Whenever Sebastian came to see me..
His sidekick came with him..
I wasn’t exactly bothered..

What can you say when some dude is liking your friend.
What was strange was that for the first time..
Nicky didnt seem particularly tripped about it..
And I wondered why..

She liked the attention of guys..
Sometimes she went our of her way to deliberately seek for that attention.
And here is a guy who seemed to be head over heels for her and she seemed even indifferent about it..

Maybe for good reason.
You need to be sure and all that right..

So I asked..

Sebastian had called to tell me that we were going out. ..
“We” meaning….including Nicky.
I didnt even need to ask why..
James was tagging along..Ofcourse.

She seemed to be quiet. ..
After fuzzing for what to wear …for the better part of over an hour..
She latter settled for a black jeans ..Black tank top and blue jeans jacket..

I had on a dress..
It was a navy blue dress and sandals and little jewel. .
Sebastian had mentioned he loves girls on dresses. .
And I had jokingly asked if the reason had anything to do with easy access to their areas..
And he had laughed..
And he added that…it wasn’t on his list of reasons…
But now that I mentioned it…
It seemed like a good thought.
I punched him.

He said he liked how a girl looked in a dress…
And I couldn’t agree with him more..
It didn’t mean I was going to give up on my other cloths. ..I smiled.

I was staring at myself in the mirror..
I was wearing a nude makeup and had my hair in a bun..

My eyes darted to the powerpuff princess…

“Dude…why you looking like a fallen hero…??

“And don’t tell me nothing. ..
You have been awfully quiet…”..

She looked at me..
“Er…its James. .
He asked me to be his girlfriend and all..”..

I laughed and came to sit beside her..

What was your answer? “..
“But boy that was quick…He wasnt wasting no time…”..

“I told him I wanted to think about it and all….He said ok”.. she was fiddling with her phone. .

“I know you are happy to be Sebastian ‘ s girlfriend now..
You both are so close..Laughing and smiling …Always holding hands and all that……”

“Is there a question somewhere Nicky? “.

“Well not really….just that it’s cool . What you guys have and all that”.. she got up from the bed and was folding back her cloths she had scattered on the bed.

Why did I have a feeling as though she was not happy for me…

“Okay…yes its cool.
What are you upset about really..
That am going out Sebastian or that his friend is asking you out or what…am confused”…

I got up folding my hands across my chest. …

What’s up with Nicky ?? I wondered .
I was getting some negative vibes and I couldn’t quite place my hands on it.

” Nothing  Rebs. Don’t mind me though..  It’s just that James isn’t exactly fine.
His English is somewhat poor..and I like guys with class and cuteness you see…
Just like your Sebastian ….well I don’t mean I want your Sebastian. ..just someone like him you know  ….”.

“Like hell you dont”? I spoke in my mind…

“Nicky…If you don’t like the guy for whatever reasons you have…its your decision so you tell him and put the guy down easy.
Don’t date someone because I have a boyfriend and you also would want to have one too because you don’t already..
Don’t date someone just because he is a friend to Sebastian. .
Don’t date him just because …
If you like him..If he is a cool guy and makes you feel good and he adores you..fine…
But let it be your decision. ..
Not because it’s me or Sebastian or so you belong.
Am not dating Sebastian because of you or any body   but because of me..and because am so insanely into him and he makes me feel awesome and good and most importantly. .because he is crazy about me too…
So its a win-win for us..”..

I picked up my phone on the second ring…

“Do you nicky”..I added right before I spoke into the receiver. .

“Yes we are…meet you in five babes. Okay”. I cut the call

“They are outside. ..shall we??”. I asked

She had nodded  without saying a word and picked up her bag..

We walked out of the compound and finding the men standing and jisting .

Gosh…my voice caught in my chest..
He was looking so tall and handsome..
His eyes sparkled when he smiled at me..
Pulling me into a hug when I got close to him…

“Hey look beautiful. .as always…”…”and you smell nice too…can I take a bite…just tiny…”..

