My Boss’s Ex-wife .., 2



Chucks walked into the bar..
His security detail walked slowly behind him..
Eyes darting here and there..
Acting the part..

He smiled..

For the past three months..
He had  stragetically placed himself in Places he knew she would be frequenting looking for her next victim to ruin..

He knew she would have recognised him from a distance because he was a PA to her recent Ex-husband..
And she constantly came by the company..

After the incident with her husband. 
He had terminated his employment. .
As well as most other loyal employees. ..
But Bruce upon finding out had held a meeting with them..
Imploring them to keep their jobs. ..

They had homes. .
They had families to take care off
And needs to carter for..

He had thanked them for their love and loyalty and bade them farewell. .

She..The witch had no idea how to run the company. ..
She has put her puppet to loot the funds and right now the company was at the verge of being run to the ground. .

Where is Bruce?
Yes…He had taken Bruce in
Afterall..Bruce had picked him up from the gutter and made something out of him..
And why can’t he help him when he indeed was in need. .
Oh how has the mighty fallen.

Chucks was smart..
While he worked as a PA
The large salary he earned…
And free time he occasionally had..
He built a business at the side..

Importation business. .
And it has grown..
For the past 9 years running…
He had shops all over the city and ware houses…
He dealt in italian shoes,bags etc
He had shop’s dealing in the female hairs .

He was an igbo man afterall. .
They dont carry last..
He dealt in everything…
And while he worked as a PA..
He put managers to man his business ..

He was humble.
He liked his Boss.
He liked working for him
And he never liked the spot light..
Not many people knew what he was doing on the side..
Well except Bruce. .

He confided in him
At first Bruce laughed at him…
Told him that those were a lil boy’s dream…
Thinking of selling shoes and cloths ..
And when he opened another shop. .and the next and the next..
Though very small…
Bruce congratulated him and told him to keep it up..
It’s good for a man to be sensible and reasonable enough…To use your resources to build something of his own…

And while Bruce made billions from his companies and his father’s empire state company he inherited. .
Chucks made his own lil hundreds…in his importation business…
And he had told Bruce just recently before the recent issue he was going to introduce him into the business  ..because it was lucrative..and he can also grow a company out of it.

Bruce had laughed and said ok. ..
Only if he would partner with him..Ofcourse they had agreed.
Too bad that didn’t work out.

He really felt bad for the man.
And when he was reduced to nothing ..
He had brought him in into his business…

Ofcourse  for a man who had lived and enjoyed the life of being ontop..
It was difficult to accept and adjust..
But Bruce had no choice..
And to have someone who wanted to help.
He appreciated it..
And that’s where he had been..
In his shop..
Selling shoes and bags…
Making a living..
Trying to keep his head above water..

Back to the witch..
He had been biding his time. 
Trying to get to know her from a distance. .
Completely unaware of Bruce. .

Bruce wouldn’t want him to involve himself. .
But he couldnt just sit back and watch his friend…
One he had grown to love as a brother suffer..
Thank God he was able to help..
Atleast he has a roof over his head and means to put food on his table..
He would survive. .

But he couldnt just  stay and allow her go free…
Without tasting a tiny dose of her medicine…
So he had decided. .
And planned…
How he was going to get her…
And ruin her..
Thesame way she ruined his friend…

How do you catch a thief. ..
You become a thief..
So he was going to play her game. .
And checkmate her..

Chucks had changed his looks..
He wore expensive suits..
He always went on skin cut and no beards.
He grew some..
Kept a lil hair..
Dyed it some gray..

He even wore contact lenses..
Changed the way he walked and sounded rich and expensive..

He made friends with the top notch..
He went to expensive parties…
He frequented dinners and political gathering..
He had his ways..

He knew that she would be curious..
When someone new and expensive came into town..
She would want to investigate and then get their claws on him.
So he laid out all the bread crumbs..
And watched her follow it to him..

She had her tongue out like a tasty dog..
He was going to give her the bone..
And he knew she was going to bite .
And that’s what he wanted..
For her to bite and bite hard..

He smiled as he watched her from the corner of his eyes…
This was like the 100th time they had been in thesame room…
He noticed how she kept giving him the looks..
Trying to get his attention  .

He ignored her..
And that got her even more curious..

They were in a high class hotel for an event…and he had stayed a day back..
And she stayed a day back to..

He was using one stone to kill two birds..
One reason was getting to meet people..
Top business men..
Courtsey to his former boss
With his connections …
He was able to contact one or two who were interested in importation business. .
And he was discussing business with them..
Using the opportunity to be invited to meet other people and get invited for events and activities. …
Which was his perfect cover..

And two..
Good disguise for the witch..
To get her into his Web. .
Then crush her as you would an insect..

He eyed her as she made her way to where he sat..
Sipping brandy..

She walked seductively to his private table..
The security detail he had..
Some friends found him some tough guys off the streets. .
He was paying them to act like his security detail. .
They spoke silently touching their ear..
As though they were speaking into silent speakers..
They stopped her when she got close..

