RED ..5



Dravena watched her sisters in disgust as they chatted happily..
Talking and laughing..fuzzing over Beverlyn ‘ s pretty dress..

Which was made out of peach cotton sunflowers. …she made especially for herself for this special day..

Today was her wedding day and everyone was excited safe for Dravena. .

Beverlyn twirled to the delight of Susanahr. .who clapped and cheered her..
“You look absolutely divine sister “..

“Oh I do don’t I? ?

“Yes you do look breathtaking dear sister …your groom will be pleased’

They laughed.

Beverlyn did look beautiful..but she would be the last one to admit it..

Dravena had always been a kill joy.
She hated when everyone was happy..
She hated to see them happy..
She hated the sound of her sisters cherry voices. .
Or her mother’s smothering. .
Or her father’s petting. .

She hated that her elder sister Susanahr fell inlove and married two score years ago..with a tiny babe in her arms..
Who cried more than he smiled

She hated kids…running around and always carefree..
Happy like a bee…she wished she could choke him to death ..with a smile on her face and watch her sister cry her heart out.

She hated that her sisters were content to live in wanting and in need on a daily.

She hated that she was still here unmarried while her sisters have found the love they need.

She hated that her mother was loving and kind and always told her everything was for a reason.

Her mother was such a good heart..her father was divine and her sisters were angels if she wanted to classify them..
But yet she hated them with every fibre in her being..

She wanted something more than being the daughter of a tin man..
The sister of the baker and the seamstress. .
The daughter of a woman who was a good – doer. .
Or a wife to a good man who would bore her to her death

She wanted to be respected and loved and revered and worshiped like the chosen one..The only one..Whose presence make everyone pause and stare..

Whose beauty was beyond compare..

She hated that her own beauty wasn’t even a match for the chosen one too..
She was a pretty girl..but she wasn’t enough

She hated her life..she Hated her family and she wished they all die..

Her hatred for her family and everything bad spurn from so many years ago..

As a child..
She has always craved the insatiable..
Fighting with other kids for what belonged to them

Hurting another to be happy..
Her mother had always had to apologise to other families..
Or coerced her two other daughters to give into her last daughters whims…
Because when Dravena needed something. one rests unless she got it..

But a defining hatred trully began for her family..when she was five years old..about twenty score years ago

The entire four clans were invited to join in and participate for the festival of the kinsmen..
And Dravena and her family were also especially invited as well…

They had arrived two hours later …sipping into the crowds of people and joining in the merriment of the evening…

While her father and her sisters went to stare at the dancing kins
Her mother held her hand and told her the stories of the clans and where they all meet…

She had only heard stories of the Macdiva god and it’s priestess and the elements…

She hadn’t for the life of her seen them up close.
But today…
At the entrance of the four clans gate
At the highest chair ..seated the Macdiva goddess or priestess as she was called..

They claimed she had lived over two hundred years already…Soon nearing her end..
They claim her line is immortal. ..yet how can it be?…

Dravena was intrigued..

“Mother tell me more”..implored..

She couldn’t understand how a old frail woman whose skin was fair and soft weild so much power from the gods…

She couldn’t understand how the gods can be selfish enough to pick her    when they can make everyone like her..

She needed to understand how she can be exactly like her..
Surely there must be something one can do..

Her mother shook her head ” No my little princes..
Macdiva goddesses aren’t made …they are born …
Specifically chosen one in every decade after a hundred years..
From a family of pure love . Peace  .and has no evil…”

Dravena thinks for a second and looks at her mother after reluctantly tearing her eyes away from the woman who wore white seated douching out blessings and incantations of long life and prosperity the people of the four clans ..

“But our family is good and pure and holds no evil…
Surely I should have being born one mother…Mayb I am…do you not agree???

Her mother takes her face in her hands…smiling down sadly at her..

“Oh sweatpea. are my choosen one. gods or no gods. But you weren’t picked..or chosen to be a Macdiva ”

“I must have done something wrong to be punished so mother. What does she possess that I don’t. .mother??

