Awwwn It’s Christmas Already! !!!



I woke up to the sounds of fireworks and knock – outs that sounded like basukas. ..
I felt the vibrations even as I lay in bed..
And I knew it has begun..

And I know what follows next..
It’s just 3: 37 am in the morning and am bright eyed…
I knew I wasn’t getting much sleep anymore…
I hate to think the  occupants of the houses opposite the constant noise was doing..I sure as hell ain’t doing too good..
But hey..on the brighter side. ..

“ITS CHRISTMAS MORNING”….I squealed in the confines of my bed…

I flipped over and turned on the TV.  And as expected…the Christmas songs filled the room…
I flipped through channels. ..Christmas holiday and carols and the birth of Awesome amazing baby jesus there…Aahhhh. .. Bliss.

I picked up my phone. .and composed dearly Christmas messages to my family and friends.  I wanted to be one of the first to wish them a #MerrybeautifulChristmas..
Ah the excitement of getting alot back..
So much love was unexplainable. .

I turned back on my tummy and stared at nothing in particular..
My thoughts went to that night..
So many thousand  years ago..
Decades Unpon decades. ..
Centuries and what not ..

The barn..
The smell of animals…
The brightened sky filled with thousands of stars but one or two shinning brightly…directing the three wise men to where he must be..bearing gifts to bow and drop at his feet
The mother…sweet virgin Mary. .
And her baby boy. .
A child born a king..without all the royals and sirens. .
Joseph in awe…looming over his family like a protective shield. .
And the father..The most high .smiling down on his beloved gracious son..
While the angels above danced and sang in beautiful serenades
“The king is born
Emmanual is here
Son of the father..
Father to his children..
Hallelujah Amen!!!

“The one that will bring kings to their knees
The one that would be the savior of you and me…
The one that everyone who comes to him will live
The one that every human once saved will be with for eternity. ..”

So many thousand nights ago..
A king was born..
Born into this world of chaos and destruction. .but whose birth came to right all wrongs. ..

The only child born a king and a king who was a child without the formalities of what we know..before standing on his own two feets
Whose throne transcends throughout time..
Never ending..
Never disappearing..
Forever living… terrifyingly awesome ..

I could go on and on…
But eternity won’t be enough to give him all the praises that he desires..I sighed..
A smile breaking from my face and my lips formed the words..

“Happy Birthday king Baby Jesus…
Father of all…God of divine beauty
You are totally and amazingly awesome are the reason for the season.  Forgive me that i haven’t thanked you enough for being a wonderful father…friend..lover..protector..provider. deliverer..and amazingly awesome.”..
Help me to put a smile on your face too..
By doing all that pleases you…kisses God…I hope the host and angels of heaven are singing you beautiful love songs in your name??…that would be something…”…I smile

In a couple of minutes I probably would be knee deep in the the activities of what the morning brings..
Family and friends would swing by too..
Food and drinks and the love would be multiplied…

Oh such lovely atmosphere. ..I so can’t wait..I squeal again in helpless delight…

Awww. ..its Christmas morning..and all I feel is love and I have so much to give out…

So here’s me wishing you luvlies a merry merry beautiful Christmas. .
Yes you…you reading this. ..
You have been awesomely amazingly..
It’s been a long tasking year..
Am glad we  areall here to celebrate the beautiful season. .
And the reason for the season which is “kindBabyJesus” as well..
And don’t forget to spread the love around…
There is no greater love than showing it not only to people you know..but also yoy people you don’t. .be a blessing to others other than yourself. ..put a smile in ones face…”love one another God says…just as I have loved you..”

Its about that time people. .
Let’s do this…

SWEETNESS got nothing but love for you. .kisses



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