Wordporn-Series. 2



Friendship is like an ever flowing river they say
No one ever mentioned the tides and waves that threatens to disrupt a fountain of peace built over a mountain of strong forte

Nor tries to explain how the love and inseparable bond of tranquility and of pure  undiluted stronghold is ruptured by tiny little misgivings.. which thus magnify into an explosive volcanic mess
Leaving the flowered garden that once  sprouted with roses and smell of sweetened honey to become that of a barren land of waste and maze ..
Causing a ript between souls that were once bonded to being strangers of a far away galaxy never again to walk on thesame path..share the same will nor forever be each other’s guide.

What ever happened to such innocent souls..
Such friendship. .
Life is a mystery my friend..
Even the waters cant cover the earth despite its subtleness



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