They were in the cafeteria eating..
The place was filled with the buzz of chattering bees and sounds of cutleries  being used..chewing and laughs..

He usually sat down with the boys..
Despite bring the most popular and cutest boy and ofcos senior and the student body president.
He was a easy going boy.
Not pompous nor arrogant.
He never acted like he owned the world..despite that his father was the principal. .
He was down to earth, humble and never treated anyone like dirt.
He never tried to make anyone feel less of themselves..

For those who wanted to learn and be better versions of themselves ..
He did his best to help them anyway that he could..
From tutoring to coaching to etiquette  down to anything important. .

He laughed at a silly joke boma made.
Boma had being his best friend as long as he could remember. .

He was making a silly joke about why the chicken crossed the road…

“So why did the chicken cross the road then??…. Micheal asked out of curiousity

“Well..because the side the chicken was on hard no chicks. ..so it crossed the road because he saw the chicks on the other side..so it crossed the road “… He said matter-of-factly

“Dude that doesn’t even make sense..
Besides what makes you think it’s a he..
Plus there wasnt anything about other chickens. .you are just making this up…”..

“Really…have you got a better joke??..

Micheal laughed. .shaking his head..

“No ofcourse not…Please carry on..am so curious …..”..He rolled his eyes…taking a bite of the meatpie and sipping a coke..

Boma smiled and continued


She put on lip close and combed her hair
Adjusting her bra and wore her panties

Mr Adamu  came out of the toilet..
He looked her over..
He felt stirrings again..licking his lips..
She eyed him from the mirror..

“Don’t even think about it..
Once is enough”..

She picked up her uniform and wears it..smoothing the folds…
He came behind her and holds her..tentatively rubbing his hardness against her buttocks and squeezing her breast..

“Chichi. .I swear if you were out of school and a few years older..I Will marry you…”…He was nibbling the lope of her ears. ..

She scoffed..
“And make me wife number two??
Sorry I don’t think so..”.. she releases herself and moves away from him..

Picking up her school bag. .

“I hope I won’t be seeing anything less than an A??

“Ah-ha..chichi…you know with me your grades would be glowing like the stars. .
But can’t you just wait a little..
I feel like another …”..

He rubs his hardness with his palms..
She watches as it increases to its full height. .

“No..I don’t feel like. So go take another cold shower. .it should give you a flat line. .”..

She walks to the door and stops..
“By the way. .
My alawance money is zero..
Be a dear and send me some. .
I need to buy makeup and some few sexy undies and killer cloths…
You know a queen must look her best”

He sighed and nodded..
“I will give you later …
Send amaka to me”..

“Don’t be silly..
You think I don’t see through you..
You are thinking through your thirdleg. .
Go take a shower and don’t be obvious..
You only get amaka when am done with you. ..
And no one plays with my toys unless I allow it. So suck it up..
I will come take it myself later…”

He knee she was smart. .not in studies ofcourse but when it came to things like this.

One time wasn’t enough for him.
She usually let’s him go two ‘three times..and sometimes she takes the lead.

She liked sex.
Enjoyed it.
And didn’t care how she gets it.
And by god she was the sex goddess
Making men like him weep in ectasy

He often wondered why a girl like her turned out the way she did.
How she grew up and what kind of parents allowed their daughter to be this extremely wayward. .

But what she could do in bed..
Could bring any man to his knees..
And when she puts her mind to it..
You cant differentiate her from a full blown woman..
She was what everyman needed and he was glad he found her..

Infact. ..
No..she found him..

Shaking her beautiful butt..
Exposing her soft breast. .
Playing with him
Untill that fateful day..

She had come into his office claiming assistance for extra moral classes. .

Yes. .she sucked big time when it came to her studies. .
So when she came to him..
He reluctantly agreed..
He said he would discuss with her parents about the payment..
But she had other plans..

She gets up and locks the door. .
She said she knew that he liked looking at her..
If he liked what he saw..
He was speechless..

This wasn’t happening..
This wasn’t right..
He knew. .
But he didnt stop her when she unbuttons her top..
Revealing soft firm breast..
He gulped. .
He felt a stirring …He crossed his legs and didn’t speak..

She said she had always had boys..
She longed to feel what a real man felt like..

She came towards him…going on her knees..
He didnt stop her.
This was a dream…
He was in denial..
But he didnt want to speak just incase she changed her mind..

She freed the belt from his waist unzipping him..
He was hard. .
She smiled when she felt him..
She didnt waste no time….
While she stared at him..She covered him with her mouth..working in full circles and flicking her tongue over his cap..

He swore.
He closed his eyes..
When he couldnt take it anymore he gets up..

“Enough of this torture. .”.. He muttered

But she liked to be in control ..He observed that day. .
She gets up..bringing out a condom from her pocket…
Wears him as expertly as though she did on a daily…

He should stop.
Tell her to leave…
But he couldn’t.
He didnt want to. .
He really really wanted so much to taste her. .

She backed him…
Bending flat on his table..
He realised that she wore nothing underneath her school uniform..

That was his undoing ..
She looks back at him and smiled..
And with a slow sexy drawl ..she said..
“We both can benefit from this little transaction. .”

