What did Mr Emeka mean my request couldnt be processed .
Order from Oga at the top.
What did he mean by..”Brain Andrews should remain as a PA…
And sorry for any inconveniences he has caused you. It would be rectified..”

“Who was Brain Andrews that his behaviour was just brushed under the rug as though it never happened? ?”.

“Apparently he seemed to be getting away from being an ass to almost anyone..
Well according to the gossip around the office..and no one could do shit to him..

“Apparently he was some elite kid..
Some intern elite kid that the Oga at the top wanted to be treated as nicely as possible..”…that was the sorry I got from tombra..when I had asked her about the he-goat.

Does it mean that his behaviour was tolerated?
Well unless his father was an investor or a sponsor or a shareholder…
That’s the only thing that would make sense..”..I had asked Tina to run a background check on him but she had come up with nothing useful..
Other than he schooled abroad..
Top of his class…
Plus an archetitect and was good at his chosen field. .
Everything about him…
Family and all that was classified..

Well it wasn’t suprisingly. .
For security measures. ..elite families and topnotch liken to keep their families and information private. .

“But the dude obviously seemed bent on leaving..and this was his rebellious act??…I thought to myself.

“But I didn’t care about all that..I just needed to do my job and I don’t want no overbearing..pompous and spoilt brat to come ruin it just because he can’t handle his shit.

And I was stuck with him..and apparently and by God that sucked a thousand deflated balls…

I was hating this predicament.

I sighed .
It was time to leave the office..

I had to do most of the work myself. ..
I wasn’t in the mood to have another face off with that arrogant fool at the moment..

I did have John  do some office errands for me..
And he seemed happy to help
Infact too happy…

At the moment I would let it pass..

I told the Secretary to buzz the driver up…
Time to head out…

I was hungry..
And I wanted to go to some place to relax and have dinner…

Maybe see some new friendly faces would relax my anger..

“Should be come up to the office ma’am”…the secretary had asked me..

“No… I would meet him out front.
Thank you. ..
Er…did you get the mails I sent you??..

“Yes ma’am I did…but your PA is meant to handle them ma..
That’s not my jurisdiction. ..”…she informed me..

“Just take care of that for me will you. ..
I can decided to give it to whoever I want..If you have any issues..
Call John. ..He would put you true..
Have him call me if he needs clarity or a pass for certain levels..Please.  Thank you”..

I cut the call during her protest.

I picked up my bag…
And left the office…
Down to the reception area and out front when I noticed he was parked..

I sighed.

I held my head up high and walked to the car..
I beckoned for him to stay inside..
I could open the door myself..

Why did I feel I was being watched..
I shrugged and entered the car..

He mumbled a good evening and I nodded…

More than anything i was angry for putting myself into these annoying situation.
Looking at him now from the back of his head.
I should have known that there was no where he could have been a company PA.

Even the way he sounded.
His constant use of the pidgin language..
He dressed decently as a company driver should but he don’t have that aura of someone learned and we’ll versed and exposed…

“Hain Adora …you no try oh…”..
I scolded myself..

How was I gonna apologise to this man now.
I was fighting a battle withing..
One of pride and stubboness and then remorsity. ..

I was biting my lips..
Flashes of how I had constantly insulted and spoken down at him played back…

I imagined the state he was..
If it was me..
I would have been so mad that I would have been playing my death..
I wondered what was going  through his mind now…
And i didnt want to ask ..

It’s so quiet..
Why was it so quiet inside the car..
Usually he would be chattering nonstop and boring me with disjointed talks..
But he was so quiet as though waiting for me to say something…
Like my apology …or apologies infact because my sins were many…
I was Tightlipped. .
My lips were hurting from my teeth closing in on it..

I looked away..
And pretended to read a book.

I fact it wasn’t even a book..
It was a calender…

I sighed and closed it.
“Pride goes before a fall”..
That verse from the bible came into my mind..

I rolled my eyes at myself..
“Nice try Big Guy”…
I said looking up to the heavens…
You just had to roll that in there didnt you..
Of all things to just had to put that in there…

I sighed again.

“Madam this one you don sigh reach ten times already. ..I hope no problem”…??

“Drive the car brai– Er Mr and mind your business “…I said without thinking…

“Shit”!!…I said muttered under my breath as I noticed the look he gave me..

“Now or never Adora”…

Well my pride full side seemed to be a badass compared to my remorseful side and it happened to be kicking my ass at the moment.

So what if I was mean and arrogant to him.
Aren’t bosses supposed to be that way.
So what if I mistook him for another..
An honest mistake. ..
A boss was entitled to one …plus I am human as well…
So screw the apology. ..

I squeezed my face…
He should deal with it..
If he was waiting on for an apology..
He was going to wait a long time..

I sighed again..

“Step on it…I need to get home and go out…”…
I said. ..
Crossing my legs and settling in at the back of the seat..

“Anyone who didnt like me should eat a pack of baby dicks. .i could give a shit.
Besides I also needed to be apologised to..
By that he-goat of a PA..
He is feeling like Bruce almighty. ..
Well I was going to show him I could be a badass as well…
If I was stuck with him..
I was going to make have a horrible experience..
He would learn not to mess with me..”…

With a renewed feel…
I relaxed and eveb enjoyed the silent quiet ride home.


Brain was on his way home too ..
He had just settled himslef into the car when he watched her stroll out and majestically entered the car and it speed off…

He had received a call from Mr Emeka earlier trying to caution him…
That guy didn’t know that he didn’t give a hoot..