“Alot maybe why the gods can’t be questioned my child and you didn’t do something wrong. ..for your shoulders never bore the glow of the moon..
Nor do your eyes have a mixer of gold and blue…

“No my dear…The gods choose who they want and my baby it wasn’t you…nor your sisters …nor me…

“But I thank the gods for sparing us…
The life they live is a lonely path…
Despite such immense power…
No one to call their own to love and cherish them. .
But only to be worshiped and revered “…. her mother finished and walked away looking for her  father ..leaving Dravena to her thoughts..

‘The gods may have hated me…not to pick me…what did I do..what did we do??..”..

She watched in rapt attention…The goddess of Macdiva spoke with such authority …

Her messages from the gods supposedly were filled with truths..

Everyone bowed to her..
Worshiped her and gave her gifts. ..
She wanted to be her..
To hold such respect and be revered exactly the same way…

She looked finding a little child not more than her age…seated at her feet…
A girl..
Covered in white..
Touching slightly the mantle that the goddess of Macdiva held…

Despite she was so young…
The gold in her eyes sparkled..
Her right shoulder glowed…
And her beauty was breathtaking. ..

No one was allowed to talk or touch her..
She was to be the next goddess in a few years after the presiding goes to meet her maker..

She became envious  …
She wanted so much to be her…
She wished she could take her place.
But mother said they were born. .not made..

She left them with her heart in her hands..
Found her sisters dancing to the ballad of the gods..her father drinking ginger ale and laughing heartedly with a few friends…

But her mother was no where to be seen..
And so she set out roaming the fields get away from the choking scene. .
Happiness always made her sad. .
Especially when it wasn’t hers…
It annoys her..
It made her angry. .

And so she sat down at the foot of the tree…
Eating an apple she got of the apple tree..and then she heard them..
Talking …between the trees. .
The shadows of their bodies not exactly visible to be seen…

“Its been so long my queen..
Yet for you my heart bleeds…
How did I let you go…I still can’t believe…your body with me..always in my dreams ‘……

“Stop it …noble sir..that was scores of years ago..I am with my good sir..with three girls who i call my own..’

He laughed  ..

‘He that can’t give you all that you desire..
I would have made you a kins woman..and brought slaves to your feet. ..’..

‘Indeed…you would have. .but would you have kept my heart at peace ..
While I catered to your bed and your tummy fills…you had other loitering around crawling on their knees while you treated them with your kins fill…” her mother countered..eyes shining ..fist folded..

‘But only you did my heart bleed for. .
Those nights. .those passionate nights. ..that your good sir couldnt make you his…I was the only one who fulfilled your every need”.. He taunted her…bring her hands to his lips..kissing them one knuckles at a time…

“No other woman filled that void you created in my heart. ..for you I would have changed the stars. “…He searches her eyes…hoping his words did the trick

“That was your daily lie noble sir..
And one I lived in for too long..
Untill my good sir showed me what it meant to be trully loved ..not one who toiled with my heart because he had so many more to replace me with…”….she pulled away from his embrace ….

“I must go….
You mustn’t seek me out no more..
Our love ended when I married my good sir and bore him three girls…and he is a good man…and I love him”…

He laughed..

‘Then why do you shiver when I run my fingers down your shoulder arms..
Why quiver when my lips taste the nape of your neck..
Why close your eyes when I press me to your side…
Why moan when I touch the tip of my fingers to your thighs..??

“Those three girls should have been mine…bathed in luxury …while you my queen lived in perfect peace …
But you choose instead to rot with your good sir..
Come…my arms and my heart would welcome you still..
I will make the girls mine no tease .
I would give you a home and you will be filled and we shall continue to be …like we once was. .no clothing…no boundaries..just silk and skin. .’…He kisses her lightly..

After her mother comes up for air..
She pulled away from him .

“No noble sir..
I will not..
I rather rot with the good sir.who loves and lives for me..
Than be with the noble sir who just wants me between the sheets..
Goodbye. .do not seek me out again..or I will tell my good sir..and the Kinlord will have a word with you ….”..

