Darkside 9…



I woke up to the sound of keys ..
And the shuffling of feets. .
Then I felt him toweling over me

My head still hurts big time ..but I felt more Sane than I did for a long while
I had built a little strenght while i laid on the floor…I didnt move. .not even a muscle…I felt his hard stare on my back..I held my breath..

He stood there for a minute..then he left me going into the bathroom
Returning with a bucket and a cloth to clean the mess..
He had to use a torch. .not wanting to turn on the light…

When he bent he peered into my face. .
Probably checking to see if I trully was asleep..
I gave a little snort for emphasis..
He picked up the glass…returning a few minutes later with a full glass of juice. .
Pulling me up into a sitting position..
He shook me awake..

“Hey sweatpea. .
Wakeup..you need to drink something. .
Come on. .open your mouth for us hmm’..

His breath smelt of stale beer..
Bob don’t drink beer..
His hands felt callused and bruised..
Bob’s hands felt soft and warm..
He sounded slightly different…and looked and smelt different. .
And my senses began to pick up certain vibes that I hadn’t felt before..

My eyes were closed shut  ..
When he tried to force the drink down my throat. .
My eyes flew open..While my lips thinned together refusing to open up
Our faces were a few inches  apart from each other..
The light of the torch faintly showed the features of his face..

Cold eyes..
Straight nose..
Wryly smile played tentatively along his lips. .
And an unknown face stared back at me

My heart caught in my chest..
“This is not Bob’…a voice screamed in my head..

I hit the glass away with the strenght in my right hand…falling to the ground. .

“You are not Bob..
Who the hell are you..
What have you been doing to me?’

I crawled back away from him..scared..

“Come here Maggie. .
It’s me Bob. .
You need to drink this..it would make you relaxed..you have been ill..am taking care of you baby”…

I winced when he called me “baby” like that..
“Who the hell are you..
Where is Bob..
You aren’t Bob..
Get out off my house..
I will scream….
I will scream. ….”….I repeated. .

He kept quiet for a full minute..
Then he got up…
Strolled over to the chair and sat down..
In the faint glow of the torch..
I saw him smile..then he began to laugh ..
A deep throated laughter..
The chills that ran up my spine was enough to feel the cold hand of death playing in the hide. .

“You stupid cunt”..
“Stupid stupid cunt..
But it’s okay…glad you finally came to..
I always wanted you to be sane for all of this..
You should have drank that juice..
Atleast you woundnt have felt a thing…
But now..
Am so going to enjoy finishing up you stupid cunt”…

“What did I ever do to you..”…my voice came Inbetween tiny sobs..

“Well for one..
I was completely obsessed with you. .
Your smile. .The way you walked and talked..
What was there not to love. .
Everyone likes a little Maggie you know..
And you my princess was one of a kind beauty..

“I always liked my girls decent..but you were not just decent. .you kept me awake most nights. ..
Ohh the things I wanted to do with you. .
I wanted you to be my queen..
My everything. .”

“Am sure you don’t remember the first day we met..
About a year ago..
I had just moved into town..
Having a horrible day..
And while everyone was shirty to me. .
You came like the sun rays smiling down at me…
Asking me if I was okay..
And I fell inlove instantly …
I wanted you all to myself…

“From that day..
I hoped and prayed you would look at me and love me back..
But you were just being nice..
You were always nice. .
To everyone. ..and yet I thought I was special. .
But that was fine. .

“You see…I had had my own share of bads. .Every girl I ever loved always didnt love me back..
Wanted nothing to do with me..and that always makes me go crazy..
Crazy enough to make them pay for making me feel worthless. .
Pay with pain and tears and death. .’..

“You are crazy…!”
“Maybe that’s why no one loved you..
“You are a sadistic prick’…..I choked out the words…

He laughed..
“I have been called worse..
But you ..you could have changed me..
You see…
I wanted to be your man..to love and protect you. .
I knew your story..I knew you stayed away from men because they hurt you and I wanted to be the one to love you. .