“Brain…you do realise that your father is trying to be lenient with you..
But your constant altitude is a thing of worry..
He says he would do what he has threatened so you shouldn’t play with him and test his patience…
And that the next time he gets a complain he was going to take away your alawance money….”…

“Bla bla bla bla..
Mr Emeka ..I have heard that a million times..
Tell my father that…
If he wants me to stay…He should allow me..
Atleast I am here..
But must i kiss everyone’s butt too?”…
He sighed..

“Please stop calling my line and telling me rubbish you hear…
Whatever it is its me and my father..
Butt out of it…Abba?”  Brain was pissed.

“Look at this boy oh..
Do you realise you are talking to me..
What nerve..
I don’t blame you..
It’s because am working for your father you feel you can talk to me anyhow…
Do you know that my first son is your age mate..
He wouldn’t dare talk to an elder that way talk less of his father..
You obviously have no manner. ..
That abroad you went have given you misplaced morals…”….Mr Emeka was obviously angry as well…

“Er see Mr Emeka or whatever you call yourself..I don’t have beef with you. So don’t take panadol for someone’s headache ok.  Whatever issues you have with me…you should direct it to my father.. He has more patience than I do.
And if you both have a problem with me…
Feel free to fire me…
I would welcome it…okay?…
Now do have a good evening…” he snapped.. and dropped the call.

Now barely a few hours later his father’s call came through. ..

He sighed…
And picked…

“Brain ikechukwu Andrews ….are you mad??”

Yes!! When his father went complete name on him… He knew he had touched a chord . He smiled.

“No father. Infact am quiet sane.
What do I owe this call and your sudden outburst father dear?”…. He was playing with fire and he knew .

And he didn’t care. He wanted to piss his father so much that he would bundle him out of Ph and send him on his way.. and there was no way he was going to do what he threatened. ..

Well….He was sure he wasn’t going to freez his accounts and make life miserable for him. Afterall he was his only son…

Not as though he got another one stashed someone for rainy days…

He just accepted to please his mother..
God bless her soft good heart.
But it didn’t mean he should keep quiet like a mouse and get bossed around by fools he ought to be bossing instead..

If his father had placed him in a stragetic position..He wouldn’t had minded that much..

But to PA for some lady..
Of all people…
Some hot headed girl …

He sighed..

Why would his father want to degrade him so…

His reason. .”to learn how to serve others so that when he assumes his rightful position he would understand the value of service and appreciate it..
Such bullshit'”..

How he wishes he could tell everyone he was the boss’s son. .
And watch as they all run down and kiss his feet…
And apologise for thinking shit of him.

Especially that John of a guy. ..
He would kick his ass out of the company like a bird needing a kick start to fly…

The dude obviously hated him.
And the feeling was mutual.

He got kicked out of his reverie as his father was shouting through the phone..

“Calm down pops…
He deserved it..
Did he tell you how rudely he was sounding to me??
Was it my father the new girl you hired was as daft as a spoon and couldn’t tell the difference between a PA or a driver..
I felt pity for her and corrected her..
She was a laughing stock already for the staffs..
Or was it my fault she expected me to kiss her ass and I wasn’t even remotely interested??
Please father be realistic…”…. He was tapping his finger impatiently on the car window..

“If you had been where you were supposed to..
Done what you were supposed to..
And being who you were supposed to …
Did you think that mistake would have happened? ?

“Look here son..
If would have non of these..
And you had better treat Mr Emeka with respect….He is my right hand man there…doing things as ordered by me..
And you would give honour to whom honour is due…
And for the lady…who is your boss at the moment. .you would act accordingly. .
No more insults…
I am this close…
This close to shutting down your leisure and fun times and close your accounts  ..
I wonder how you would feel when you actually do have to work for your daily bread. .
And if you don’t work…
You don’t get paid…”…

“But father it’s obvious I am  it needed here..
And I also hate it here..
I got lots of things I could be doing right now in LA or UK. ..why this bloody country and why here…and why do I have to slave myself. .

“Didn’t you slave yourself already and made all your dough so that your children …or child ..because your seed could only produce one after you sowed all your wild oats and wasted them all away. offence big guy…Could eventually enjoy the fruits of your labour without stress??

“I mean isn’t how it’s supposed to work??
“Or someone is thinking backwards. .??”

He was going to go Headon with the old man..
He wouldn’t take it sitting down like a kid…
He wasn’t a boy anymore and he wouldn’t be tossed here and there anymore. .
He got a huge rod between his legs to know he is a man…
So he should be allowed to be one..

“I know you soon…
And  telling you…
This rebellious act you are pulling isn’t going to get you out of this one..
Am not going to leave this in your hands and others when you obviously can’t handle it.
So you better learn or you go out there and build your own empire all on your own..
I might as well hand it all to your cousin since you don’t desire to be sensible…

“You are no longer a boy..
So act like a man..
You have to earn it…
Just because you were born into luxury doesn’t mean you would appreciate it..
So earn the spot light and I will give it to you..
But if you think I would let you go haywire…
You are mistakenly..
This is my last warning …
Even your mother wouldn’t be able to plead on your behalf. .
Get your act together. .
And do your job…
Or the next time you would be hearing from me son…
It wouldn’t be pleasant.”….

And the line went dead..

“Fuck this!!” ..
He was pissed as hell..
Can’t the old man just let him be and tell him its okay…
Book the first flight out of this dump. ..
And he would be as happy as a fox..

Why did he have to refuse to listen to reason…

Hmmph! !

“Things aren’t going as he planned “….He thought to himself ..

“Well…let’s play father..”…

He tapped the driver. ..

“Drive. …”

“Where too??”….The man that doesn’t really smile asked him…

“First home. .and then to a cool restaurant. ..
I feel like engaging my eyes…
And a soft body to drown my sorrows in…”…

He rested his head and closed his eyes. ..



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