It was almost midnight..i had a horrible day..hated the feel..vented all day through , needed to air it out…i needed you!

I had to slp..tried to abit..
Sleep evaded me..
The tiny nudges of insomnia played hide and seek..
I gave up..after  tossing and turning and for what seemed like hours..because  all my thoughts went to you!

I closed my eyes..took it all in..allowed me to think…it all came back..i pushed it away,and instead, thought about you..and I realised I do that alot lately!
And the reasons weren’t so far fetched..

When i had blue days..you made them glow..
when i wanted to vent..you told me to put it all on you!
Whilst i slept..you watched me sleep…when am serious..you still managed to pull a smile in..
When am a chatterbox nonstop…
You interupt me with kisses just to ahut me up..
when i miss you..you are  just a beep away..and you are  never afraid to tell me you are  here to stay!

You seem to know, when am sad..you will shake it off..as you would a dirt from your shoulder.
My thoughts you knew..
You read me like a book..you’ll say to me….
“‘am just like you!'”
..and ofcos..i never believed you …still..but we connected in ways i didnt know we would.

I called you crazy..you say ‘am beautiful!..i blush..and that alwayz makes you smile…
I never quite understood..how you would love me so..but damn babe!
It sure feels so good..and insanely hot too.

I smile always..because a day never goes by..without your presence,
Without hearing your voice,
or a thought of you..reminding me just how real you are to me.
Always never forget not to tell me..
” not to doubt it…your love for me..
Your sincerity and you.. even for a second..”
i used to think I was lucky..
But now I know I am blessed. .
To have someone as amazing as you.

All those lil thangz..it doesnt get past me..and its not taken for granted.
You show me love in so many  lil wayz just how much you care..and am  rest assured that when you do the big things…I will be already lost in the sea of love for you that it wouldn’t even matter..because I got you.

Now its past midnight..forgotten i..in the first place..that i was sad. Why was i even sad?
The reason felt so many years ago..
Forgotten as a faded stain…
Washed away
I could only  rememver that thoughts of  you..alwayz pulls me through….and  glad i am..that you would always remain you and true.

My eyes drifts shut..memories..sweet loving memories of us flooding my mibd..
I relax..with ease i allowed sleep to envelop me..
With a smile..comes a breath of happines,
With all my heart..i mouthed
An  “‘i love you””!..
A pull from my heart,
Butterflies in my tummy..
And tickles to mt feet
When yoy called just to say as though you heard me wisper it in you ears .
Next to me…
….” love you you too”!

….i did fall into the most peaceful sleep, with the sweetest love song cupid could muster as my ears buzzed with the silent corrs!..
I laughed…
“Cupid you sly bastard!!”.




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