The blast of the horn woke her up..
The sound was piercing. .slicing through her head like a knife
The searing pain was blinding
She blinked a couple of times and shook her heard to clear the cobwebs of a thousand thoughts running through her head like tiny solder ants on a rampage

It was pitch black
The night was cold. .her nostrils flared with the cold breeze
She shivered..right to her bones the chills rose..Causing her to chatter her teeth
She was barely clothed
Her bones cracked with every move and she felt numb and weak

She looked around
She didn’t recognised anything. .
She pulled herself into a sitting position
She felt sore. .
The middle of her thighs burned as though someone had forced something in

Fear gripped her..She blinked back the tears that threatened to drop
The throbbing pain in her head increased.
She raised her hand to her was damp..more than damp it was wet..
Out of curiousity she rubbed the wet area and brought her hand back to the front of her face ..Her eyes widened when she realised. .it was red…soaking wet and dripping through her fingers in deep cloats

She must have fallen and hitten her head..
That was her first thought
But out in the middle of nowhere
She closed her steady herself
She felt dizzy again but she needed to be awake and call for help

She opened her mouth to scream for help but her voice failed her ..
It felt sore and cracked as though she was screaming for hours
Her throat felt patch and she was dehydrated. .she licked her lips and winced almost immediately. .
She tasted blood..her mouth was swollen and she raised her hand to touch her lips…
Tears filled her eyes again..
Each side of her mouth was sliced though she had run into a sharpened blades-Saw mouth on..

Her hands shook slightly.
She dragged herself. .Each move she winced with pain..her insides felt bloated
She looked back..she realised she left a trail at wake
She turned away..she pulled and dragged herself down the darkened alley
Blood dripping down her head ..covering her eyes..her mouth filled with bile…her legs..weak and feeble…her inner thighs soared with pain imaginable …
And her mind a fog of mist

Where am I
What happened to me
Who did this to me
How have I deserved this
Why did they leave me for dead..

This questions played in her head like words of poetry
Confusing yet precise
She dug into the dark recluse of her mind
She didn’t mind the pain
Every bruised pull through the hardened rocky surface of the earth. .she welcomed the pain
She adjusted and allowed it fill her
It rebirthed her
It accept her
It gave her a purpose
A mission
A revenge
A dark heart

And with that..
Each pull turned into a crawl
Each drag welcomed all fours
And with a renewed strenght
The sound came from within
It emanated from her tummy
Feeling her lungs
And with an outcry
Louder than the howling of mountain wolf
More shrill than the cry of a warrior eagle
Her mouth opened .. it sounded as though like a wail of a wounded animal
Shuddering the peace of those who heard
Shattering the windows into tiny perfect slices
Peircing her ears causing blood to sprout out in two precise directions
Her eyes clouded into a misty icy black
And with that force. .it threw her..
As though hit by a lightening bolt..
Her form slouched into a ball.
Head between her legs..
And when she gained herself
Her head cleared..
Her memories flooded a hurricane
And one by one every shred of memory of the night before played out…just like a scene of a horror movie
Every figure
Every smell
Every reason
Every act

She slowly rises up..standing on her own two feets unwavering,clear -eyed,focused and sure
She knew where she was
And how how she got here
And remembered all
And where she needed to go
And why
A smile played tentatively at the corners of her sliced mouth
And the only words that could be heared in the cold eerie night of the darkened alley in which she woke up to..
And left for dead
Barely a few minutes ago
Was the sound of her laughter ..and words spoken in bitterness

“You lot should have killed me..
Now there is no saving you. .”..

She walked into the night…
The hissing of the slightering creature that curled around her ankle didnt bother her..
It’s bite wasn’t even felt..

“I already died..your venom is well received”… before she crushed it’s head with her hands. .

It was a cold night

People say they saw a woman ..After they heard a loud Peircing scream come out of a darkened alley..
Wearing little to be seen..
She walked through the cold night..
And the night was as silent as a grave as if they too knew something evil and strange walked among them..
And the dangers of the night knew when to be quiet…because she who lurks in the night was more evil than what they once knew….

The Banshee!


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