“To touch you and do all the things right with you. I didnt want you to end up like all the women I killed…I had so many good things planned for us..
And then you went and ruined it”…

“Ruined what..
I don’t understand. ..
I don’t even know you. ..”.. I didnt understand what he was saying…curled up I stared at him…He was the devil surely

“You and your twannny friends go out and you have been ok being by yourself ..and I was going to make my move and come talk to you and tell you how I feel. .
But you end up ending up with a random asshole from the club and next thing you are rolling in the sheets and letting him do you three ways to Sundays. ..
Bathroom , kitchen , bedroom..everywhere while I watched. ..
Yes..i have a camera in every room..
I got it installed. ..
I was your maintenance guy..
Your electrician..
Your painter..
I know…i know..

I was a different face and accent for every occasion.
You too trusty little wrench..
While I sat in my apartment and watched him ride you like he owned you
i wanted to rip his heart out…and feed it to you…
I wanted to make him pay for touching you when I coudnt even touch you. .
I wanted to make sure he suffered in the most cruellest way possible and I wanted to make you suffer for loving someone else other than me..’..

“What did you do to Bob? ?…I was even scared to ask..my entire insides recoiled…

“Oh Bob? ?
Let’s just say Bob won’t be bothering us..
Besides…He has been a good sport hasn’t he??”..

“What do you mean?….
What did he mean…
I looked around the room..
Hoping to get some understanding..
I was going crazy..
This isn’t real
Kidnapped in my own home
By a stranger who hated me for being with a man
Did I just walk into a horror movie?

He gets up…crunching low infront of me..
I pulled back..
He picks up the scattered beef on the ground…

“He has been your daily feed. .I bet you enjoyed eating him as much as you enjoyed fucking him….”…

“Oh no!!!!…….I felt the retching coming up again…

“Oh yes Maggie. ..
I cut him up into tiny little pieces one day at a time..I cooked his heart and testicles. ..abit of his thighs…shredded his tongue and cut up his ears. .his dick wasn’t left out…and I feed them to you…”

“No no no no no no…..”…I shook my head side to side…
Tears pouring out from my eyes…

“That’s a lie…”
I wanted to die.
I wanted to puke my entire insides out
I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me..

“You are a sick liar..
I don’t believe you. ..”…I screamed blocking my ears with my hands…

“Oh yeah??”..
He reaches out and pulls me by my collar. ..half dragging me on the floor..
My struggling did  nothing to him…
He was strong. .

He put on the light as we go..
I noticed the windows were shielded with dark steel with equally dark cloths..
As though someone remodeled my house..to keep the noise in and the noise out..

He stopped infront of my guest room..kicking the door open..He pulled me after him.. heading to .the toilet..

“Wait for it sugar plum. .’..he smiled and open the door..

There on the floor..
Laid what remained of him
Body parts of the man I had begun to love..
Bob my lover..
Sweet sweet happy Bob. .

Tears ran down my eyes..
I put my hand in my mouth to force out the bile rising. .
He..The man standing infront of me..
Forces my hand away…

“Nah ah..Maggie dear..
How do you like my work..
messy eh??
Come on…
You enjoyed eating him…so please don’t choke on my account ‘…He taunted me. .

“I guess you are wondering why the flies haven’t swamped the whole place??
It’s because am smart..
Chemicals did the trick..
Got it from my good buddy. .
Same buddy who mixed the concoction I have been feeding you with too..Then I left him at the bottom of the ocean..He hate to leave a trail.

“Oh..you didn’t know..
Ofcourse you didnt..”..
He dragged me back to the living room
I felt numb from shock..

“Oh…it made you weak and submissive to me..
I knew there was no way I could have you unless that. ..but god I wish it was the entire way around..
But after you had been with dead meat over there..
I hated you too..
So I didn’t care …
I was going to kill you anyways. .might as well have the fun I so forever craved. .

