My Boss’s Ex-wife. .3



It was a cool Saturday morning..
Her flight had landed about an hour ago..
She had checked into her hotel and changed into something casual and a face cap because of the sun..

They were all out on the fields. ..

It was a gathering of the elite people in the society..
And anyone who is anyone was going to be there ..
And she knew he also was going to be there as well..

She had somehow gotten a hold of his itinerary. ..

It was a two weeks getaway vacation..
Lots of events and programs. .plus relaxation , parties and fun…

And the married people never come with their wives..
Their excuse…”business meeting..”
It indeed was a business meeting…coupled with sinful pleasures. .

This was a place that they come to unwind..
Have fun..
And whatever happens in lasgidi stays in lasgidi..

High class prostitutes were booked…
From the country and out of the country and flown in..
Lots of cash was going to exchange hands…
And all those girls looking for a sugar daddy or some free man was going to be at their A-game this period. ..
And she needed to be at her extra A-game.
And  she needed to get that jackpot…

She got all the information she needed..

In summary. ..
She knew he was an importer..
Owns chains of businesses across the country. .
He got friends in high places …
He rolls with the big boys..
But his private life was private..

No one knew about his family  ..
If he was married and all…
But she hasn’t seen him with a ring…
So that ruled him out of the chained down dogs ..but she needed to be sure..
Most men take off their rings.

And she needed to hook him fast before those nasty girls get wind of him..

She got to the field. .
Today was spots day..

Everyone with their sporty outfit..

She had on a skimpy white short skirt and a see through lace fitted top..
Showing her pink bra..with perfect bosom..
She had on black shades..
She strutted to where the other girls were. ..

She probably knew half of them…
Afterall they were all in the business…
But she considers herself higher than them..

She didnt go for just any body with money. .
She goes for the most sensible man..
Most prestigious and educated men that ends up marrying them…to make it look all legal..
It takes her a step up the ladder of success…
Changes her status and ups her social ladder in the society in life..
Then…she does her inner workings and
Make them sign all they own to her..
Then she kicks them out…

Her first husband was old and already dead..
That was easy..
Her two others was like taking candy from a baby…

And when she doesn’t want to be tied down. .especially if there were already married.
She services them so good…that they don’t mind opening a joint account and funding her…
For the period of time she is with them…
Even more than they fund their family account…
She blackmails them…too..
Plus she was beautiful and intelligent. ..
And wants a piece of her..
So yeah!!..
she had all these going for her. .

There was food. .
Music. .
Canopy and seats..

She took a glass of champagne from the passing waiter..
Taking a Sip. .
As she settled herself into one of the seats in front..

“Hmm…Ada ..didn’t you see any of us here and you just snubbed and sat down..
A little greeting wouldn’t harm you now ..or would it?…
The girl directly behind her said. ..

She had heavy makeup on…
And bum short exposing lovely legs..
She wore a blue show – belle top over her white bum short .

Ada turned halfly and looked her down..

“I don’t associate with low class prostitutes “… she got back to facing the men as they played poker…

“Who are you calling a prostitute you shameless girl..
You don’t know your mate right..”.??  Chimna nudged her to get her attention ..

“Don’t you dare touch me again Chimna “..

“Abba you girls should relax…
This bad blood between you two should have been settled like ages ago…
Why are you both still at it…??

The girl with Chimna said…
Begging chinma to calm down…

“I can never be friends with her..
This chameleon. .
She is not a good friend…but a backstabber and a man stealer…”…chimma didnt want to be calmed..

“Look black monkey…
It’s not my fault that he preferred me to you…Afterall …my thing sweet pass your own so he choose me over you.
Why don’t you give it a rest and move on..I have..
After I was done with him…
See I don’t mind sharing…I have told you to go and meet him..what’s left of him though”…Ada laughed wickedly

“That’s a lie..
I carried you along because I didnt want to go out alone that day..
Thinking you were my friend.
After telling you how rich he was and that he was an Ahlaji. ..
And you begged me to take you along..

“Only for me to take you there…
Meanwhile you were planning your own approach. ..

“By the next day you found your way into his house…
And into his bed..
Making him dump me and take you instead.
Isn’t that wickedness. ..????
Afterall i introduced you into this game and tea you how to make money and that’s how you repay me..
By stealing men from under my nose…??

Ada turned again looking at the girl pityfully

“You were just dumb and equally slow..
And I was fast and smart..
And you should be happy. .
The student became the master..
Now watch me school you in this game…
And better learn..
I have no time to degrade myself talking to you…
I came here for business…
Not for tramps such as yourself..

