Those Rare Mondays!!!



You know your Monday sucks when just the wee hours of the yester -night ..having been so drunk on sleep due to the crazed stress of the hustle of the street..

You stagger …finding your way to the bathroom. ..Seeming that it’s dark because in this part of the world. takes a miracle for phcn to illuminate your house just because the country is messed up like that. ..

Nevetheless, you grope in the dark. .using your senses to find your way like a bat who sees in the night seeming that you grew up and lived there all your life..

You get to the darkened toilet and empty your enlarge bowels..
Yawning. ..
Scratching your head as you find your way back to your bed..
Diving it as though a pool..or like a fallen tree..

Forgetting that your cellphone was busying sleeping majestically beside you just because you love to listen to cool sweet blues to send you to Neverland because your pals Peter Pan and Captain Hook got tons of games planned out for you..

Just when you feel the softness of the bed and you go an Ahhh you faintly hear a crack…
Weird! You think..
And then…
An “Oh Shit…No no no”…

Your knee had decided to kiss the surface of your phone goodnight not realising that they are both of different species.

You can imagine how my heart sang. .
How I began to wimper
And then I roared like the lion in me…
I picked up the delicate phone. .
And it smiled back at me..
With its cracked lips and faded pale skin..

It was blind and dead..
And a thought. .
There goes my flexing money..
Oh I did sob. .
For the life of me like a little child..
And then I did forcefully sleep..
Tossing and turning…
Like a nightmare within dreams..

And Monday morning I awoke hoping that it was one of those dreams..
And I quickly pick up the delicate thing..

Closing my eyes as though I was expecting a big big suprise and viola..
Unpon opening my beautiful golden brown eyes..fluttering my lashes to bribe it into submission. ..
There. stared at me..
With those same  cracked lips and faded blind as a bat.
Yep!! My Monday official sucked.
*deep sigh*
As though life ain’t hard this. Smh


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