I saw the smile that glistened my eyes..
When the reflection of myself stared back at me.
i felt the touch that quickened my heart beat, i knew that some day my love would came true..
if only my flash-forward would just be of you!

I saw the rainbow glow after the rainfall,
i felt the drizzel of rain on my face,
i knew the hour would come when i would stand and glued to you .
if only my flash-forward would still prove true!

I saw the paths that led me to you..
i felt the joy that threatened to surge through ..
i knew the spark when it shook me.
i almost lost my grip!
if only my flash-forward of you would  suddenly come quickly  too.

I saw hands clasping mine from you..
i felt the squeez to my shoulders when you hugged me to you.
i knew our love would hold-on strong just as long we are honest and true..
oh dear..hold on! my flash-forwards of you is taking time to booth!

I saw the intense gaze that never leaves my face,
With the corners of your mouth twitchin holding back a smile,..
i felt the love that came from you to me,
holding non back i gave my all in full doses…
i knew that this love would last forever..
Because  with a kiss our fate was sealed, line n sinker! I almost chocked on happines.
If only my flash-forward of you would make me yours soon..

I saw you stand tall..
Smiling at me as you waved and beckoned me to you..
It’s only been just a lil while ago when your path finally crossed mine..
I wondered to tell you if I saw you even before we met..
Years ago in my thoughts..when all I had was you in my flash-forward’s dreams

If only..I thought..
But there was no need for anymore dreams..
“”…darn it to shizzels..finally!
i yelled silently in my thoughts..
If my flash-forwards of you were anything to go by…
Seeing you infront of me was all the reality i needed..
Beautiful as a greek god..
Perfect in all certainty..
My dreams came true..
Because  here with me…
Is all I needed nothing more. .
And this love that caused you to find me.. has definitely  knocked me off my feet too..!!




  • So I chose to read this post first of the series you wrote because the length was short. I notice you do series like this one. I saw another that said my boss ex wife. What relates these posts? Also, did you just write all these posts just then? Do you listen to music as you write?

    • Yes I do. There aren’t related at all. The posts that are actually related to each others are the ones in parts..eg..Darkside 1,2,3 etc. .and there are the continuations from the last… Post such as Darkside, sunset,four eyes, Rebeccabrown, my boss’s ex-wife,undeniably karma,the brat and the she – devil etc are actually full stories..let’s say books am working on so I write it in parts and post. And yes I write them there and then and post immediately and as usual…its never prethought. Other post or series like the Daries are basically just random as well. Yes I do sometimes listen to music. But usually when I don’t have music on…I like the sound of my keyboard on my phone. A lil noise is better than utter silence. It keeps me calm and relaxed though. I just like a bit of sound or anything actually. Relaxing soothing sound. .could be from the TV or from people chatting though. ..it works for me

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