Happy New Year luvlies! !!



So…I refuse this horrible flue and then sore throat and the fact that my voice decided to go on a lil date with 2015 to stop me from screaming and dancing into the new year ..

So I did..
With a #thankful and #gratefulHeart …I walked magestically or rather crossed gracefully into the year 2016..

I looked around seeing all the smiling faces..amongst them my family , friends and loved ones smiled back at me..and I was glad we all did make it..together. .

So here’s me saying #ThankyouLord for your infinite mercies and grace and your unconditional love Unpon me and my family.

Thank you 2015 for the lessons and the decisions..
For the ups and lows..they made me stronger.
Thank you for the greats and happiness…they defined me even more..
Sorry for hurts I may have caused to people and they to me..let bygones be bygones.
Bless you for the opportunities given to me..they indeed were a turning point..I appreciate it.
But this is where it ends..Goodbye 2015..

To 2016
I am in no competition with no one..
Therefore I refuse to set my standards to suit whoever.
I will be me..
A better version of myself. But I will not change myself. .I love me and I will unapologetically remain.
I don’t live on expectations. .and I choose to be happy and do me..
I choose to give , love,share, forgive and above all..be happy..and praise the one who gave me life constantly .
I will treat you as you treat me..i will be polite and nice..I will never judge , hate or curse you for no reason..
But I will not be taken for a fool just because am nice..

But I will love you as I should.
Help you in need.
And never pay you for every wrong.
I will be your friend, your sister..I want to make someone smile or be a light in their dark days..

I also want to be just me.
As I have always been.

So here is me. .Wishing you a happy happy new year. .
I wish for all that is best and good for you and your family…

And before I forget. ..
Thank you my dear dear awesome readers,  followers, commenters or just observers of #TheSweetPerspectives. .

You all have been awesomely amazing..
You make me want to be better at what i do.

You all are the reason I wake up ..well..part of the reason I wake up every morning. ..
The first is God..second my.family , friends and loved ones…and nope you aren’t the last. .
You are an important mix and you all made my 2015 worth it as well…

You officially rock. .
And ofcos am not leaving you all behind…
We doing this together. ..
You and I. .
So lots of good things I hope to come your way…

I love you all too…
Just as much as I love me..
Ok I love me a lil more..hehe

But Remember….
. #Sweetness got nothing but love for you..

From the tables of





2 thoughts on “Happy New Year luvlies! !!

    • Most definitely I did. Being with family and friends that day was kool. Er…well its starting nice. I pray 2016 makes me smile all ways. And yes am better. Thank you for your nice thoughts. You awesome. Cheers

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