up..
The way everything stands still just when you are there..
You are a beauty beyond comparison
And this has nothing to do with your physical attributes. .
I fell for your heart..and I know it doesn’t know me yet..but I pray one day it does. .

I don’t care about the barriers that keeps me away from you..
I don’t care that my friends and your friends say we arent gonna be together or look good together. .
I don’t care about race and all that..
I don’t care if you are black and I am white..or I am white and you are black..
That’s just colour..
We are red within..when we bleed
But you..beautiful one..
Give my heart a dance that I can’t even pray to stop
I think of you in colours that don’t exist and everyday I fall inlove with you all over again..
Take my hand..
Give in to the wind..
And let me have this dance..and take you to places that you can only dream.



4 thoughts on “I think of you in colours that don’t exist

    • Lols more like…what he feels and the emotions are not based on the normal things everyone base their feelings and emotions on when loving another. It’s not their physique ..not their special abilities and not their looks. All those fade away…so its basing one’s feelings on things people never think of..and that’s where love is real because with our without the physicalness..their love remains and transcends through time.

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