“Chidinma! !”
“Chidinma! !

It was a mad house..
Everyone was chanting her name…
The boys  ..
The girls. ..
Even the parent and teachers were cheering…

“Chidera!!! Chant was dulled out by the screams and voices of those siding

When Chidinma got to the finish line and crossed..
With 1miute apart before Chidera crossed..
The whole place went into an uproar..
Even more so because   ..

Chidera was leading initially…
The girl in Chidinma ‘ s group had fallen…
Unable to pass the stick to Chidinma on time. ..
Setting them back 4 minutes apart …

Before she was able to get her self up and run to her next partner to continue. ..

Her entire team had already lost hope…

But they continued. ..

Chidera and Chidinma were the last of their teams…waiting…calling out…
To their partners…

“Run faster. .
Lemme have the stick “…

Ofcourse Chidera had hers first and zoom she went…

Team Chidinma already knew they had lost…

But the magic happened as soon as Chidinma touched the stick…
She put in all her strenght and kicked in her gears…

Atleast jogging at home trying to lose some fat. ..
Getting into shape. .
Wasn’t worthless Afterall. .

And so she ran…
As though her life had depended on it .
As though she had something to prove…
And even if they lost..
They lost trying .
And would give the winner a good run for their money…

But little did she know that she was going to be crossing the finish line first…

And she didn’t even believe it. .

The cheers and screams and her team lifting her off her feet…

She was happy. ..
But Chidera was anything but happy.

“How dare this little brat win me in spots. ..
Embarrass me infront of everyone. .”

She was fuming…

“Chidera I did what you asked…
I kicked the stone to make her trip..
Monica did trip…
I didnt know Chidinma was a fine runner herself  …
Am sorry”.. The girl who came to stand behind her said..

“Sorry for yourself amaka”.
“I will deal with you later”..

She pushed the girl aside and storms away..

Her groupies…
Four in number followed behind her like flies

Amaka eyes Chidinma and her cheering squard. ..

“You just stepped on her toes the more Chidinma. ..”  She sighed and followed behind them..


“Hello Chidinma. .is it?…how did you learn to run so fast…”…Micheal had walked into the class room..with his friends

The class gave their usual greetings when a senior walks in..
He smiled and told them to continue what they were doing ..and not mind him

He was a senior. ..
The school best jock..
And every girl’s fantasy..

He had watched from a distance..
He was quiet. .
He and his friends enjoyed it.
Everyone had openingly betted on Chidera. ..
But he had silently betted on her..

He was not only the cutest guy in school
He was the smartest…
The most intelligent…
And his father was the principal
So he had whole prestige going on for him..
And his beautiful roots as well..

All the girls wanted to get his attention. .be his girlfriend
He didnt really talk much..
He was a spots person..
A bookworm
A game freak..
But as the school’s student president …
A position he earned not because of his father’s position but because he worked for  it..
He decided to come congratulate her..

“That was a fine run..congratulations on your win.
Have you thought to join the school’s girls track team..
Am sure they would love to have you”…

“Oh my …look there mimi, senior micheal came to talk to Chidinma. ..
How cute is he?? Aww I wish I can get close to him and love him…
Do you think he would like to go out with me??”… bunmi asked..

“Have you looked at yourself in the mirror…?
How can a prince relate with a frog. ..
Am more of his taste’…mimi replied shaking her head at her friend and checks herself out

“You wish!!
“No you wish!!

They both laughed…

Chidinma smiled.
Surprised that the student president sooth her out …
“Thank you senior micheal..”
“And  no…
I really don’t want to do spots…
Maybe something else. .’

Like what then?”..
He was still towering over her as he stared down at her..

The classroom was quiet as the students tried to listen in…
A little chatter here and there nonetheless

“A writer ..
I love to write..”..Chidinma said shyly.

Why was he talking to me she wondered..
And everyone is staring. ..
She felt uncomfortable. .
And it would be rude not to answer him..
Besides there was nothing wrong to come congratulate her…
He probably would have done it if it was someone else right ?
So there was nothing special about it ..
She relaxed..

She piqued his intersted 
He pulled the seat infront of him and sat down…

‘A writer eh??
“What do you write about ??..

“Er basically anything I want…
I don’t restrict myself. ..”…Chidinma seemed abit relaxed now..
They were entering a zone she was comfortable in…

“I would love to read something you write one day…
Would you mind showing me???”..
Micheal asked..He never pictured her to be smart enough to write anything intelligent…

Not as though he was looking down on her or anyone else but….
Majority of the fine girls in school follow Chidera around like a lost puppy looking for direction. .

