The Levitian



I don’t remember how I got here..
I don’t remember what I am supposed to remember
Everything looked strange and even yet oddly familiar
And yet as though my mind worked entirely on its own..
But the cobwebs of my thoughts became frizzled. .denting every puzzle that would help balance this distortion I now face ..

It looked as though I am enclosed ..
In a confinement made for this very purpose.
But why would anyone want to lock me up and shut me away from the world..
Leaving me to my raging thoughts ..
Leaving me to what i had no idea of..
Or was it that I was shutting me out too?

I heard them talking. Faintly ..
Or where they chanting..
I smell them. .not their stinking humanly smell that oozes from their delicate parts that made them what they are..but of fear..uncertainty. ..of the unknown. .
And I wonder why that pleases  me..
It felt strangely uneasy and exciting just as well..

I take in my surrounding. little space I must have called home..
It felt like I had been here…
For days .weeks..months…years..maybe a decade…
The walls crawled with insects..
On fours or twos…
Minding their own…
Completely unaware..just like the cell mate that they shared this dump with
The place smelled stale…dead and forgotten..
My cloths I noticed looked like ages ago.. worn by the living dead
Yet…my blood felt warm..
The heart within my chest beat faster than it had been for a while

And name I cannot remember
the reason for my shaggles all but elude me..
My bondage must have been pleasing for those who kept me here. .
And with that my anger bubbled within as though like a rising lava…

I hear them again..
Clearer now ..
Chanting the holy chants..
I did not understand what they say..
But their meaning felt like claws crawling up my skin. .
Pulling at my hair..
Pricking my side like two edged sharpened knives..
Drawing blood from me..draining my essence..

I knew I had felt this before. One time too many..
And with that..Every shredded memory began to form
Every lost pieces fixed back into the puzzle
Every face..even voice. .Every motive. .and up till the evitable capture..

The years of torment. Of pain..
Of disequilibrium to my perfect order..
All but shattered by the very people who made me..
Created me..
Made me what I am.

I remember. .
That decade after decade…
Life slowly epped away from me…
And decade after decade..
I lived..surviving…crouching a tiger ..waiting for that one moment. ..
That time. .when they would slip..make a mistake…and I will strike..

That day was today…
To make them pay for every pain I had suffered
To give them times two of that darkness I felt..when the wall was only my companion
To treat them as a monster would..
Because that was what they made me.turned me into..and then bond me like an animal. .locked away me for ever hoping the earth takes me..for steel nor human could…
And chants of the holy monks to keep me at bay and weaken my resolve ..till I slowly become no more..

But you see…life is a mystery..and so is my existence.
Another chance I must have given to right the wrong done to me..
And rid the place of the evil who lurks inside me..
For I felt their power of chants weaken..and my strenght returned..

I slowly get up..
Focusing on nothing in particular..and though I had done this a thousand times before. .
I felt the vibrating from my feet..
Before I saw the cracks on my cell wall..
I heard the insects scurry away..
I heard the footsteps and intakes of breaths not so far away…
The chains that had bond both hands and feets broke away like soft ropes..shattering to the ground. .
My eyes felt warm…but all I see is red..
My lips felt patched but all I want is a thirst of all their flesh would bring..
And I heard them speak. .
Praying to their gods..

“He is coming…
Not even the gods will save us now..”..

I smiled..
Concurring to the breaths of those dying.
And I rise..defying the gravity on which the earth was built..
Taking with me..all that it holds dear..
Without remorse..
Without regrets..
Ending. …for that will only give me peace…

And I remember my name…
The name they called me..
” the Levitian” …The one who rises and leaves death at its wake..


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