I pushed him away…
“If you are nice..that is..”..I smiled up at him…

I should really get myself some heels…

“Hi James. ..”…I smiled as we shook hands..

“Helo Rebecca. .you look nice…Sebastian would have to fight off some guys tonight…”..He winked..

“Well I hope he is fit”….we laughed..

Sebastian gives Nicky a side hug and she lingered…too long…
Until Sebastian had to gently remove her hand from squeezing his side and pulls me to him…

The thought dwelled for only a second before I pushed it away.

Nicky can’t seriously be liking my Sebastian.
She was probably reluctant to say hi to James. .who opened his arms for a hug but she shook his hands instead..

We talked about nothing in particular while we waited for a cab..

While in the cab..We kept chattering…

“Where are we even going to…
You didnt mention ..??…

I and Nicky sat Inbetween the guys. .
Sebastian on my right and James on Nicky ‘ s left..

” A friend’s birthday party. ..”..He told me..while trying to playfully bite my fingers  ..

“Yay!! Party…I love parties”…
Nicky was smiling and doing a dance while she sat…

“Party girl!!….I had to say..

“She dreams and eats it…”

“Jealous much Rebecca? ?
Not my fault you are so boring and likes to stay home every Friday night and other nights…
It’s really fun. .
Do you know she doesn’t even go clubbing. ..I means which girl wouldn’t like to have a good time..
Go for parties..
Clubbing and have mad fun.
She is just lucky I like her and she is my friend ..else I might have to dump her ass..”…she was snickering. ..

“Yes…its really fun Rebecca. .you should try to have fun with friends just stay the night out… and have a good time.
You won’t regret it..
Like we could go clubbing after the party tonight..
Everyone would be there…” James eyes shone

“Yes!!…” Nicky was jumping in her seat..

“No!!!!”..We both said in unison…i didnt know Sebastian would object with me…

“Thank you baby”..I smiled..
“See…atleast someone is on my side .”..

“You both are boring. You deserve each other..”..This was Nicky feigning disappointment 

We laughed. ..

“And we arent complaining.
Besides..I don’t drink. And midnight partying isn’t what I call fun every day.
Going for parties once in a while is ok. Hang out with friends once in a while is fun to. But not that we have to Club everyday,  drink and dance until we can’t feel our legs..
How about we go singing…karaoke bar, to the cinema. .or to the park..
Or just bask in the presence of each other you know…have fun without booze…”..

“Boooooooooooooo”…Nicky was booing me with the thumbs sign down…

“I was about sleeping ..”…James joined in..

I laughed..
” You are just jealous. ..”..

“I was about to snooze too”…This was Sebastian now…

“Hahahahaha”….Nicky and James mimicked the wicked laughter..

“Hey stop making my baby feel bad.”..He pulled me to himself…and was laughing..

“Don’t touch me…!!..
You all are just mocking me…”..I folded my arms again..

They were laughing still..

“Hey my baby is right…I don’t like the whole clubbing and partying too..and drinking…An occasional thingie is fine by me. But karaoke. .sure. movies…at home with you would be fun. .cinema once in a while…but spending my all time with you…now that’s my high “…He pulled my nose…

I smiled. And stuck out my tongue at the diabolical twins…


“How well do you know James? ?”..
I was seated at the extreme. .
And watched Nicky and James dancing.

The party was in full swing..
The celebrant had cut her cake..
Shared a few words. .and the music was in high blast..
Selfies was flying all over the place…
And the dance floor was occupied with bodies  ..having a cold time.

Sebastian isn’t much of a dancer..
So I tapped my feet and head to the song playing..instead
I was it was okay we weren’t dancing..
Because I don’t drink.
He had gotten me a glass of ice with juice..
While he took a drink for himself. .
We were sharing a piece of cake..
The plate of samosa and chicken was empty. .