“Please move..
Am sure your Oga wouldn’t mind to chat with me?

She was a beautiful woman indeed
And she knew it 
Had all the right curves and womanly features  ..
Too bad she was the enemy..
Chucks mused..
All her looks and finesse won’t break this turf he had built. .

One if the bodyguards looked back at him…
He beckoned to him..
He came…bending to listen to what the Oga said  .
He went back to her..

“He said he is in no mood to talk to tramps.. so please step aside..
You are blocking his view of a beautiful woman”…

She was stunned..shocked and suprised at thesame time..
She thought he was joking…
She stood hands crossed staring at the Oga. .
He put up to fingers in the air and motioned for her to move aside…
While he continued to sip his wine crossed legged..

She turned around out of curiousity to see who was more beautiful than her   to catch his attention. .
Was he blind or what?
Can’t he see how high class she was?

Behold there was indeed a beauty standing behind her. ..
Winking at chucks. ..
He beckons to her..

She came…
Strotting in all her beauty ..
The guards paved a way for her as though she was crossing the red sea..

He stood up..
Taking her hand in his and bruising a light kiss to her knuckles  ..

“Helo beautiful. would you mind accompanying me for the evening. ..
I would love to have you as my companion for the entire evening and trust me I would make it worth your while. .?”..

She fluttered her lashes at him..
Drawing close to him as she fondly rubs her bosom briefly to his chest…

“Anything you want…”

They both sat down…

“I like discussion business up front…
How much for the night…
I pay in dollars. ..”..

He beckoned to one of the bodyguards..
Who materialised a briefcase out of thing air…

He punched in the keys and opened the briefcase briefly…
Slightly revealing that it was full of cash…

Ada’s heart caught in her chest .
Her knees almost gave way…
She staggered and held on to one of the guards to avoid falling…

He quickly hits her hand away..
“Steady yourself woman..
Am not your pillar..”…He spat 

She looked up at him steading herself .
“Oh you don’t know who I am..
Enjoy while it last ..
When I get your Oga to eat out of my palm..
The first person I fire is you..
Mark my words.”…she threatened.
But he just laughed…

She ignored him and watched the duo chatting and laughing at some joke..
The briefcase of money was just lying there  ..

She bit the buttom of her lip..
“Which kan devil is this eh??” 

Chucks noticed that she was still standing there and watching them…

“Hey Peter. ..
Call the manager of the hotel 
Tell him I have a female stalker …
I need her removed before she ruins my evening…” .

“Yes sir  “…
Peter brings out his phone and began to Dail. .

She hits his phone..
“Oops!!…my bad.

“No need for that sir..
I can see you are busy…
I would have to see you some other time..

I would excuse your lack of sight today for choosing a piece of chocolate when you can have the whole cake..”

She turns and gives him a full view of her behind…
I did say she was a beauty didnt I?
And she seductively shook it away  …

He smiled..
Too bad you are just a sly skank.

He turned back to his lady guess .

Bringing her hand back to his lips..
“You are indeed a fine actress my dear?

The beauty laughed. ..
“I know right..
She is a feisty one chucks. ..
Are you sure you know what you are getting yourself into?

“I know Bruce is your friend and you believe you are doing  right by him by helping him fight his battles he couldnt even win..
What makes you think you can beat her at her game…

“I already notice how you are looking at her  ..
You might even be the one to fall for her tricks and get yourself ruined you know…

I care..and I worry ” ..

A worried look crossed her face  ..

Chucks was her closest friends  ..
She had come to love and trust him..
He was the only other man close to her apart from her brothers and father…

And she was secretly inlove with him
But how could she tell him.

They had grown up together and had been fond of each other 
She didn’t want to ruin the friendship by exposing her true feelings..
So she kept it quiet instead 

He saw her as a younger sister..
A friend and nothing more..
She didnt want to embarrass herself and make their friendship awkward. .

So when he came to her of his plans and needed her to act like a high class prostitute. 
She thought he was crazy..
When he explained why and for who and what…
She decided to help him..

He smiled ..that sweet smile of his 
She liked the way he looked ..
Though different. .
But mature and set..

But after all these..
He should do away with the contacts and gray hairs  ..

“Nah becky…I know what am doing and no I won’t fall for her tricks …
So don’t worry a big boy and can take care of myself…okay.
Do you trust me??”..

She sighed…

“Ofcourse!!”…she replied. .and inwardly said…”More than you ever know”…

“So shall we just eat and jist and have a good time and I would take you sure we passed the message I wanted her to get…
Did you see her face…it was epic!!…He burst out in a heartfelt laughter ..

She had to smile upon remembering..
“If only she had daggers for eyes..
I thought she was going to come at me…
She looked like a loin ready to pounce on me for taking her spoils right under her nose…'”

They laughed and continued chatting…

Ada watched them from a distance. .
And planned her next point of action. ..
“You aren’t getting away from me Mr. .It promise you”..
She swore…


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