“Give me good grades without questions..
And we both can enjoy what only I can give…
“Come..allow me show you what pleasure is..
Am sure you wife can’t give it to you good..”..

And with that. ..she rolled her waist. .protruding her butt out to him..

And with a tiny cry. .
As though he was about to explode. .
He plunged into her ..

The moan that escapes her lips and his groan was enough to make a serenade. .
And with every thrust ..He knew this was a journey he didn’t want to come back from..
It was like selling your soul to the devil. .
He wanted it and loved it..
His wife at home was as boring as a toothpick. ..
Chidera was right…
He never had it that good untill her..
She always left him wanting more..

She was the devil.
And he was sold..and hooked. .line and sinker..”

The throbbing pain started. .He looked down at himself.

“Down boy”…he ordered

He sighed. .and watches as she walks out of his office ..leaving him as hard as a rock. .


“I envy you Chidera. ..
You have everything going for you…”

She gets up from sitting on the pavement from where she did her lookout for Chidera. .

“Don’t worry. .
You will have your turn. ..
Am getting tired of him already. .
And this boys bore me..
I actually need that one person. ..
Speaking off”….

She faced her as she stopped halfway from walking down the pavement. .

“Where is my prince charming? ”

“The twins say that he is in the cafeteria with his friend boma..”

“Ok what about his other busy bodies groupies?”

“Oh the Peter square? ” She laughed..
“They are at the basketball court..
Shooting hoops..
They are trying to impress a girl…”..

She rolled her eyes..

“C’mon. .let’s go. And hungry ”

They both went towards the cafeteria..


“Chidinma. ..See you won’t die if you don’t drop your pen and that notepad..
If you are not studying you are going to church and reading your bible..
If you aren’t doing that you are listening to music and the writing into your notepad. .

“To the extent that you forget to eat.
I often wonder how you got to have this amazing look just three months break. .”..

Mimi sat down opposite her studying her intently ..

Chidinma looks at her..
“Well let’s see..
I jog and run a lot. .
Do alot of sit ups and squats. .
Eat right ..
And live right “…

“If I hear ”
“Come let’s go eat jor..
I don’t know why you like to show off”..

Bunmi pulled mimi up…with one hand and pulls Chidinma up with the other hand. .

“My tummy is singing here and you both are talking nonsense. .
Do you know what the menu is today. ..??

Chidinma and mimi look at each other smiling. .

“Fried rice and chicken “… they both squealed.

“Ofcourse…and you know that’s my best food and I hate to miss it.
It’s cooked only once a week ..
And you know how I get when I don’t eat what I want. .
I don’t plan to watch my weight like Chidinma here. ..
Who looks like a model by the way. .
I will eat as much as I want till I have no more room to fill. .
Now…move your butts along…

she scream..taking chidinma’s  notepad and flings it to the bed..

“You can do without that for a mere thirty minutes Chidi…
Or do you want to write how everybody chews and breaks the bone of the chicken? “…

Chidinma began to protest..

“No no… let’s go”..

Linking hands  with Chidinma and mimi she pulled both of them out of their dorm…heading towards the cafeteria

Chidinma sighed feeling defeated. .
Mimi gave her a slight nudge..

“Don’t worry. ..
Your notepad won’t miss you that much. .
It doesn’t have legs to walk nor wings to fly. ..
Besides. .I feel jealous of the feather light book..stealing my friend away. .
Am happy to have you all to myself…
Well. ..with beaming bunmi here. ..”

They both laugh..
Bunmi stuck out her tongue..


“Queen Chidera …coming at you with her bees of thorn…”..
Boma kicked micheal under the table with his right feet. .
When he looks at him he nodded towards the direction of the chattering..

And truthfully. .
Chidera ..her right hand man…or girl – man amaka was beside her carrying her plate of food..
Her mimi-mes..The twins each carried her bag and water and spirit. .

Everyone parted away for her to pass. .
She was catwalk in towards where him and boma sat..

She was smiling.
Some of the boys hailed her. .
Clearing the way for her. .
Some of the girls greeted her..
She ignored both .
She had her eyes on him..

“How you gonna get out of this one bro..
Your lady friend wants to chew you raw. .
You should just let her and get over it..
Everyone has..anyways..what’s the bug deal?”..

“Am not everyone. .and I don’t like loose girls. .
You can have you fill..am not interested. .
Why did she have to come now when am having a good day sef?””…He suddenly felt his frown coming on..

“Well……”..Boma shrugged.
“I don’t like her..
She is a snob and quite insultive.
She made my last year very horrible for me.
I hated her from then.
She only wanted me to do her homework and treated me like dirt because I wore braces..
So I stopped and refused to help..
Then she told everyone I was gay and my mother was a prostitute. ..
Nah..am better off without the likes of her”…

Micheal looks around the crowded cafeteria room..
Chidera was walking towards him..
She was already at his table ..standing ..staring down at him..

“Me too”..He muttered under his breath to the hearing of boma

“Won’t you ask me to sit?”..

“You weren’t invited to come here were you?…”

Chidera looks at him while her followers snarled at him.
Micheal laughed..