He took a Sip of his wine and looked at me..
“Are you wondering if he is a good guy or not?”

I raised my eyebrows  like
“Durh..isn’t it obvious? ?”

“Well my pretty…since we started the programme though. .
But we went to school together.
We weren’t close then..just passive friends..untill we ran into each other again here..
But he is an ok dude.
Not evil or anything..
Besides you can’t trully know someone totally you know…but from what I see..and the fact that he hasn’t been an ass to me and and stuff…so I can give him a pass..”…He finished…

“Why did you ask ?? Because he is after your friend right?

“Well…yes ofcourse. ..
I know it’s none of my business who my friend goes out with ..If he was a random dude she brought I would let her be the judge of his character. ..but because I know you and because he is your friend. .and he is coming after my friend..i just need to know if you know that he is a good guy. .wouldn’t want some ass hole getting with my friend just because you are with me…need to know he is for friend and is note wanting to date her because you are dating me.
You know guys cane be funny..yes?

I was staring at him…
Hoping to read his expression and we’ll as listen to his reply.

“Relax bae…is asked him same thing to.
He said he really likes her.
And being trying to get her to notice him. But failed.
But when he realised that I was dating her friend he was happy and wanted me to bring me so he can speak to her. And I did. Was I wrong??” 

“Well…no. just making sure.
If he plays with her ama break his legs.
I threatened. .

He laughed..

“If she plays with my friend ama break hers too”…He joked..

I rolled my eyes…
“C’mon relax…am his friend. If he is a player I should know. And I would set him straight or kick him to the curb myself. Don’t want nothing to spoil my good reputation with you nor with Nicky because he is my friend.  So relax..give us a smile”…

I smiled

“Good…come let’s dance!!” 
He pulled me up before I could protest 

“But Sebastian you can’t dance to safe your own life”…I screamed ontop of my lungs into his ears because the music was going higher…

I wana dance with my girlfriend and I don’t care  …”  .He laughed…

Before I knew it  ..
He had pulled me closer to him..bent and lifted me off the ground …from below my buttom. ..

I had my hands on his shoulders for support and my legs folded  behind me..
Staring down at him..
While his hands held me up from my legs…looking up at me..
His eyes dancing…

And he began to turn and twirl me round and round…
I let me hands go..
Laughing  and screaming…
While he continued to turn me…
And laugh up to my face…

I hadn’t noticed that everyone had stopped dancing and was watching us…and smiling. ..
Everyone except one…
She had a fixed smile on her face…

Once he stopped turning…He had slowly allow me sink to the ground…
When I was at the level of his..staring at him face to face, my hands holding his head…
Looking into his eyes   ..
It still sparkled. …

He closed the distance..between our faces..I closed my eyes. While
He pulled me into a wet kiss…
Right infront of everyone…
For a full five minutes. .
He still held me up and kissed  me..

And for that few minutes. .
I saw no one else but just us  ..
And I prayed for time to stand still..
I didnt want this moment to end. ..

I noticed people were cheering and clapping…
I immediately felt shy  ..
He let me drop to my feet and took me back to our seats  ..

I wanted the ground to open up..
But I was blushing from my head to my toes..

“Sebastian just kissed me infront of his friends”…
I was doing the run and screaming in my head right now….

“Earth to Rebecca “….Nicky nudged me as she sat down beside me…

“You are going all rainbow all over the place”…..
“Got every talking about the couple kissing on the dance floor…”..

I was giggling like a little girl…

Sebastian leaned in….
“I was just making sure that everyone know she is taken…so dudes better back off”…He winked at Nicky. ..who rolled her eyes..

“Show off! !!’

“Nice one bro”…James shakes Sebastian. ..

They laughed.

I was still smiling stupidly…
Till we said our goodbyes..
Till we got home ..
Till he kissed me goodnight  ..
Till i laid on my bed…
And went to sleep with a smile on my face..

I didnt even bother to notice…
Nicky boiling with jealous anger..



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