The Unexpected! !



So I stood waiting for a cab…five minutes walking distance from my house you see…when he walked up to me…
“Where are you going to”

Just so we are clear
I don’t know squat about the guy who just walked up to me asking me “where I am going to..
“Who are you?
“Jesus? …
So my first reaction was exactly the one you have on right now…yes that one..

“Excuse me??”

And there it was again. .

“Where are you going to”..

“Dude who wants to know??”…
But I say instead. .

“Am sorry ..
Do I know you?”..

He smiled. As though it was going to do the job of reassuring me.
Nevertheless I took a swift look around…
A few people where about. .
Cars passing nonstop
Was I too hidden from view of passerbys?
I took a few steps forward.
I checked my time. ..
It was few minutes to 11 am. .
Too early for kidnappers and too bright..
But this was December. .
This was port harcourt
You can never be too careful. .
I cleared my throat just incase I had to scream. .
I put my right hand into my pocket. .
Touching my phone..
Trying to put it on so I could Dail a number. ..anyone…
Then I remembered. .

My phone was blind as a bat. .hence my sudden decision to take it to the repairs hence my reason to be standing here hence the stranger asking me where the hell am going to

Shit again for emphasis!!

I smiled.

“Well no you don’t. .
But I just saw you coming out from my area..and I just wanted to come say hello and it looked as though you where going somewhere and I thought to ask….

Dude that was pretty obvious..
I rolled my eyes.
It still didn’t settle me..and he still didn’t answer the question ..question even if he answered the “no I don’t know him..
The other question was…ok it’s pretty obvious I don’t know you and you know I don’t know you then why would I tell you where I am going to when we both know I don’t know you…you dig?
C’mon do I need to spell it out?
So I looked at him instead…


He seemed Confused.
Oh brother. ..

“Which area is that if I may ask?…

“Er the one Just right before that bend. ”

“There are alot of bends. .
Be exact ”

I was going to catch a thief.
He thinks he is smart.

“The one just before the yellow gate..
House B..”

I raised my eyebrows. ..
House B.
Yellow gate.
That’s close.
Still it didn’t mean he wasn’t stalking me. .

“House …huh?”..

He nodded.
I look him up and down .

“Where exactly in House B??”

“Why are you drilling are funny.”  He laughed scratching his head…

I frowned.
Dude am not even smiling I sneered ..
But said instead…

“Am not even remotely funnny”…

“Er okay. .
The separate flat withing house B…on the driveway. ..away from the chaos of the streets “…

Now I looked him over again…

“I see”..

This dude was just a stroll away from my habitat. .
I still didn’t let my guard down.
He probably have being in there once in awhile..
I tried another angle..

“Who Lords over the place in which you reside in…”

Caught you.
No escaping now smart ass.
Thinking you can woo a girl by lying.

The jaw and head scratching..
“Er…Thompson. ..or so..
Tall dark guy. ..a lil beard. ….


The dude is my Blawdy tenant.

“Its Tommy. And that’s my big brother “..

It was an “Oh!”

Then I said an “Yeah “..
“So you don’t know me…or seen me before? “.

Imagine me now famzing.
I rolled my eyes.
I don’t even know my tenants.
That’s sad.

“No. I just saw you. And how come you don’t know your renters? “..

Dude don’t even go there. ..I sneered but I smiled instead.
I became relaxed.

“So…where are you going to?
“If you don’t mind telling me I could drop you”…

I calculated my transport to and fro..
I smiled at the money I would be saving…

“To the phone doctor. .”

“Oh okay…gimme a few minutes so I drive out…
I actually even know someone there…I would just call him to fix it up for you”..

I calculated the extra money I would be saving again.  My smile widened even more…

“Er should I escort you to bring the car out…
Just incase you need company. ..??”..

He looked at me strangely and laughed…

Weren’t you just scared just a few minutes ago and playing 21 questions…
now you want to escort me…?”

“Aba now…
You know how the town is…
A girl gats to be careful.
By the Chidera ..” I said grabbing his hand and giving him a brief handshake. ..

“Am Christopher “…

He shook his head laughing.
We strolled back to the bend. .just before the yellow gate..
House B…the house within…

I just made myself a new friend and saved myself some money.

“Sometimes I love being a girl”… Chidera winks. 
Sliding into his slick ride. ..

“Dude where the hell have you being all my life ?”… she mused.



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