Almost doesn’t Count..



Where you ever at a deep end?
Did you almost fall?
Where you so tempted …and you thought you couldn’t pull back up? 

Did life  make you suffer..did you  cry your eyes out..did it ever feel like  all is lost and there  was no hope at all?

Did you think that he never loved youl…did he act all strange..or you just imagined and thought  all the negativs were there?

Did the  job feel challenging.?
Did you think you would breakdown..not even considering the possibility that a ‘lil hard work would go a long way’?

At tyms in life..we assume the worst when its not..
we give up when we haven’t actually seen the world crumbling down..
we quit before we are told to,
we lament before an actual pain…
we breakup good relationships before finding faults.

we hate on families..we write things off just because we feel it aint gonna end right before starting to see just how well you can do it..make it..achieve it..and be it!!

Dont lose your head just because  things are almost going bad or looks that way or almost bleak..

It aint over until it actually is…
“‘nearly doesnt kill a bird'” an  ‘almost something ..isnt an actuall something’…

so live your life what you will..
Because everybody knows..’Almost doesnt really count!!!!



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