Wordporn-Series 4


The thoughts in my head move in a zigzag motion..
My heart palpate against my chest..
My mouth begin to form words even I couldnt stop but comprehend. .
” I miss you so much..
I miss your laugher..
Your smiles..
Your imperfect imperfections
I miss that I complete you..
And you make me whole
I miss all that you are that made me happy..
But I don’t miss all that you did that made me what i am now. .
A ghost of my former self..
Scared to love
Scared to believe
Scared to trust
Scared to follow you back into that ….nest of love
Maybe it’s just a Web of lies
How do I know..
How can I tell..
But the matters of the heart…
Is much more…
It’s confusing and never predictable
I hate what you did..
But God knows I love and miss you still.

#wordpornseries. .


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