So I sat fanning myself for no particular reason..only to suddenly pause and think…well all this was not more than a minute…and wonder why I was fanning myself

You see…just a while ago it was foggy and supposedly cold …Two days max to be precise…I was shivering and having the obvious nasal congestion which usually comes with the tide

but as I sat in my palour and bonding with the family..not forgetting the ceiling  fan was on the increase and  i was sweating as though like i just came out of the hot seat that had me confessing sins i knew nothing about..and I still had a hard cover deligently ..with my hand ofcos fanning my very self as though life depended on it

And I wondered why…
This was December. .ain’t I right?
The month of the birth of our lord jesus be precise

And not forgetting the month of santa and gifts and blackcoal only that we don’t have those in this black part of the world if you know what I mean…because we mainly don’t believe in that shit..yet we do the shrines..juju and witches and wizards in nollywood like how entire existence lives on the voodoo….yet I wonder why santa is such a big deal. Tsk tsk tsk shakes head.

And the month of harmattan. ..
Ah yes..that was the reason my mind paused for a whole one minute and my hand stopped in midair…

Where the hell was it?
I am infuriated and largely…not tiny slighted.
And very disappointed
How can it come…stroll in like a boss like it owned the place…

Give me shivers as though a lover had run his hand down the delicate sensitive area  of my skin. .

Blocked my nose as though perceiving the aroma of that sweet chicken my sister was toasting in the kitchen would stop me from salivating …nor make me not make a mental note not to boss her and take the large piece as big sis concern..*smiling and adjusting self*

And then stroll out through the back door as a thief with subtleness without a proper goodbye…

I mean why come and give poor me hope finish. .
I went to the market. ..not boutique and got me those sexy sweaters ..well ofcos not the Beyoncé ‘s kind because I ain’t rich like that and have big lips hubby uno.. *side looks…okay am safe.*

But those cute affordable ones you get off…by spending nothing less than a thousand naira…uno..

I already had my outfit planned till 25th..
Glasses and hood and muffler. .

Ah mean who does that..??
Now you gone..
Gone like the wind of PDP..
Even a little Hello from Adele would suffice…
That shit hurt bad uno..

Now I don’t even know how to repay those   debts…
Yea..didn’t I mention I ain’t Beyonce or kim- canda-sashh…?

Now back to the hot weather..
Where you fan all day..
Bath like twelve times and still get to sleep butt naked and pray the bloodsuckers mosquitoes do take Christmas breaks.

That’s what you get when change comes..
Even APC chases the little harmattan heaven we have..
Sighs and continues fanning self vigorously. ..and kept on wondering #LifeisHard
#i didnt memorise  the  song “I am a survival ” for nothing. Deep sigh


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