Woman!! Thou Art Beautiful



Woman! Thou Art Beautiful. .
Your beauty is above diamond and rubies
It’s beyond understanding. .
It’s equilibrium is satisfying..

Your hair soft as silk..smooth to the touch ..slidering when gathered filling the palms..
One longs to bury their face in its shinny folds..
Woman thou art beautiful

Wisper into your ears..Touching those lopes. .where your earings encircle. .
Within that hears the heart beat..
When called…when loved
Tracing the line of your sharp cheek bones..to the outline of pointed straight nose..
That breath in the essence of life..
To the curve of your mouth..
Where your lips..The soft skin..
Moist and sweet..calmly rest.
Broadening into a smile..changing the curve of your perfect face to one of perfect beauty..
Doing justice to your pupils..as the smile reaches your eyes. .as it sparkles revealing deep blue…
Shaming the gods..revealing joy and happiness in that simple gesture..
Perfect dentition is in clear view..
Tongue circling the insides of your mouth…as the echoes of laugher erupts through the tiny hole of your throat. .
All that you are is a perfect reflection of a masterpiece..
Woman…thou art beautiful

Your shoulder blades..
Dividing in concise opposites..
Allow your neck to adequately steady your beautiful head. .
Your shoulders the foundation…
Revealing skin so fair..so dark..so clean. .without blemishes or sports..
Soft as a baby’s buttom..fragile to the touch..
Backing away to a clearing. ..
In which stood two mountains of beauty. .
Two stood high. .as a molded soft dough..with the peak at the top of the mountain. .it had such honey sweetners encircling it’s highest hills..
Two molds that gives life and joy to the ones who find joy in its nutrients when suckled ..for to be filled and to be pleasured. .
It stood apart..
Creating a part way..down town..
Mapping the long road of skin and skin..
Owning..understanding ..Adjusting. . and owning all that the bosom brings.
Woman thou art beautiful.

A secret cave..where the center of the tummy comes in full view..The novel..could hold a small treasure that can be licked and tickled
That profound area of deep mysteries
A home for life and growth..
Of a seed..a child…
Comfort. .shelter…hope
A giver and nourisher of life
Woman..thou art beautiful

The recently mowed garden have opportunity for deep exploration
Prickly ..sensitive. ..it is
Disappearing into two different corners
In which her soft thighs take anchor..
But at her center..
The center of her essence
Separate lips reside
And igniter of passion at the middle
When lightly teased can release an immense intensity of moist passion that can erupt like a volcanic steep
A place where a lover can bury himself in
In wonderment and in joy
A pathway to heaven
An unending bliss..
That can shatter a lover’s resolve
Bring a king to his knees
Break a soilder’s defence
A honey well of sweetness..
A taste of womanly essence
A lovers addiction
Woman thou art beautiful

Touching thighs..
Leaving the fountain of pleasure
Extending to two long legs…reaching her knee. .
Often knelt in prayer
In thanksgiving
In service
In labour
In work. .
Never remaining broken
But an uplifter
To her feet.
Walked miles..
Fought battles
Followed you..welcomed you..
Never relenting. .always moving ahead..
And her hands..
Ever giving. ..
Comfort her arms bring..
Long and flexible. .
To hold her offspring..
To rock with that gentle movement. .
Her slender fingers to wipe a tear..
Her soft inner palms to smoother  the strong folds of life..
Her warmth welcoming you…Into her..
Beside her and with her..
Her shoulders your aid to rest on..
Her voice..sweet..soothing..
Chiding. .scolding..loving..smothering..
Giving hope..encouragement. .
A voice for pain..anger. .joy..hurt..happiness..
Calming you like still waters..
Calling a lover
Catering for the child..
Her voice a melody
Music to the ears..
A light when the darkness is blinding. .
A sister a mother a wife …a giver of life
Her entire being …to be appreciated
Woman thou art beautiful. .


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