“Honey. ..If you don’t come down i would have to drag you down myself ‘..vicky – sue threatened me

I sighed..
I hated her twice more than I did already
First for running into me in that supermarket and telling me all the small town gossip.

Secondly for calling me out of the blue for this darn party
Thirdly for making me wear this dress. .

And lastly for  trying to ruin my life and what semblance of peace I have by forcing me to come down.

I sighed.
Knowing vicky – sue. .
She would never go down without a fight.

I sighed again.
Bracing myself and nodded. .

‘Well..here goes ‘..

I got down from the car and straightened up..
Adjusting the shawl to keep my bosom hiden and pulled my dress down a bit. .

No one has eaten you yet now..
Come on. .
And look the part. .
Let me.do all the talking. ..
And don’t you think about getting away from me..
Am stuck on you like glue tonight. .
Oh…well ofcos. .
You can disappear when I have to play with the boys. ..”

She laughed .
She always liked to act the old mature lady. ..
I rolled my eyes
Scouting the area looking for a possible means of escape.

Like hell was I going to be stucked with the likes of her..

‘am here aren’t I? ?
“Now can I be left alone?’…I pleaded

‘No honey ‘..

We had begun to walk into the ranch. ..
The whistling began. .
I bent my head. .
I wasn’t shy
I was just uncomfortable with all the stares and attention and with this Blawdy right dress…

‘Oh look..let’s go say hello to the ladies. ..’
She pulled me with her..
Walking towards a group of people smiling and exchanging pleasantries. ..

“Hello ladies. ..
Look who I brought. ….

Monalisa eyes almost popped out of their sockets
” Oh my  goodness gracious me!!

She said paving a way within the tiny  crowd as they parted a way for  her as though she was crossing the red sea. .

She moved so fast before I knew it she was standing infront of me..
Accessing me completely from head to toe
I literally felt naked
I unconsciously folded my hands across my bosom
She was walking around me now

“Monalisa…am human
Why are you staring at me as though I became an alien all too suddenly. ..
Or is there something new about me I don’t have the slightest clue about?

Vicky – sue had the strangest smile on her face
As though she was  the master craftsmith watching how her work was being appreciated

” No ..
Well maybe..”

She poked the side of my breast. .
“Are those real ”
“That and everything else you are packing underneath that beautiful dress?”

I almost yelped at the audacity, the action and the fact that people were supposedly watching

I didnt care that the tiny group comprised of just ladies
That was a violation of my privacy
I held my breast as though in protection of it

When I heard them laugh I drop down my hands and took a step back away from her..

‘”Mona have you gone slightly mad or you have suddenly forgotten your infatuation of men? ?”

She threw her head back laughing…
” No darlyne.
Don’t be silly ..Ofcourse not.”
She was standing infront of smiling…
But waited for me to answer

I sighed.
I had to defend my looks for being who I was too..
Was it not bad enough I came.

” I really don’t need to prove anything to you because it’d utter ridiculous. .
But for the sake of conversation. .
As real as the flesh on your lips..’

Her smile increased
“My goodness..
You grew from an ugly duckling flat Liz into a breathtaking cinderela “..

She pulls me into a warm hug bruising checks with two air kisses

Yes. .
Monalisa was a bitch. .
Yet it was hard to stay completely mad at her..

‘” Hello everybody. ..”..she said turning me facing the room suddenly filled with people. .

Oh shit..
No no no no
Please don–

“I would like everyone to meet my childhood friend. .
Who just moved back into town. ..
And guess what??
We got our very own doctor running the children’s ward in the health care clinic out at brooke ‘ s ville…
Elizabeth Blake. .
And yes she is still single. .’…
She wispers to me

‘Are you married ? Divorced or widowed or a lesbian? ?

“Er am not ev–

She turns back immediately without waiting for my response

” So single men..dont be shy now  ‘
The cheers and “aye aye”
That followed with the stomping of booths made me wince .

Why wont the ground not open its mouth and swallow me..

She continued

“…..got kids…
Liz here will take care of them..
And on that note. ..
Welcome everyone to my ranch
Have fun
It’s a party so let the crazy out..
It’s strictly adult and xray
I hope ya all left the kids at home.?.”

While the cheers and clapping went on..
She turns to me…
” You look amazing by the way. .
I almost envy you..
We should catch up some time..
Don’t disappear on me..
I got some fine lads to introduce to you. ..
Flat liz all a woman now ”

She shook her head in disbelief
Walking away and leaving me with vicky – sue

“She didn’t even notice me and then sha goes ahead and steal my shine. ..
So much like mona-bitchy – lisa”

I was more uncomfortable now.
I had people coming up to smile and shake my hand..
Hug me and welcome me..
Ask me how the clinic was
The kids
To go on a date or a drink or horse riding to be concerned about her thunder being stolen from right under her nose by Monalisa. .

