My Child…



I don’t remember when you happened. .
But you happened with love..
I know that much..
We know that much..
Your father and I. .

When you began to grow in my tummy..
As tiny a form within my small stomach walls. .
My womb.. your home
My insides…you saw..
I hide nothing from you..
My baby my child. .

You listened to every of my thoughts. .
When I sang to you…you jumped and kicked with excitement. .
When your father spoke to you..
It seemed as though you listened too..
You loved his voice ..
Even though we couldn’t see you..
It calmed you…often times I felt you go to sleep..

Weeks went on..
You grew bigger and stronger..
I felt weak and tired…
Most mornings I couldnt move my feets ..
But I wasn’t sad no..
I knew you were just completely unaware what your presence did to me…
But it was only a matter of time before I trully gain all the strenght i felt I lost. .
Because my baby was growing inside of me and that was much more important to me than a few retching of morning sickness..
Swollen feet and sometimes big nose and pimples..
But my love for you grew endlessly..
My beautiful tiny bundle of joy.

When the days drew near for you to come out to this world..
My excitement and joy knew no bounds..
I had already prepared your tiny little bed…just beside me..
So when you call out to me I can reach out to you without fuzz..
My baby my child  ..The one I eagerly await. .
Not wanting to know …
Boy or girl I shall lovingly carry you in my arms and kiss your face …
And hide you in my love as a mother would. .
Dear baby beloved..

I remember..The moment it started. .
It came in laboured breaths. ..three seconds apart. .
I was laughing into your father’s eyes .
He had wispered something sweet and endearing into my ears. .
He had taken me for a light stroll earlier to calm my nerves 
He had sang to me with that beautiful voice of his as he played that guitar. ..
We had walked in hand in hand..
He had put my feets up on his legs and rubbed it..
He had used his soft palm to sooth the ache around my back..
He had lovingly feed me not because I was weak but because he wanted to be sweet..
Afterall. .it wasn’t all the time you get to have breakfast in bed as often as you please ..
And have the love of your life kiss you to sleep..
And never forget to drop one for our baby love right on his knees
I had stopped mid – laugh. .
Eyes brightened..
And squeezing his hand..
Our baby is coming I gasped. .
And up he jumped.
And off we went …like a man on his heels away from the terrifying sea of bees..

I must have groaned and scream..
I was a woman in pains..
Not of one wanting to die. .
But of one birthing a life..
Of one precious to me more than my own life …
Your father never left my side..
My prince..
My shinning armour ..
The one whom my world revolves around ..
For every breath I took..
He took with me..
For every tear that dropped.
He wiped it off from me..
We are here my child…
For you to arrive…

I must have felt exhausted and out of breath. .
I must have felt it was too much and too long..I must have prayed for it to be all over…
But one more time…I would push..
Untill you are in my arms forever..

That shrill cry…
That beautiful baby cry…
Was music to my ears…
The goosebumps rose on my skin..
The hairs at the back of my neck stood still…
The tears that fell from my eyes blinded me just for a second. .
My baby love was here…
And I was as happy as a mother could be..

When they laid you in my arms..
My heart caught in my chest..
The surge of love that threatened to choke me..
I plastered kisses all over your face as I promised I would. .
I let you wrap your tiny fingers around my large tiny one..
I watched you nuzzle your nose trying to breath in my scent ..
My entire insides was awashed with a new profound love for you my little one. .

My real life miracle bundle of joy.
A mother’s joy.
A father’s pride..
My baby boy
A father’s prince…
You are all that we ever need..
You are all that our blessings be bestowed on…and more
You are the one that we would gladly give up out lives for..
You are the one that we would protect and love..
From today..tomorrow , forever and a day more.

My baby..
My child..
My precious little
Welcome love..

Today I carry you in my arms..
Today I cover you with my love. .
Today you have come. .
And today and always ..forever and always..
You would forever be our tiny bundle of pure joy…
And the love of your parents. ..shall be your shield and guide. ..and shall be a light to you when all seem dark..
And that love can and would always bring you back to us…because you my child…are all that we ever want,  prayed for and more..

Xoxo …


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