“See there are alot of men here..
Enjoy yourself…
I know it’s the local business men you will go for…because that’s how low your IQ is…
All you need do is open your legs and that’s it..
No need to talk…
Because you have no sense to hold down a reasonable conversation. ..

“I on the other hand look for actual men..
Those men who know how to take care of a woman..
Those men who would shut those your local champions down…
And then I would hook up with them and walk all over you as I have been doing ever since I left those  shadows
Of hiding behind you.
I am a queen here…so you best respect me..
Excuse me!!”… Ada sighed and got up, walking towards the table that she sighted chucks was on…

“Look at this rat I picked up from the gutters and gave her a means of living…?”…chinma got up ..ready to pounce on Ada…
The girl beside her grabbed her in time. .

The ladies sitting there were chattering and laughing. ..

“You girls want to come and Wash your dirty linens outside right…
No class…
No respect…
See plenty men here and you people just want to be dragging…
How selfish??….

Chinma turned to the girl who spoke and slapped her without thinking…

She got one back instantly. ..
Soon they were pulling their hairs and screaming…

The security came and arrested the situation. .
Carrying both of them out… to the reception area..
Away from the elite they can calm themselves..

Ada saw the commotion from where she say and laughed. .it was a sorry sight.

“Only stupid and local girls with no class would resort to fighting….” ..she shook her head…

She waited till lunch time before she approached his table..

Thankful he wasn’t with his security detail..
So she was going to have an easy access to him..

He was seating with the minister of transportation. ..
As soon as the minister got up…
She immediately took his seat. ..

He seemed surprise to see her..
But he relaxed and crossed his legs instead …

“Hello handsome..’ she purred as though caressing with her words..

He didnt smile..
From the corner of her eyes she saw the girls assuming their position. ..

Cornering a man or two for themselves. ..
Sitting on their laps or allowing them have a perfect view of their ass..
Their own business had started..
She was glad she was fast to come to him first…
Else some other slut would have been sitting here instead…

He was staring at her.. an eyebrow raised questionly..

“You look so handsome in white …
What’s your favourite colour??”.
She placed her hand on his wrist…
And smiled..
She had open teeth. ..she knew she had a killer breathtaking smile..

He didnt blink..
“Do I know you young lady??”..

She was taken aback…
“Aba…Mr Chucks…
Yes you do..
We met at the conference..
Last week..
I stayed at the hotel you were staying  in..
And we had a bit of misunderstanding. ..
Don’t you remember? ?”.

He stared at her for another moment..
“The lady who didnt know she wasn’t needed you mean and was trying make a scene??”.

That wiped the smile off her face..

“Abba now..
It was not so..
I just wanted to come say hi and your securities stopped me..
Okay am sorry  ..”….she smiled again..
Rasing her hand to touch his chin..

He docked to the side. ..
“Are you always this forward??
“Touching strangers …
Flirting? ??
“Whats wrong with women these days??”

“Why are you acting like a saint?
“Were you not with some loose skank the other night??
“You are no different from all the men here..
Who leave their homes and wives to come play with girls like us…”

“I wonder what your wife thinks of this business trip you people use as cover to come get some free fun trip…Heh? ?

Chucks folded his hands in anger..
But he managed to keep a calm exterior. .

“How dare she call becky a loose skank..
Becky is a fine beautiful..intelligent lady..
Far more respectful. .
Far more decent..
And a woman that this witch can ever dream to be…”…

Instead he said..

“First off…
I am not married. So I don’t need to lie about anything
Secondly…I am actually here for business. ..not pleasure…
And thirdly who I am with and spend time with at my spare time is none of your business. ..
And I wonder why my private life is a thing of importance to you…er…woman??”

“Its miss Adama chinelo. ..but you can call me Ada..all my friends call me Ada..”…she smiled broadly .

“That’s of no economic importance to me”..

“Ok…Mr chucks. …
I know we must have gone off on the wrong foot here..
I apologise. .
Am sorry for being so nosey.
I just want to get to know you..
You seem like a fine and respectful man.
To be honest…
My friends invited me..
Am really not what you think.
I am a decent girl .
I studied theatre art in the university of port harcourt …
Under the tutoring of Sam Dede…
You know him??
He is a very good nigerian actor…….”…He didnt let her finish

“Please. .I didnt ask you for your life’s history ….
You can keep that much to yourself. ..
I came out to enjoy a good sport and have a talk with a few people…
And right now I would like to be by myself if you don’t mind…”…

He crossed his leg..
Beckoning to a waiter to get him a glass of juice and cookies…
And pointed to a lady in blue top…

Ada watched…
Visibly humiliated …
How dare he??

