Hey Four Eyes. ..8



Mrs Demmy walks into Sherry ‘ s office..
With a huge smile on her face. .
Stretching out her hand…

“Oh how nice of you to stop by Liam…”..
He takes her hand and brushes a kiss to her knuckles. .

“Oh you are quite the gentleman..
How is Mr Lionel Debough. ..
Still chasing the big guns??”

She asked. .

Liam has the sweetest smile..
“Yes indeed he is. Am sure he won’t stop till his empire reaches the ends of the earth and the highest of heavens. ..but what to do?”…. He shrugged.

“By the way. ..you nearly gave an old woman an heart attack coming on stage like that baring all”…she blushed lightly. …

He threw his head and laughed..

“Dear Mrs Demmy…you are absolutely divine.  How dare you call yourself old..
If I were only a few years younger I bet we would be having a different conversation . ..”..He kissed both her chicks. ..

“And make all these little chicks be outrageously jealous of my good luck “.. He eyed sherry

“Oh don’t be silly…
Sherry here would skin me alife. .”…she moved away to sherry placing her hands on both her shoulders..

“I hear you both are an item. ..how marvellous. ..” Sherry had stars in her eyes he wondered where it came from..

“Oh gee…when did that happen. .I would really like to know .
I just met her you see…”..

He rested his back to the shelve. ..folding his hands and had a finger to his jaw..tapping lightly..

“Oh don’t be silly Liam darlyne ” She chided him…facing Mrs Demmy…
“He is somewhat shy and wanted to tell everyone himself at his own time but I was too excited and such  big mouth you see…
And he came to suprise me at work…
Isn’t he such a dear…”

Mrs Demmy nodded.
Liam laughed.

“You are completely hilarious”..
Looking at Mrs Demmy ” She is hilarious …”…

She seemed Confused. .

“Oh well I will leave you to……er to it..
My regards to your father..
And I hope we are to be contracted for the state dinner at the Debough ‘ s next weekend…
We have beautiful designs…well suitable for you and guest..
I will be personally hurt if we don’t get it…”… she laughed moving towards the door

There was no way he was going to be left  behind with the lion wanting to jump him…

“Oh yeah about that. ..
The reason I came…was to..er talk yo you. .er ..absolutely about that very important matter “…

He linked his hand through hers following her out of the door ignoring sherry ‘ s protest. .

“Oh really…I thought your father would put his man on it say weekend”..

“Well I suppose but I would like to choose a fitting hmm…now infact…
Shall we?..

“Ofcos..follow me…”

He hoped to God sherry took the hint and stayed back…but be couldnt get rid of her easily. ..
She tagged along like a fly. .

Xoxoxox. ..

I was done with the chiffon blouse. .
I had three ball gowns fitting and a trouser to sew..
I rubbed the back of my neck..
The place had quieted down for abit but everyone was on full alert just incase Liam does come back out.

I didnt care.
He was just like every other guy.
Who cared if he was cute and terribly handsome
Had the softest blue eyes and looks absolutely divine without cloths on except briefs.

I grew hot from just thinking about it.
I also knew I was being completely silly.
I sighed. .

“Down to earth bella…a penny for your thoughts. .
Being talking to you for the past two minutes and you don’t seem to be hearing a word I have said “..Lisa peers at me..

Luke was going through some designs in the Jean catalog…

He looked up concerned. .

“Maybe she is thinking about boy wonder probably getting his freak on with Sherrybitch in there you know…”

I looked at him as though I could throw daggers threw my eyes. .

“Oh knock it out luke…
It’s not funny”….I folded my hands

“Yes luke”…Lisa hits him…

“I was actually think about how I was going to celebrate my birthday …”… I lied

“Its the first time I would be away from home during…
And I would miss my being with them this year you know..
And I just miss them. …”

“Awww poor baby…
But we are here..
Me…luke. ..we are family aren’t we??”
“So we are going to celebrate and you are going to be full of smiles okay…
“When is it ??”…

I laughed.

“Er on the 19th…This month…”

“But that’s three weeks away bella?…
Luke was thinking our loud..

“Oh how smart of you and totally insensitive “…
“Well we have enough time to plan everything to bring the roof down…so cheer up okay? ?”…
Lisa hugged me squeezing the life out of me…
I nearly suffocated. .

“Okay okay. .now let me go..
You are really strong for a girl liz…”.

“I tell her the same thing. ..
Here stand still..
Would your butt fit into this? “…

It didn’t stop liz from hitting him yet again ..

“Oww babes…that hurts..”

“That’s the idea smuggle! !”


He needed to see bella but sherry seemed to be making it her duty to not allow him see her..
So he had an idea..

“Mrs Demmy..
I have no idea what to select for the dinner party. .
And I have so many thoughts in my head and I wouldn’t know which is suitable…

“What would you say if you bring your designers infront of me…with their best designs..
So I can choose from..
If I don’t see what I like I can have the best designer make one for me..

“I would also like to pick something out for the ladies. ..ushering to..
You know my father is a bit of a critic. .
If it’s not the best it’s not good enough…

Don’t worry darlyn…what’s your favourite colour..
Or never mind..I have just the thing for you Liam love.. what do you think about a blu—

He raised his hand cutting her off..
“I don’t need to be rude..Sherry..
But it’s Liam..and secondly …
I pick what I wear..
If you don’t mind…Mrs Demmy…
Can I see those wonderful designs of yours…
I would be thrilled if you wow me with your expertise “..

Mrs Demmy hid a smile.
Understanding the situation.
She should have known better.
Sherry was forcing herself on the poor man.
But she liked him. He didnt seen to be easily swayed by a pretty face and body.
He was a man of his own.
A better man than his father.
Once a lover…
A long time ago
But he enjoyed the pleasures of countless women to stay with one..
Even with a wife who loved and adored him till her death. .
He didnt change. .
He likes the rise
He liked the chase
He loved his money
Neglecting his family. ..his son..
She was almost afraid for little Liam  ..
When he was just a growing boy…
Rebelling just to get his father’s attention…
Following in his footsteps. .
Growing into a handsome young man..
She feared for him…
But seeing him today. .
She knew he wouldn’t end up like his father.

She was suprised to find out that he and sherry were an item.
But thankfully she is absolutely mistaken.
She didnt hate sherry…
She knew that much.
But she never quite liked her.
She was an obnoxious spoilt brat..
A dumb blond and knew nothing first hand what she was doing here most of the time.

But her father had helped set the foundation of what was built..
When times were hard..
And to repay a debt..she had been taken in. ..
Given a position she didn’t deserve and an office she misused.
But what to do??..
She allows her get away with everything.
As long as sherry was happy.
Her father was happy.
She sighed. .
“Poor Liam. ..I hope you can dock away from those claws she is trying to dig into you..”

“Ofcourse Liam ..
Sherry…will you please tell them to meet us at the conference room…”..

He smiled.
Finally she leaves..
Finally he gets to meet bella..
He couldnt wait. .

He began to dangle his crossed legs and whistle happily.

Sherry was not slightly pleased.
“Sure ma’am..
I will be right back..”..

“Font think you have won Liam.
You won’t be having your satisfaction. .”

She walked away forming a plan..



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