Unsure what to do..




Unsure..what to do..
Ok..now it hits home..
Dont know which way to go and yet i wonder if the road i took is the right one
When everything  is saying that i have made a wrng turn..but how do i get back and out of here?
Without disrupting all…when it all seems peaceful and safe right where i stand..but yet,

I cant help the sinking feelin i feel when i allow myself think it through ..but still..but still..*i tell myself *..and yet no light blinks to say..’thats it’

Unsure i am on what to do!
Right or left i scare and dare not to lookk.

The move i mak i fear it would fall through and yet i have made it.
i wonder if thats where  it all goes to shitz.

I pray and hope that  it turns out good..because sweet sweet life depends on it to feel good..

I may not know the answer to all my questions..or explanations to all this  or where to go form here
but i know i would try and give all my best.

And there….*i hold my head* that sinking feeling comes again..oh gawd!!

How do i makw it all go away?
I know i didnt think it through..
but hell.!!
At the spur of the moment it sure felt good..
So here i make a decision..have to or i dont have to..all that matters is that it feels true..and i know that it takes two

The better half approves..all thats left for the other to make it complete..
All i want is for it to be..is that too much of a ask?
So here i am..go on and take the lead!
And I swear I will follow..no questions asked..
The heart wants what it wants.
Who am I to stand against such force.



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