I was busy getting upset about everyone wanting to hook me up with men to be bothered about her spotlight

I sighed when the last person came to do their pleasantries ..
I needed an escape
So much for being invincible …

I blocked my ears to her tantrums

I sighted Susan Morris. .
Monalisa pointed to me..
I noticed her mouth move into a smile..
I quickly turn around dragging vicky – sue with me

Susan Morris was another definition of Monalisa
Afterall they were best friends in school. .

I needed something to drink ..
We walked to the bar..

I had to give it to Monalisa
She had turned her ranch into something of a beauty. .

She brought a bit of modernity into her town house
Fixing a bar
Had a separate farm in which she reared and her farm animals andand ass extra tons of money on the side

And her two divorce settlements allows her to live the expensive lifestyle she was always born for

Her new catch Mr Cosmo with the five star hotel was smitten by her.
Yes.. she was a queen in her Kingdom
and I didn’t envy her one bit

I saw a familiar face…
“Oh becky – sue
You look absolutely divine
Marriage looks well on you ” …
I was genuinely happy to she the once upon a shy girl..

She was overjoyed..
I had always liked her.
She was the only sane one..
Well apart from me that is..

She looks at me..
Side to side..
” And yoy look like something the gods remodelled “..

We hug…
“Oh dear ..” pulling away putting my hand to my chest..
“Am sorry. ..
Hope I didn’t crush you??”

I bend down…Rubbing her tiny baby bump .
“Hello little becky -sue..
Am Dr liz..
I can’t wait to birth you”…

She laughed..
She must be about four months I concluded. .

“Oh I would be relief..
Dr Albert wasn’t a gentle man..
Oh…meet my husband “… she said shyly

Gladly I allowed her pull me..
I turn around and notice vicky – sue was distracted my a man.
I would be  y myself soon..
Ready to escape when I wanted..

She tapped a short bulgy man..
He wore glasses and had bald hair
But he had the sweetest smile..

He turned ..
Seeing her..
Immediately held her..
Touching her bump. .

“Are you okay baby doll?
“Anything wrong with our kiddo?

I could tell he adored his wife.
Beckysue was lucky.
I couldnt hide a smile..

No no she laughed
“Here. ..I want you to meet Dr Elizabeth Blake. .
Lizzy .
My husband Richie..
Richard we went to school together ..
She was kind and sweet to me…”..

He took my hand and brushed a light kiss to my knuckles. .

Oh. .Beckysue got herself a gentleman too.
Oh how blissful.

“Nice to meet you Elisabeth. .
Can I call you that?
Baby doll you didnt tell me she was a perfect creation from God “..

I blushed.
A sweet talker to.
I was flattered..

Withdrawing my hand..I laughed
“Apparently I have grown up a bit too much during the recent years..
Am sure Beckysue wouldn’t have been able to give justice to that “.. I offered. .

“Oh Richie. ..
You have no idea what her nickname was…”..

Oh lawd!!
Not again…..
I rolled my eyes…and smiled instead.
Pershaps…Being anything other than flat liz was a big deal Afterall..

I looked around….

After I waited through the ordeal of smiles…
Wonderment and even the look down and suprise from Richard and even an escape of “Oh my goodness “…

I counted from one to ten backwards…
And he looked me over and shook his head…
Beckysue was having a wonderful time explaining just how of a ugly duckling I was and now a transformed beauty…

“Don’t mind me honey…
You look absolutely stunning “…
Beckysue assured me..

“I woundnt have guessed”…
Richard said…
Taking my hand in his…again
“The turn around is indeed marvelous…”

Brushing his lips again against it..
“Lovely to meet you…dear friend of my baby doll. ..”.. his eyes sparkled.

I withdrew my hand again and smiled…
Ok…again just me. .
So what if I grew some perfect round oranges and had a sexy curve to it..
Everyone got that going for them…
But okay I get..
Not everyone was as ugly and no hope for me kinda girl…
So their first thought is I had plastic surgery done…
Why won’t they think that. ..
Am a doctor..

Hmmph! !!
Well glad to share it’s real…
All flesh and no fakes. .

Dear friend? ?
I scoffed…
I haven’t spoken to all of them in ages after I moved away from tiny groove town..
High school was my hell
The taunt was crazy
My brothers were my only play mate. ..
Beckysue was the only other girl that didn’t think I was a freak for looking an thing but cute. ..

But Monalisa saying I was her best friend. ..

I laughed. .
She had a postcard made with the most horrific drawing of me when I had braces..
And drew a man’s chest as my body…
And placed it on my locker…

“Hi am liz..
But you can call me flat liz”..

