Few of my favourite things..



I like to dance in the rain
Like I have no care in the world.
Unashamed of who is watching..
Letting the salt water course through my hair and trek down my face …while I twirl round and round and round.

I like waking up to the smell of breakfast and the sound of music playing at the background while mother sang while she prepares to fill our stomach..
And the chattering of my siblings as they argue about nothing in particular and the fact that I get to play tomboy with my brothers and do the water gun challenge and fight karate that I never learnt or play football that I was never good at .
Just because family is where the heart is..and that’s where the love is…unconditionally and place were yoy can trully be who you are and no one judges you.

I like to rush back from school so I can rush again to rehearsal where I can practice to be a prime ballerina and I ended up learning all the dance styles and I wish life was just as simple as that.  To be able to be and do whatever you want..just because you can..

I love to watch my favourite soap opera and series…
I love to stand infront of my mirror and sing at the top of my voice ..regardless of who is listening and if anyone laughes   ..at my not so awesome voice… butjust incase though
I make sure no one is home.
Becuase I am shy like that.

I like to look into his eyes and watch him watch me and fall inlove all over again  because it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world.

I love to pick up my book and scribble out anything …Without preplanned thought or character and it turns out into a work of art..in a way.
Writers are artist in their own way..
I like the way I can use that to communicate and I am quite content.

I like being by myself most of the time…
Unless when occasionally  I crash on my friends quiet time just for the fun for it …

I like to take little naps because I believe it’s good for the heart , mind and body to be occasionally rested.

I like to eat lots of sweetened biscuits,  I love chocolates without nuts in it and small chops and cake without pastries..

I like to make and arrange things and make them perfect. .Good as new.
I like to cook and make sure everyone enjoy their meal..
I like to curl my leg under me and read a romantic book..
I like not to drink…unless juice, mineral and water…

I like to stare into space..
At nothing in particle as I allow my mind wonder to where it pleases…because sometimes thinking too much about everything gives me a bad headache. .I let it all go and feel relax.

I like to travel the world …maybe one day.
I like to marry the man of my dreams..
One day soon. .
And I like to live happily ever after. ..not only in stories…but in real life..And have beautiful children and a lovely home. ..a girl is allowed to dream right? Well hope it  comes true ….*wishes*

I like to……….be the greatest that I can ever be..and I like to be me…simply me. No apologies no halftruths and unapologetically me…and that’s just ok.


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