Feets curled up under her..
she had the dreamly look
she had to wake up from her reverie before it was noticed.

They had shared a laughter, chuckled beneath their breaths..
wispered sweet nonsense into each other’s  ears and yet the night was still long.

He gets up and plays somthing slow..pulls her to her feet..and brought her close to him..
nose against nose briefly touching..
hot breath on her skin gives her the chills right down to her bones..but yet the cold chills  gave her warmth allover.

They begin to move,
dancing to the rythm and blues
And sometimes  he would risk his not so awesome voice just to sing along..into her ears..making her blush..and smile like a little girl..

She was shy..
avoided his eyes when he tries to look into them.
He didnt push..holding her was enough..
here and now is what matters’..he thought to himself.

Into the night they danced..
his arms at the small of her back
Guiding her ..
Leading her…
Moving at his own pace..
And  her hands wound  around his neck..and he  thought again..

‘she fits perfectly  into my embrace..
As though she was made especially for me..
…i wish i could freeze this  moment in time for ever ‘.

While he held her close to him..
While they danced to the slow music..
And listened to each others heartbeats..

He told her how he felt
..he knew he was precise and  he saw the  light lit up in her eyes..and his heart swelled up with  love.

He chuckles under his breath..
‘CUPID you sneaky sly bastard! !..
just when i thought i would never fall inlove…..you shot that arrow straight to my heart…””

“now i feel like hugging the lil man…if only i could see him’..he laughed..

‘jeez. By God, .she makes me high just by the mere sight of her
her smile,
her touch..
She is like my own personal heroin drug..
My adrenaline rush..

The way i sometimes act just being with her was just like a kid..
And i know that’s  knda wack for a guy but like hell if I care..
Because it feels like the  most natural thing in the world..and to me…that makes perfect sense right now..being here.. having her here…and if i have to go back to the begining…to where and when it all started …i would do everything back again so we end up right here…back to this same moment..”..

“He adored her
She was his light. .
His anchor..
His life..
His everything. .
Loving her was his high..
And he needed no cure” .

She tilts her head to the side and says ‘a penny for your thoughts ?..he smiles ..

“Permit me to tell your lips a story..
And i would show you..”‘

“Need you ask?”…she inquired…before closing her eyes..Sinking into him…. and he covers the distance between their faces..

The closer he got..he wispered these words..,brushing her lips…
Tasting her..
Savouring her..
Melting into her..
Filling his senses with her essence..
Imprinting himself with her..
Making him hers
Making her his..
And loving..

“My love..
My heart..
My joy..
My all..
My baby ..
My everything”

“You i love..now and  alwayz.
.i will love you to death. .and a day more..and forever if I am even immortal.. ”

..He kisses were slow…sensual  …intense…
Their kisses  was breathtaking..
soft music playing ever so slowly  .
.locked in an embrace.
Moving to the midnight dance of lovers..
.either one not wanting  to let go..

she wispers back..’ babes…for you I would say yes..all over again..!!”

His heart almost stopped…
“This is was it. .
All he ever wanted ..
She was his  ..
His Mis – steamy. .
The one that makes him hot without fire  ..
The one that makes his blood boil out of profound love..
The one that that his heart beats fast and slow for..
The one that he would lay his life for .
But the one who would rather want him to live forever for..
This is us..
And baby our love would remain..
And forever ..until the end of time..
And when this world ends..
I would find you in the next..”..

They dance into the night and faded till the morning night…


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