Devil! Man’s Favourite Fall Guy!!




The constant daily accusations that descended to him was becoming a thing of worry..
He couldnt get much sleep this days. .
His head was in a constant state of buzz…the ringing in his ears as every earthling call his name was like an eternity of sorrowful serenade..

Well. …He should be glad. Well he kinda is but sometimes he would like to take credit for what he does..and they should man up and take certain responsibilities for their own actions…

He gets it…Sometimes he muses to himself.
He is the big black or maybe red horned  man with a giant fire red fork with fangs for teeth…
Well atleast that’s the way people perceive him to be…
Tell the kids bedtime stories to scare them to sleep…
It was hilarious you see…
Some nights when he is bored stiff and needs a little ease..
He picks up the kids stories books of him and laughs at the caricature he was drawn into….
“Awww….aren’t they such sweet lil darlynes”…
But he allows them have their fun..for now
For when they grow up…
They would realise that I look like them..
Their everyday people. .and that would be when the fun begins. ..He would snicker and fade into the night..

But that wasn’t His major worry..
One day he was on his way to cause some major distraction…and he passed by this men…Two friends
One of them had gotten the job both of them applied for and he was the lesser of the brilliant one.
Maybe it was luck or maybe the Big Guy Up there probably sprinkled some favour dust on him..
So he jogs back…the other one was excitedly jumbing up and down and the other one was congratulating him but his heart was bleeding..

I care you see..
So I wisper into his ears..
“That job should have been yours. .but not to worry. ..maybe he might have an accident and die and they call you to take his place or maybe they find out that he cheated or a might get it…who knows. .think…hope waits for no man…even the good book says ..”violence taketh it by force “.?,
And I continue on my way..

So it beats him..that a few hours or so later…He hears it as clearly as the siren …
“It was the devil….the devil made me do it”..
So he leaves the comfort of his Hell Manson and takes a little drive to the scene of chaos ..
And he sees the favoured guy…
Lying on his own pool of blood..and his friend been handcuffed by a certain uniform people. ..
And he kept saying almost hysterically 

” I didnt mean to do it…the devil made me do it ..its not my fault “…

Ok…and he wonders to himself. ..

“I gave you the knife and told you to stab him?  He shakes his head..Laughing. .

“Bro you evil. Admit it . You bad off your friend and now you blaming it on me.
I mean…c’mon..
I would love to take this on me..well because am evil..I live for destruction ..for pain..for sorrow ..I am happy with the chaos of the distraught world …while the Big Guy Up there is everything good and divine ..I am the opposite of such goodwill….but sometimes…you guys act on your own freewill..

Oh wait…because I said what…gave you ideas???
Just because I say the fire looks good on you doesn’t mean you throw yourself into the burning furnace. .
Or that your child’s brain would give your mother’s tiles some beautiful designs you then go ahead to smash your three year old with a sledge hammer….
Ah mean…because I tell you that I like a game of chess you carry guns and play James bond with people’s lives on a Friday while people prayed, played or iono taking a piss….”…

“Well I guess there is a reason the good book says…the heart of man is desperately wicked”…”And you my friend are an artist..such good art work ”

He keeps laughing as he walks away…leaving the scene behind..

You see…why it baffles him so much is that. .
Not a day goes by without people calling his name to accuse him for what he did….which is awesome by the have so many hurts and sorrows is bae…
But when he didn’t exactly lift a finger but they do it on their own…they blame him anyways…
Well he accepts in good faith…more grease to his elbow…
His Cv Is piling up. ..
His reputation proceeds him..even to the generations unborn…

He places a call to his agents. ..
“Yes boss”..his gate keeper answers

He clears his throat. ..
“Tell the room keeper to arrange some more rooms…chains and increase the fire AC…we are expecting guests”….He could hear the glee of joyful chants…He drops the call and smiles menacing. .

Oh since that fateful day he got thrown out of the heavens. was a huge fall..
He sure missed that place..
So much white…
The pearly gates…
The love peace and tranquillity. .

He sighed..
Ah mean…why would all the love and praises go to one when it could go around…

Why would the Big Guy be the father alone and have so much awesomeness. .

Well ok…He had to admit..

But he couldn’t help but be jealous..
And now he got kicked out and sent down…
And now he revenges to make sure no mortal enjoys all the good thing the big guy has laid out perfectly for them…and he would take as many people to his Hell Manson with him to stay for eternity ..
Let the Big Guy be alone with his angels and his saints and be forever in purity..
Where is the fun without a little dirty…

He laughed…checking out himself in his rearview mirror. .
He used to be a great singer..
A beautiful man..

Now he goes by many names…
Which by the way is awesome..

He pulls out a long unending list of to-do-list..
“Alot of atrocities to do..
So little time”…
He ticks his next mission and starts the engine. ..but stops and stares into nothing in particular. .

“You know my favourite name? …

“Wait lemme re-introduce  myself “..

“My name is the devil :man’s favourite fall guy”..

He tips his hat..which protruded the two horns and laughed and laughed while he zoomed off into the world to do that only which he dreams to…

“Plan to take all over the world “..

Even pinky and the brain would have to sit this one out..



2 thoughts on “Devil! Man’s Favourite Fall Guy!!

  • Enjoyed this thoroughly.

    Of course, writing like this should get more attention. It’s brilliant. You’re brilliant. If someone was murdered, for instance, in a heinous way. A way certain to make the news.

    And above the body, written in blood, was the URL of your site.

    Everyone would see your brilliance and your writing would finally get the attention it deserves.

    Of course that will never happen. At least, not by chance.

    • Thank you fictionalkevin for stopping by and taking out time to read. I appreciate it and for the enlightenment. . I do hope one day maybe I would be lucky enough to be able to be in that spotlight where everyone gets to see and fully appreciate my work. Fingers crossed. Thank you for your awesome compliment. Getting to be called a brilliant writer Is a early Christmas gift on itself..I like. Lol. Plz continue to stop by..don’t be a stranger

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