Long hair.. dramatic wind…



P.S : For


I hope you do believe. * winks *


I woke up unsure of what today would bring..
I had never really realised what my purpose trully is..
I am no different from you and neither of you me..
I just have a long hair and can make dramatic winds.

Oh no don’t get me wrong..
I am no rapunzel..but I trully believe..
That may hair was made for much greater things..
I doesn’t matter how well I weave it or I don’t. .need it
It still decides to make a dramatic wind of its own will..

I need an apple it gets it for me..
I needed water it went out to spring..
What will I do with it I really have no idea..or a clue
But when I least expect it.it would turn and toss and make a dramatic wind..

Oh long hair what would you have me do..
Cut it or burn it it would still grow out like a weave..
Mother said not to give it much thought..
It has a mind of its own I should let it throw it’s tantrums. .
But I hope it leaves me in peace. .
Let me swoon and fall head ova heels
Like every girl does over that dark prince
Because whenever I wana kiss him..
And he is smiling up at me..
Ready to pout his lips..
My unbearable long hair..
Would twirl and twirl..
Lift him out of his chair..
Away to oblivion I hope not to dare ..and I blow him a kiss..
And hope he comes back soon..
But am starting to believe my hair is a man that is jealous and wants me to itself
But I need a man..
Just like every girl dreams too
Not some hair that curls up and sits on its own
And I wish to God my unbearable hair..
Would stop making its sick jokes of the dramatic wind..
And allow me fall inlove …and live a normal life too just like a princess I was always meant to be.



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