Argh!! The nasty flu



“Archummm!!!”..I covered my mouth from the abrupt sneeze which lacked every form of respect to even say please …

I noticed they turned up their noses ..backing away a few feets.

Ok I get it..
But it’s a nasty cold ..
Not as if I got the dreaded disease and they were scared to get even a whiff of it..
But I get it..
But don’t be acting like am carrying the strangest thing..
I am not the plague damnit! !
But I get it..

I shrugged.
I was in the market you see..
I needed to get a few things .
I hadn’t had much strenght to do my shopping during the week..

So I busied myself checking out an item or the other..
Feeling my basket..
Paying for this and that..

Then I got to her..
Her table looked fresh. .
The sight of red ..strong fresh tomatoes called out to me..
Perfect washed clean carrots..
I eyed them..

“How much are’am??

“25o for a pale of each…
How much of it do you want??

I cleaned a drool running down  from my nose …
My tissue always came in handy for times like this..I avoided touching the tempting fruits

“Two pale each please..
Have you got pepper…yellow pepper to add to the blend??

She gets up packing my items in a small bag..

“Yes I do miss…”
‘Perfect”… I said fishing in my bag for money

The bag had an opening and thus it tore spilling to the ground ..

“Oh dear lawd! !!…
I exclaimed..

“Oh my’…she bends retrieving each fruit from.the muddy earth. ..

Getting another bag and putting them inside..

That’s not right. .

“Am sorry ma’am..Erm. .can’t you dipp it into the water first. .you.know to wash away the muddiness? ?…

I didnt like the look of.mud covering my fruits. ..
The idea of sauce and white rice with shredded chicken and  beef was all I planned to eat tonight. ..

“No need miss…its just sand…
She cleaned it against her apron and showed it to me. ..


I didnt see but I nodded..
No harm done..

Then she coughed. .Once. .
I didnt flinch..
What’s a little cough

And she coughed again…
She needs to get a cough syrup or something. ..

In.less than one minutes her coughs tiny feats…

‘Awww ma you got the flu too..
It’s apparently going around…
Here you need a tissue? ?”…

I asked offering her mine..
Just incase she needed to blow her nose or free her throat from congestion..

You see I could relate..

She shakes her head telling me no..
But she had something in her mouth. .
She immediate clears her throat..
And snorts loudly..

I heard it before I saw it..
She turns to that same ground that my veggies and fruits were just picked up just moments ago..and dumps the thickest ..yuckiest…nose – throat catarrh. ..that I had ever Seen

Thick Okro and ogbono mixed together without water couldnt have done a number on it…

It dangled thickly from her mouth as she struggled to expelled it from her throat..
When it refused to drop..
She uses her fingers like a scizzors to slice it. .

I followed it decent..
Aghast and shocked..rocked to my spot as I stood transfixed…

It’s thick slimmy yucky form played shyly in midair before dropping to the muddy earth. ..

And she Steps on it…as though shuffling her feets about to do the moonwalk…and spreads it around the thin muddy earth…blending it..
Thickness and sand…and water. ..

Once done..
She turns back to me. .
With the same hand..
Washes it inside the boil of water she had my items..
Continued bagging it..

I blinked one..
Twice and thrice..
I didnt need to tell you I was speechless. .
Lose for words..

And I imagined myself in my kitchen. .
And each spoon filled with thick mucky yuckyness. ..

I gulped. .

Recollecting myself. .

“Here pleas. ..that would be a 1000 bucks”…

She handed my bagged items to me..

I knew I got the flu..
I would hate anyone to turn their nose up jusy because I sneeze a couple. ..
But this was dirty and I ain’t taking that with me..

I turn my own nose up..
Backing away as though she handed me the very plague..

Murmured something nonsensical and disappeared into the crowd..

Her confused expression didnt bother me one bit..

Even certain flus tend to protect itself from such dirtyness. .

I decided to take my chances with cornflakes…

I boarded a quick cab back home..
I wondered what to do to purge  my head from the scene from the market..

This would take a long time getting rid off..

I ewwwd!!



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