He was wild and free
She was soft and gentle
They fitted in their imperfections
They glowed in their glee of togetherness
Their path crossed when they least expected it..
He was crazy as she was beautiful
Their infatuation  was chaotic as their love was rare

He had the flair and spunk of someone supreme
She was the shy girl who adored him off the streets
He was the king..
As though of the jungle
As she was his lady in waiting. .
There was something wrong with their love story..
But none of them could see

He wanted to travel the world and cross the seven seas
She wanted a home and a man to wake up to every morning and a father to her kids
Their focus were different
Their dreams even more idealistic from where they stood…

He hated to be tied down..
To anything. ..much less to anyone..
He wanted her by his side..
When he did
And he loved his space. .when he did..
She was his woman…
Only as the word signifies. .
But he was a man..
And his own boss..
No one on earth could change that..

She hated to be anyone when she could be the only one
She needed to be called a bride..
His bride..
Not to nurse the thought if it for ever
And only see him on his knees when she closes her eyes to dream
She loved being in his world than being alone in hers
She wanted to be his everything other than just his woman…
Which he seemed to have at every corner
She was a lady..
Prime and proper
But a man needs a queen by his side. .
And for him she would gladly lay down her crown just because he asked

Soon the fights began
The uncertainty set in
The insecurities was a thing of constant batter

He wanted to fly
She wanted to stay in and close the gate of the cage and hide herself in the warmth of his wings..
He hated being told what to do
She hated that he didn’t listen to reason
He felt she was crowding his space.
She felt he wasn’t even giving her a chance to allow his world revolve around her

The late nights and disappearances were more frequent than the blinking of her lashes
The unanswered and unread messages caused more tears than she could scoop on a daily
Why would you want to hold on to someone who wanted to run far away as though he had fire burning it’s tail
Just because your heart beats fast and slow for someone at the same time didnt mean they are meant to remain in your life..

He was young…
He was a man
And he wanted to be wild and free
A specie that didn’t want to be tamed
Who had his whole life infront of him
How does loving that person stop him from living  a life he dares to live

He may love her..
Or just the idea of her ..
But he loved his adventures more..
To dance with the ambience of nature
To jubilate with the drums of freedom
To bask under the disguise of youth
To be who he wanted to be..
Wild as lion with furs and skin
free as a bird delicate with wings
Unbridled with enthusiasm for all that he deems fit..

And so..
After waiting on for what seemed like ages
After mending all what he ended up breaking. .
After clasping the ropes of hope but having it been cut off.
After loving but having such love only when needed..
She decided to let go..
And let him be him..

And without a second ‘ s thought..
He flew. .
Far away..
High to the mountain top
He walked like a king..
As though the master of the wild life..
And she realised that he was not coming back..
Because people like that never liked to be anything they were not
Changing was a thing as alien as it should be..
And she knew..
This love was lost..
And she decided never again..
Would she ever..
Dare to love a wild thing!!



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