Alone at a crossroad! !



Alone at a crossroad!
Forgotten hurts sipped their way through..
try i might to push them out..
strong as a will it clunged to mi.

Tossing and turning all night through..
the nitemares still fresh as dew…yet i choose to believe what is true.

Pangs of pain grips with vengence..but suppress it i did..because  i would have none of this feel

More to life I  always knew..but where to get such meaningful tins..i knew not where i could..and hope i did…that one day it would prove through..what i set out to do every morning.

I thought i saw all these before
but i must  have been mistaken
Because life is playing such a cruel game on me..
win or lose..i have to choose
but do i have the strenght? I wish i knew!

The dawn breaks lazily across the sky..and embrace it i did with the hope of a new day with new possibilities.
i key in hoping that today would be different..and i knew i had to make it work…
with all assurance i did move.

Expectaions in mind..
like am waiting for something  to happen..
what it is..?
i know not..
but when it does..
Hope i get a nudge.

Am am neither here or there..
i wonder which it is…
Where exactly I stood.. i go forward or backward? Confusion sets in.

Shaking of my head..clears not one doubt but time quickly  ticks fast by..i needed to make a head start right?

Been alone at a crossroad feels insanely mad..
Because  stuck i was in thus predicament i was in
And yet i choose to live, but am i giving maself the booth. The push i needed to mqke the extra get-away..?

Tsk tsk tsk..this is harda than  i thought

Then with the  strenght i knew not that i had..
The swiftnes of the movemnt.
.the soarin with the leap i took.
.leaving behind the  doubts that threatens to pull me down..

. The believe in my heart..i reached out..
my head  rising above the  water..
The  gulp of fresh breath..
The joy of finally makin it to the top.

Thoughts  of the  crosswords so faint i wouldn’t have believes  i was in such a dilema..

so glad i was of my success..
dance i did so well that laughter was my dinner as i laid me down to sleep.
with a peaceful look that  wld bring a smile to anybody’s face!
This right here was my bliss..
And i wasnt planning on trading that just yet or maybe ever!!!



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