Trouble comes climbing into the Bus!!!


Trouble comes climbing…..

Tissue had become my constant companion.  I carried it with me everywhere like it meant more to me…than my phone…but ofcos that’s not true…my phone is Bae..If it somehow left me..I would literally disappear into oblivion…and that would be the end of the world. .but we arent talking about my sleek awesome technology  now are we…? Of course not…back to it shall we….??..
Kool. .

So while I clutched the white thing to my chest…heaving unstoppable sneezes and coughs…I had to always shield my nose from the abrupt threatening of not so welcoming catarrh. I don’t soil my cute embroidered top somewhat. .

I boarded the was a 2-3 hours long trip. But I was more concerned about the throbbing pain in my head..and the constant wobbling of the bus would just accelerate the pain I braced myself. .

After I had seated comfortably ..shying away from the open windows…barracated myself between a woman and her 12 year old daughter and another lady who had eyes popping out slightly from their sockets…I didnt think it would be a bad ride..

Untill she came in..abit chubby on her feet…her outburst made me turn my head to see the reason for her bellowing ..

“You mean it’s for this bus we are paying over a thousand naira for??
This ugly looking bus?….she asked looking at everyone in the bus waiting for a one answered but just stared at her. .As did I. ..I had my own problems. .why compound it with nothing. .

” I should gone  to ABC and paid a little over this amount and get the comfort I need…not this…”…she said…checking out the inside and the outside if the bus..

“Ok. ..I know it’s none of my business but you still have time to go back for a refund and get on with it..standing there complaining while keeping us stagnated at this point just because you can’t make a decision is annoying “…was at the tip of my tongue. 

You see she was the last person to fill the remaining vacant seat…

After a little more shagara and yarnings. ..she sighed and climbed in..
Then I heard it..

‘Mtchewwww…After the plenty talk na you carry yourself enter. ..
All this women that like to be forming anyhow..
Why you no go the ABC na…
Come here they waste person time. Oga come move this motor jor….mtchewwww!!

Everyone laughed. I smiled. She pretended not to hear. Atleast she kept quiet..I was thankful. I needed the peace..what usually follows after which would  be too much for my throbbing head. I closed my eyes. .Resting my head on the head of the seat infront of me..

“Ouch”…was my exclamation
I looked down…a box with rough edges was doing a number around my ankles…
“Ohk that wasn’t there before. .”..
I look back…and I stare right into her eyes…she looks back unflinching…

I concluded…
She knew what she did.

“Am sorry..but do you mind…my skin is about to peel off…can you please move out that box…??”

“Its disturbing me.”…she replied..Adjusting in her seat.

‘Ohk. Before you was perfect where ever it was. While you entered it was ok. But this isn’t a luxurious bus..why would you want to stretch your legs out as though you are sunbathing in the beach. .thus inconveniencing me? ?

She stares at me. Then turns away..

“Madam can you please fold your legs and please move the box. .its hurting me…Really!!”..

“Ehh it will disturb me too..I can’t fold my legs. I paid for seat too..”

Which kain wahala be this one eh?? I though to myself. .
I had enough on my plate
my head was threatening to tear off
My nose was bleeding catarrh
I was coughing and sneezing..
Even the cute guy infront of me I couldnt talk with because I looked worse for wear….and I didn’t want to be cleaning my drooling nose and coughing between talks…and he was smiling and eyeing me …
And  now this lady was here to just make my day more worse than it is..

“Madam ….Please can you move the box atleast a little …so we both can have have a little comfort..’….i felt the sharp pain that made me wince…I woundnt be suprised if I did bleed eventually. .
My anger was boiling. ..

‘See young girl…don’t tell me anything. .
If you can’t stay there and be quiet…come down.
Mtchewwww “…..she rolled her eyes..and stretched even more..hurting me more than before

The pain was searing.
Ohk I did ask nicely didnt I.
I closed my eyes briefly and opened them..turning back in order to take a good look at her..
Ohhh….she was the devil’s spawn. .out to curse trouble…
Tufuakwa! ! I won’t fall for her trap..
My blessings must ne complete this 2015 oh. ..

I noticed the entire occupants had also turned…listening to the exchange..watching ..waiting. …The car hadn’t even begun to move. .even the driver paused….agolso waiting for what to happen next…..

I squinted my eyes..
She flared her nostrils at me
I coughed…she stared at me
I cleaned my drolling nose….she looked disgusted….

That’s it!!
With my entire little strenght I had..
I shoved the Box backwards…with force. .
The exclamation of “jesu” was priceless..
I smirked…
She turned red.
‘Bring it on old lady”….I dared…
“Nicely done”…I heard them cheer…

She look around …apparently no one was on her side. .
She held her throbbing toes…eyeing me
“That’s what it feels like….do you like..
We can continue all trip long…’…I dared her ..
Sick or no sick..
I will not be bullied…

Without another word..
She folded her legs…
Adjusting the box..
And said…

“Driver you no go do your work…
Na car you dey drive abi na looky-looky you won do??

“Driver there if this lady doesn’t come down we go all come down…”…

He thought about it for a second

“Because of her we are still here..
She has already quarreled with one passanger. .
Now she done face you…
God knows what other thing she has to make this trip an unbearable one..??

‘See no one can make me come down you here…
I sitdown gidibaaa!!!
Come and force me down if you can…

She  didnt complete her words ..
The driver jumbs down from the front seat and runs to the side of the car and in one swift move…He jerks her out…

Her protest fell on deaf ears..
He refunds her her money and gives her her bag. ..

And everyone chants  “Go to ABC…
“Go share your trouble there….”…

And the cheering and clapping was deafening. ..
The bus zoomed off leaving the lady in a cloth of dust…
I should be sorry for her but I wasn’t. .
She was trouble..
The warm laughter allowed me to sink back into my calm self…
And I look back up..
Fighting a feat of cough…
Blew a mountain of catarrh in my tissue…
And I felt a soft tap to my shoulders ..

The weather can be nasty…The flu has been going around…hang in there..
By the way. ..Am Thomas. ..
And you are???….

He had such welcoming smile and warm eyes…
I knew the journey was going to be a good one despite my sicky-sicky self..I smiled  back at him…



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