“Why..are you scared that I would steal your boyfriend away from you..and he would enjoy it?…

Boma scoffed..
“Try something new Chidera. ..that joke is old and lame…”..

“What about your mum…
I hope her night life is paying her handsomely? ”

“My mother is a nurse you bitch”…He spat getting up. .
“Its more than I can say for a girl who sluts her way through school..
I wonder what your parents thinks…”..

“Oh gee I dunno. ..
Should we go ask them?”..

Micheal shook his head..
He wasn’t really in the mood for Chidera ..plus she and boma constant barter.

“Boma sit down..be the better man..
You already know how she is ”

Boma sighed and reluctantly sits down.

Chidera looks at amaka who hurriedly pull out a sit for her and placed her plate of food on the table. .
Every other one followed suit.

“How am I. .
Beautiful right?
I know bae”..

She began to dig in. .

“To you..its micheal. And you are far from beautiful. .”..He sipped his coke

He suddenly lost his appetite. .
Peter and Peter came into the cafeteria. .
Walked directly to them..
Hailing boma. .and high fiving micheal. .

“Hey guys..
Hey queen bee”…they laughed sitting down..
Pushing her friends away from their sits..

Chidera threw daggers from her eyes..

“Micheal tell your friends to treat me with respect..don’t they know am your girl…would you judt sit there and watch?”..

“His girl?”..Peter slim asked..
“Not even in his dreams”…Peter chubby added..
“Most definitely only in her twisted imaginations”…Boma said whistling. .

“Shut up…no wonder no one likes you boma. .you are so rude “…amaka offered

“Oh..that’s why you keep following her around like a fly because you are so stupid..
You want to be like her right?
Your mother would be rolling in the grave in shame for you”..

“How dare you talk about my mother you fool?”…amaka turned red..

“Boma another word from you and I will ruin the very ground you walk on??”…Chidera threatened. .

“You wish queen bee”…they chanted
Boma and the two Peters laughed. .
Micheal needed to get out of there..
He rolled his eyes. .
Chidera ignored them

“Micheal..can we go and relax at the garden after lunch..
My next class isn’t really important. .
I have something nice to show you..
Plus we could talk and play a game or two?

“I do take my studies seriously..
Plus am not in the habit of wasting my father’s money to be fraternizing while I should be in class…”..

She adjusted herself..
“Am just kidding”..
“Ok can you tell your slubby friends to excuse you. ..you need to spend time with your girl you know. .
I feel jealous. ..”
She placed a hand on his hand. ..He pulled away..

“No we arent going anywhere ”
The one who should take her flies and leave is you ”
“This is guy’s time if you hadn’t noticed”….the tree boys said.

She looked to micheal for assistance. .
He shrugged.
She looked to her girls..
They all got up and began to pull the boys away forcefully. ..
They were strong for girls. .
She knew…
She hand picked them..

Micheal hadn’t moved..
He watched the scene unfolding before him..He shook his head
He knew his friends would never hit a girl..
Chidera was taking advantage of that..
She smiled as she watched them struggle. .
Everyone else would assume they are playing. .

“Stop the drama Chidera. .”
He cautioned. .
:aren’t you tired of pestering my life??”

“I will..If you date me.
You know I like you a whole lot..
And I want you to be my boyfriend.

Why are you playing hard to get. .its unmanly “..He shifted  his head away from her reach..

“Its very ungirly -like to sooth boys out for sex don’t you think..
And forcing one to date you..
Aren’t you a tiny bit bothered what people would think about you. ..or no o forgot…you have no care in the world…
You disgust me”..

She became angry. .
“Oh stop playing saint. You like it as much as I do. You are just pining over that slut of your ex who left you for another boy and might be slutting away in the states “..

Sometimes he wished his father hadn’t instilled some deep set of moral values and standards in him..
Some girls needed to be slapped for sense

He smiled. .
“I have nothing to say to you..
If you would excuse me..”..He made to get up..pushing his seat away.
She jumped up. .Holding him still by placing her hands in his waist.

“Micheal baby am sorry. But you made me angry. .come sit..let me sooth you with my kisses…..”..
When he looked at her with a raised eyebrows and an expression that asked if she was mad..She hurriedly added..
Laughing. ..
“C’mon I was kidding. .why do you take everything too seriously? ?”.

“You are really out of your mind Chidera and am the least person stupid enough to have the likes of you as a girlfriend or even a friend “…
He got three girls moving separately from the crowd..going in the opposite direction…

“I rather spend time with people who are completely cool without even trying..”..
He frees himself ..pushing her gently to the side..

“People like who??””She asked staring after him..
He didnt answer. ..she watched as he walked to the three girls. ..Breaking their linked arms and holds the one in the middle and urged them to keep going. ..

Amaka runs to her side.. abandoning her struggling.  The twins followed. . The boys stumbled over each other scrambling to their feets following micheal.

“Isn’t that who I think it is?
“How dare he?
“How dare she?…..
They chanted..

The frown covering Chidera ‘ s face could light up the  whole room with hatred..
She folded her arms and watched them leave…
She turns and walks away without another word.



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