And the nickname stuck…
That was the moment I knew if ma didnt get me put of here…
I was going to run mad..
Completely mad..
Butt naked and all that mad..
And it would be her fault..

And I was gone by summer..
And I didn’t even shed a tear..
I sighed…

I needed to have a drink..

I looked again for vicky sue
Even if I didnt like her overbearing nature…
I rather take it than strolling around in a party I knew just a handful of people. ..

I walked to the bar..
People had begun dancing..
The games had started
Laughing and chattering could be heard from the porch

I saw an empty seat..
I took it..
Smiling up to the cute bartender after adjusting my glasses to the bridge of my nose..

“Can I have a lemonade please??”

He looked at me as though I spoke french.
Even two out of five people understand it these days…

“Am sorry what??”

“Lemonade with ice please”…

“Am sorry…
I have just alcohol here..
We weren’t expecting the kids and the host didnt make reservations for that”

That was so Monalisa

So that means you would serve alcohol to a pregnant woman too…?”

He looked me over..
“Are you pregnant. ..??
“I have water”!!…

I meant. ..
See over there is a pregnant lady…”?….
I pointed …to Beckysue and her husband who had happened to have moved from my line of sight…

I looked back at him…
He had his eyebrows raised in question…

“Oh never mind..
Lemme have the water then..
Thank you..:..”

He smiled..
“I will tell you what..
I think I can whip you up with a Chapman. .
Douse it with a lil alcohol. ..
Just lightly. .
Just me you won’t even feel it..
I will be eight back. ..”

He winked. .
Leaving me with a suprised expression..

I realised someone did a brief laugh..
Someone just noticed me make a complete fool out of myself..
I closed my eyes tightly..
Braced myself..
Opening my eyes I turned. .
To probably give an excuse for being me..

I remember that face..

He smiled..
“Flirting with the bartender. .
For a glass of lemonade. .
That’s pretty new” ..

I smiled.

“I don’t drink…..”I trailed off

He raised his hands up in defence..
“I don’t judge either”..

And I wasn’t flirting either..
Maybe he was…” I shrugged…

“I was just observing but if you say so…
Who am I to say otherwise. .yes??”

A typical man.


Where did I know that face from..
I wondered..
The supermarket. .
The clinic..
At the conference. .

“Ok this is pretty awkward. ..
It seems as though you don’t remember me…”

I raised my shoulders …
“That obvious “..??

I asked. .
Turning in my seat to face the crowd of people having a good time..

“Yes pretty…”

He stretches out his hand …
“Am Sam micheals. .
The guy with the truck ..
The kid who fell off his bike…
Ring any bells? ??”

Light bulb went off in my head.
Ofcourse. .
The clinic. ..
Where was his sidekick? ?

I smiled taking his hand in a warm handshake. .

“Ofcourse. ..
I knew that..
Sort off….
In a way “…

“Ah bet!”…
He returned the smile and our eyes locked in a good ten seconds before we looked away..

“Your scene,””…He asked…Indicating the scenerio playing out infront of us..

I shook my head. .
I was having a headache. .

“Not mine either. .
Should we go outside. .
Less noise. .
Less people maybe?”…

What was he..
A life safer??

“The cute bartender is whipping me a tasty Chapman. ..””

I wasn’t going to go off with a stranger to a quiet corner..
Ah mean…
You have to be careful..
I tapped my small purse.
To make sure my pepperspray was still intact..

“C’mon. .
I don’t bite..
I just need a breather plus it seems you would like to be anywhere but here…”..

Maybe I should add a mind reader as well to the list.
He had a point. .hit it straight on the head.
But still I didnt have to let him see all that through me..

“After my drink “…

“Chicken”!!…He smiled into his drink. .

I scoffed..
No he didn’t …

Just then cute bartender comes back holding a glass full of my drink with ice..
Skipping a paper with a number scribbled over it..

“I hope you enjoy it..” he winked..
Sam whistled..
I nudged his side. .

“Thank you…”..
Taking my drink and turning around. ..

I saw Monalisa and her mimi-me walking towards me and vicky sue waved and was pointing at someone. .
Behind me??
I turned twice. .looking..
And mouthed what??
She was moving fast towards me..
Adjusting her dress..
Pulling it fown and pushing up her boobs…

I looked back again and side and wondered what she was doing or for whom. .
When I thought of the three of them coming towards me…
I couldnt sit back and listen to and another story of flat liz again. ..
Maybe being with a total stranger ..outside ..quiet was more comforting. .
Because those three were trouble..

I put on my best smile

“Shall we??”…
I asked standing …

“After you”…
He got up…

Directing me through the crowd..
Putting his hand at the small of my back to guide me..

We walked outside to the cold air outside. .



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