Yes..he had heard her story..
And he didn’t like her one bit..
She was a loose canon
And a bad example for the girls. .

Yet every girl wanted to be like her..
And every boy wanted her ..or have had her  and still want to have her..
But he was the only one didn’t care much about her..and who didnt want her or plan to want her and that annoys the queen Chidera as she liked to be called.  He really didnt care for such vanities at the moment..

And he wasn’t crazy about the sex thing…
He wasn’t a virgin..
He had had sex…
He loved it..
But with one girl alone. .
His first girlfriend…
But then she had left him for someone else..
And now she had travelled abroad to school..
He was heart broken..
And he never trusted girls anymore…
Stayed clear of them..
He stuck with his boys. .
His studies .
His books. ..
His spot. And games..
And decided to be the best person he could ever be…

He knew Chidera had the hots for him..
He didnt care. .
He told her he wasn’t interested. .
And he was the most popular boy in school..and every girl wanted him..
But he didnt want any girl.
Had no interest in any girl nor did he plan to..
And even if he did..
Chidera was the last person on earth..
Where every body had been..
She was a lock every key opened. .
And he didn’t want to be that key joining in the fun. ..

He sighed. .

“Whats wrong …
Did I say something wrong”…Chidinma asked…

“No no…Just an annoying thought..
So…can I read something of yours one day??

“Well only if you promise not to laugh or yab me..
Am still trying to be better so it’s not awesome or anything…
Else you would be really mean of you “…Chidinma was pointing her pencil at him..
And staring at him straight in the eye

He liked her confidence
He made him laugh..He liked that too
So he decided…

I promise”..

She didnt believe..
“Piggy swear”…
She gave him her little finger…Indicating he take it in his…

This was silly.
And he engaging in a piggy swear infront of everyone was probably sillyness at its best…

But Heh. .
We really didnt care what anyone thought. .

He put up his hand and his little finger..
Taking hers and pulling. .

“Piggy swear!!!”  .

She smiled.
She had such a pretty smile ..
He never did notice untill this exact moment..
He laughed..

He released her finger and got up. ..
Rearranging the seat…

“See you around Chidinma! !..
He said..

“C’mon guys…let’s go..”..

Just as soon as he left the class gathered around her…

“Hey..what did he want..
What did he say..
“Why were you both playing little fingers…
“Is he your boyfriend..
“Are you is girlfriend. .
“You both were laughing and talking. ..
Gosh am soo very very jealous right now..
“Did he mention me to you…
Did he notice my hair..
Did he say I was going to be on his team…
“You are so lucky…etc..

The questions were endless…
Mimi and bunmi came to her rescue..

“Hey let our friend be…
She just won the race mehn..
Ofcourse the president had to come congratulate her..
As he would anyone else…
Like when prince won the games tournament and when anika won the spelling bee last month…

“Yes. .
So stop crowding Chidinma. .
She needs to breath. .
If not for her..
Queen arrogant Chidera would have won us..
So out girl Brought home the win..
Did you seee how she ran…
Like flash…
Our own superhero girl. .
Give it up for Chidinma. ..Yay! !..

The class began to clap and cheer …

Amaka had watched everything from the door way..
She had seen micheal and his friends enter the juniors class room and had been curious. ..

She left without a word …
She went to find Chidera and related everything to her..

“You dare threaten my position with your presence. .
You dare to win me and embrass me infront of the entire school..
Now you dare to make micheal. .
The only boy I want for myself…
The only boy who doesn’t want me..
To be pysiched about you enough to be piqued…”

“I will Bury you Chidinma. ..
You don’t know who you are messing me..”…Chidera snarled ..

“But Chidera. ..Chidinma isn’t even aware of what she is doing. ..
Maybe if you tell her she would realise it and back off”…

“Shut up amaka..that’s the more reason why I hate her…
Because without knowing she is making my blood boil…
What do you think she would do when she finds out am threaten by her…
Queen Chidera. ..threatened by a mere nothing like Chidinma. .
She would laugh at my face. .
She would feel powerful and then would dare to act on it..

I will cut her off the ground before I do that..’..

Amaka nodded..
“You are right Chidera. .”..

“So what do you do..”..

“Queen Chidera would do what she does best. ..ruin!!”…
And she began to laugh..
Amaka joined in even if she had no idea what Chidera meant..it was just safe to join in at the moment. .

Mr Adamu…
The math teacher walked into the class..

Chidera blew him a kiss…
He smiled…

He turned and wrote on the blackboard  .

“Ok class…today we are going to be working on………”..

Chidera’s  mind was far away from here and was plotting ….


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