Wordporn-Series. .5



There are things I want to say..but I lack the words to say them  ..
Things I want to do but don’t know how to start them 
Things I would love to let begin again…but I fear to give in. .unsure what the future brings.  ..
All because the things that once was…has imprinted in me…Causing me to sink in recoiling into myself ..afraid to let the world in..

There are things…things I don’t even know what it means. .

There are things. So many things..that words in itself would merely be a tease..



5 thoughts on “Wordporn-Series. .5

  1. The language and phrasing is good here, but as a suggestion, perhaps make it look more like lyrics in structure.
    ‘There are things
    I want to say
    But I lack the

    These aren’t critical, simply suggestions that use space and the space between words to add impact.

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