I stood by the shore…
I watched them disembark from their ship. .
I was within the crowd..
Not hiden. Just not plainly seen. .

No I wasn’t hiding. ..I
was just unsure what’s to be expected. .
It’s been so long. .
Since I saw him last..
More than a couple of weeks..
Months and even years…

I was just eighteen. .
With my groupies..
That long ago night. ..
In Dallas..
When I had gone on a holiday with the twins..

He had looked at me across the room..
It sparked electricity that I could not believe. .
My knees felt weak..
My heart beat in my chest..
As he drew closer..
It gave way..
When he caught me..
I was lost in the pool of sea green of his eyes.
And we danced till the morning light..

But he was leaving ..
Not sure he would be back..
My eyes soaked with the fountain of tears ..
My heart felt shattered to pieces..
From promises untold..
When he kissed me..
I knew I was already lost..
In the land of perfect peace..

While we walked hand in hand..
He took my hands to his lips..
Brushing it with a feathery kiss..
Wait for me??
He asked..
Even without words my eyes said it all..
No matter how long sailor..I will..
It said..
Just come back to me..I pleaded..
No matter where the earth takes me..
I would cross back the seven seas and come back to you…that was his last words. .
Before he waved..
Onboard the ship. .
With a salute…
My sailor did.

Years later..
I stand here..
Hiding withing the crowd. .
Waiting to run ..
Waiting to see. .

Then I saw him..
Beautiful and elegant. .
He stood apart..
For a reason I didn’t understand..
And he was saluting…but to who in particular I didnt quite understand ..

Out of reflex..
I turn looking around…
As did everyone..
When I turned back…i saw that he had brought out a picture of me..
That he had probably taken when I was unaware…
And it was boldly written…

“Am home. I can’t see you but I hope you are within the crowd…did you wait for me? Because I am here now”!!!

The tears that stung my chest..
The eyes that turn…searching for that girl…
My legs began to move on its own accord..
It ran and ran…
Right to the front …

My hero..
My marine ..
My love..
My heart..
My Sailor. ..

He caught me before I could fall..
He spun me around till my heart felt the surge..

I kept nodding…and crying..
I did wait my sailor..
I did wait..
And with kisses all over my face.with the twirling round and round..
And I crossed the season seas for you. .and see I returned with a gift. .

He went down on one knee…
And he said with tears in his eyes. .
You kept me alife..
You were my achor when everything turned black..
Because I thought of you. .being with you. I came back with my heart in my chest..and a reason to keep breathing even when the sky turned being blue…
Marry me..
And make an honest sailor of me”..

I said yes. …
I said yes. .
I said yes!!!

Even the applause and cheers didnt keep me away from those arms I so trully wanted to hide myself in..
I saw only him in the mist of white..
While he lifted me and and professed his undying love to me..

I was grateful and thankful..
How blessed I was to be his..
His girl..
A sailors girl..
What more could I want.
Other than a man
Who trully loved me as much as he did..

There were indeed a few good men..
And mine was a sailor..
And I was cinderalla. .
Who finally had her fairytale ending
Just because I came Dallas…
To holiday with the twins..
And I found the man of my dreams…


(I hope you liked it. )


10 thoughts on “SAILOR!!!

  • I did “like” it. I love stories. I think you would have wrote this without my asking because of the feeling to it and how similar it is to your other posts.

    I hope you’re using the right quality and quantity combination of tags so more people can discover your work. With your process you can write daily and numerous times of the day. Have you ever tried doing the daily prompts? You would succeed in that.

    I take my time writing. I want to learn more about your process of fast turn arounds. Is it just a case of letting yourself go and freeing yourself of the editor within you?

    • Lol really? Well am a sucker for love stories. Am a hopeless romantic you see so I like to write more about it and all that…And also others surrounding it. Well am trully glad that you are a believer now. Maybe you can help spread the word and get me noticed too. Lol. Well am trying to get used to using the tags n all that to help my work gets discovered but I would appreciate any help or insight you may have. Not yet thought but Yes I should try it…and I would. I hear it’s something called “free writing” ..I really can’t explain it though..yes I let myself go. I don’t bother trying to think things through or bother to know where the story is going…I mustly go with the flow..Where ever it leads.

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