I wish..



I wish i was that thought that brings a smile to people’s faces or the one that made girl’s giggle when they thought of that special sm1, or even the one mother’s have on when  they are looking upon the face of that cute lil bundle in their arms or just the one a person wears when he is having a private silly joke.

I wish i was the nudge that reminds people to take or do the right thing , the consciousness that pricks theme
The knock that  corrects them or the good path that beckons to them.

I wish i was that thing that make people leap for joy, or that which  brings tears of happiness to their eyes or even that which makes them realize that they are perfect for eachoda..or that which reminds them that family is all that matters.

I wish i was that which  in theirs eyes that makes them not want to look away…or that which  hits them hard and  make them say..’this is it!’
or even that which gives them’all a sense of victory attained and knowing that
‘here on out..it only gets better  all the way!’…
oh…i wish i was all that and so much more..
.(chuckled to myself)
“…wont that be  something?



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