She backs away leaving him in his state. .

Dravena watched as the noble sire..who she never knew his name or his face..smiled and disappear into the night…Into the arms of another waiting woman who giggled far into the night..

And her anger and jealousy grew..

“Mother ..It was you who did wrong. .
You who refused to give into the noble sir..
Rejecting the riches and luxury of a kins woman to live in a small cabin with a man who can not afford a decent meal for 6 score years of marriage..

“To bare 3 children for a small tin man when she should have had us all clothed in fine silk and walked the halls of the kinsmen as royals. .

“Mother it was you that made the gods angry not to have picked me to be the next generation of goddess..

‘It was you who allowed me to want and suffer when I would have have plenty and not lacked for want…

‘Because of you I would have had it all..
Because of you I had it none”…her eyes flared red in anger  .she folded her hands until she felt her nails piece into her skin..

Though as a child..
It didn’t make sense what she deduced. .
But her reasoning was enough to build a constant hatred for the ones she called family..
And she never pretended to show just how hateful she could be….
And for a child. ..such hatred was bound to do evil. ..
And an overwhelming need to be the one everyone held most dear…
The choosen one


Dravena walked to her sisters. .
“I refuse to wear this dress. .I look like an oversized pumpkin. .”…

‘A cute beautiful one dear sister”….Beverlyn pointed out ..

“Where is father..?..
I am to come out in abit…

“He could be at the bottom of the ocean…See if I care”…Dravena blurted out..popping a nut into her mouth..seating at the edge of the wooden table which laid the cake Susanahr baked. .


“Dravena!!?…her sisters called out..

She shrugged..

“Sometimes you act like the devil himself..
What did father ever do to you..or mother or us..
You have always been mean and spiteful but I hoped you would grow out of it..
But you have become a bitter wrench instead. ..
Why sister? ?……Susanahr the eldest asked…seating her child in his cot…Rocking him slowly while she stared at her last sister. ..

“Well for one..
I hate that every girl gets to have what they want and I don’t. .
I hate that my father is a tin man…
A tin man…a man who sells tins to get by…
I hate that he is just laughs and content with being happy..

“I hate that ma gave birth to me here in this desolate part of the clans…
I hate you both for being happy and alife..

“I hate that am the only one who sees something wrong with this life and need a change. .

“And I hate that am 25 score years and no one had every thought to ask for my hand…

“”And I hate that everyboy is drolling over that priestess goddess..
Who the hell does she think she is.??.

“I hate that child who keeps smiling at me…

“I hate everything and I wish you all die…and safe me the trouble..”..

And Dravena storms out of the little cabin they shared. ..
And joined the tiny crowd outside..
Fighting her way through. ..
Out into the open market..

Blocking the sounds of her name called by her sisters. .

“Let her be Susanahr “….
She would come to…
Dravena is in one of her moods..
But she is good..
I believe she is..
But so much hatred..
Jealousy. .
Where from??”…Beverlyn came to sit down beside her sister. ..

“Dravena always wanted more than she had..
Wanted everything too that wasn’t hers. .
You may not remember but I and ma always tried to make sure she never wanted for a thing she needed..but she was never satisfied  ..
She would take mine and yours and long for others as well..

“And she became obsessively jealous of the chosen one..
Her beauty was a scorn to Dravena. .
She blamed ma for being the cause of her not being born one..”..

“But that’s ridiculous Susanahr “…

“Well try telling her that.
Her attitude is unacceptable. .
talking about her family that way..
She must be corrected..
She doesn’t have a right to hate everyone who did nothing but love her. .
I will speak to mother and father later..
But for now…let her roam and feed her hatred..
Today it’s about you and not Dravena and her tantrums cant ruin your day beautiful sister. .
Come..twirl one more time..
Your groom would be joyous…

Father. …come walk your daughter!!….Susanahr calls out..

Her groom awaits! !!”..

Happy cheers filled the tiny cabin room..



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