When the flu comes knocking ..

I thought I was a ninja. .skillfully dodging through the flying flu affecting everyone around me in twos..
I must have skipped it around noon..
Everyday since the bloody moon..gave me a sarcastic glow ..affecting me ..surrounding me like a blood thirsty goon..

Now when the day was ending…
I was happy as a bee..
Glad of my mad innate skills..
While everyone had a cloth of different colours..flaring their nostrils ..turning redder ..while they eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets..

I laughed and laughed feeling I was untop of the world..
I am invincible I cheered .
I even managed to throw in some steps to emphasis my glee..
But apparently. ..I should have known..

There was no way I was going to miss this voluntary flu -giveaway..
While I laid in bed..nodding to the beats from a rock song..I felt it crawling..from my insides..the chills gave me goosebumps..and then my eyes began to increase in size ..The same time my chest rose in the process of heaving…and  I knew. .I knew…I was human Afterall. .
Right before Mr Sniffles came with its entire shebang. …” Ah Ah Ah ahhhhh….Achurmmmm !!!

And I heard them laugh …a loud hearty throaty laughter….the tears in my eyes was an indication that I joined in the laughter too..


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