If I could…I would!



No one understnds the depth of another’s pain..
even when they give you a shoulder to cry on,
They can only hope their shoulder is enough..to help you shed  your tears.
‘Time can heal’..they say…trying to reassure the persn who has been hurt, but they fail to realize the scars that burns within..that not a thousand years..can wash it all away.

The path we choose…seemed all right at first, but when we get to the end of the road…we realize it was just a foolhardy mistake and its too late to turn back..and  we lament..and wail but there is no turning back..because we are knee-deep already..and there aint no way out.

We make decisions..set our priority striaght…and then a little  distraction comes..we toss it all away.
Left alone in d dark..we realise our mistake, cos everything seems so…what we tried  to run away from at first; same vibe..same bloody vibe and we wished we had listened to that still small voice that screamed…
..which we silenced with a shrug or a thought

..'”what’s the worst that could happen?’.

And now, with a hard stud we fell..
feeling worst ever and  in our sobs we say.

“if i could..i would…turn back the hands of time,
Then maybe i would do things  right, make the right decisions,
be happy all the while,
love with reckless abandon..
or take risk or whatever one wishes do to this days or make right!’…we wld say.

But ofcourse, thats some fairytale.
.the hard truth is..
‘shit happens…deal with it.
You cant change your  past..
but you sure as hell can change  your  future..
And that baby…is all on you!


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