The lady walked towards him obviously happy to be called…

Ada shoot her daggers from where she sat…
Wishing she would take a hint and leave. ..

“You called sir…”…chinma used all the charm she could muster…
Bending a little too much to face him…
To make sure he had a very good view of her bosom..

“Yes princes. ..
What’s your name pretty??”..
He said…taking a lock of her hair and twisting it with his fingers. ..

Ada scoffed. ..
“If chinma was pretty then she had to be dracula’s twin demon…
The girl was as ugly as a witch…
How dare he continue to make her feel this way..
Was it that he couldn’t appreciate a good woman when he sees one?
Or he isn’t used to a good thing ..
Or was he just being spiteful???

“My name is chinma. ..but it can be anything you want it to be…what’s yours baby??”..


“Its Mr Chucks ohaneze and he is taken. chinma you can take your claws elsewhere. ..?”..

Chinma straightened up…looked Ada down…

“I was talking to the fine handsome gentleman who called me …despite having you seated here close to him…
What does that tell you Ada. ..??
“You aren’t needed here…
So please you can get up so I can occupy that seat of yours…
Be a dear will you??”

Both chucks and Chinma was watching her..
Chucks on the other hand was hiding a smile..
He didnt expect the situation to unfold this way. ..
But he was enjoying it nevertheless. .
Anything to agitate her…
He welcomed it with open arms…

“I think you should take your blackness elsewhere  chinma..
Mr chucks and I already have a discussion at her…
Just a little misunderstanding that I am trying to clear up…and he thought he could spite me by calling you…
So thank you…you can leave now”…

Chinma stood her ground and folded her hand across her bosom. .

“What discussion??”..she asked..

Chucks joined in….

“Yes…what discussion were we having…Other than the fact that you were bugging me with your uninvited personality??”

Ada was speachless …

“Do you mind??”..
“The lady is standing…and am not in the habit of straining my head when talking to a lady….If you please??….He motioned to the seat..

Chinma nodded her head in affirmation.
She was liking this chucks guy already. .
Out of the blue…
He was helping her pay back this slutty Ada girl and handing her gifts he didn’t know she was going to be receiving..happily.

She had summed him up in just these few seconds she stood here.

He spoke well.
Sounded intelligent.
Well versed.
Totally polished..
He was in bucks. ..
And he was a new influx into the big boys society. .
Because she hadn’t seen him around before..
And the fact that Ada is interested means that there was something big here…

“How mavelous the gods worked”…she happily squealed in her mind…

“Get up slut…and walk…
In your face Ada..
You know what they say ..
“First to de pain..
Na second to do naim de pain pass”

…she spoke in the pidgin  dialect as Ada got up and took a step towards her in a menacing way. ..

“Payback is a bitch!!”..she added.

Ada smiled and spoke into her ears. .
“Don’t get too comfortable.
He is mine..
And I would sooner die than have you take him from under me.
You forget you are not so smart..
Enjoy your afternoon. .
Because at night…we would be rolling in the sheets…”…
She nodded..

“Mr chucks..
“Have a good afternoon”…

She gathered her remaining worth and walked off back into the hotel..and took the lift to her room..

She slapped the first person that she saw. .
The room service lady had mistakenly run into her..

“Am sorry ma’am..I di—”  She didn’t get to get out an apology before the slap landed on her face blinding her instantly. ..

“Sorry for yourself..
Useless !!
You better get out of my way”..
She was as angry as red could get..

She opened her room..
And flung herself on her bed..

“What in the world was wrong with that man??”


Mr chucks stared at the girl who sat down just across him..

She was talking…
And he couldnt make out one decent thing from what she was saying. .
Everything she spoke revolved around sex..positions and how she was going to make him happy. .

He shook his head..and got up..
“Ha..Sir chucks…where too?
Okay should we go up to your room..?” She smiled…

“Hmm I like a man who knows what he wants and wastes no time..”  She adjusted her sandals and made to get up as well…

He motioned for her to sit .

“No please…
No offence lady..
But you are not my type.
Have a good afternoon “…He left before she could say another word..

She was too shocked to speak. .

“What in the world just happened”??

She looked around confused.



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