“Two drops of the liquid in your food everyday..
And 3 tabs of another  in your juice..
Kept you not entirely in a vegetable state but…in and out of what I call “senseless reality ‘…
“You were aware of what was going on around you but didn’t understand. .
But would be weak and powerless to all that I do
Paralysis was a big chance..
Hallucinations and …
What else. .oh..horny. ..abit of Spanish fly was added…my own  very suggestions “…..He snickered

“Oh you taste really good..
Thinking about your soft skin underneath me…makes me want to do you right here right now..
But whenever am having you I imagine him and hear you moaning and him groaning and I see your face through the camera and I want to thrust you till you bleed…
Bite your skin…pull at your hair..and make sure you scream out in pain and beg me to continue..

Vivid visions of his sexual abuse play in my head..
My visions blurred the more..
Oh god! !

“Oh Maggie. ..you made me do it you little slut..
I would have made you happy..
But all I want now is to make you pay like I made him pay..
And that’s why am here…
I need to purge you out of my system. .
And be done with you.
I have had my feel…and believe me it was worth it
Now you must die..just like rest of them..
Those girls who never loved me but picked someone instead of me..
I will kill you all….

“Help will come…
You won’t get away with this..
You are a sick twisted sex maniac and you deserve to die for every one of those girls you have ruined and killed. ..”…i spat out
I backed away when he came towards me…

Crawling to the kitchen ..
Finding something …anything to defend myself against Him

“Come on Maggie. .
Know one knows anything
It’s been over a week
No one cares about you. ..
And you would be dead and i would be long gone before anyone suspects a thing ..and trust me I would enjoy killing you…”..

I began to scream …and loud as my lungs could carry..

“Baby…no one can hear you. .
Am good at being cautious..
Scream as much as you want..
How do you like your new remodeled house..
Noiseproved. ..
I could bring the party here and no one would hear a thing…”

My eyes darted to the phone…
“Oh…I took the liberty to disconnect you…hope you don’t mind..”..

“Now…you turning me on…and I like to have you now…I want to feel you fight me as I plung into you..
I want to feel the walls of your virgina Contract  and tighten around my little boy..
I want to have your nails claw into my skin while I thrust you hard till you scream my name. .
I want to shatter you with my essence as I let go like a volcanic rise. ..
I want you to look into my eyes..while I enjoy you like I deserve to…”..

And with two full strides he made me  for me..
My kicking and slapping him and screaming only turned him on the more..

Hard he slammed me ontop of my dinning table..
And in one quick move…pinning me down with one hand..He unbelts himself..dropping his jeans. .

“Yes..fight me Maggie. .
Scream. .kick…fight me”…

“Stop stop..
Please. Stop! !
Oh God .help me..
Somebody please help me”…

He pulls me …
Pinning me down…
I didnt realise I was naked underneath  the dress I wore untill now..

‘I always wanted you prepared and ready for me..
I hate ro fuzz over underwears
Too much fussing kills it for me you know!!”

Raising up my cloth. .
Spreading my Legs..Slapping me into submission..
A blow to my thighs. .

“Fight me Maggie. .
Ah yes…!!”…

Oh god please pleas pleas. .

And with one quick thrust he entered me..
A plung I felt as though he was going to come out of my back..
My hands pinned above me head..
My legs aching from the blows..
And he thrusting and thrusting. .
Groaning and moaning…
Looking into my eyes filled with a mountain of overflowing tears…
I didnt  realise how long he went for..
His breaths came in short and fast.
He constant licking his lips and rolling his eyes
I shut my own eyes and blocked my mind
I didnt want to feel. .hear or smell a thing
At a moment. .I felt completely numb..
I turned my face away..
I stopped struggling because it was pointless…
I stopped crying because my tears felt cold
I just stayed still…
and let him..
It this was how hell felt like..
Then I knew this was my worst nightmare. ..

“Kill me now’….i muttered under my breath. ..
He groaned like a wild lion…
Expelling his seed inside of me..
Falling on my body with his weight…
I felt him grow soft inside of me..
While his breathing slowly went back to normal..

“Kill.me now ‘…..i repeated

“My sweet Maggi. ..
With all pleasure “…

And so I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable. ..

“No one is coming. .
Death take me now…
I welcome you. ……..”…



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