The Levitian : The Reckoning



The rustling of the leaves ..
The eerie sound of the wind..
The whoosh whoosh feel of something amiss..
I wondered what lurked behind those huge trees

It was a cold night in February. .
Storming out of my house following the fight I had with my family
There had being tension lately
Of the huge sums of money I had kept so miserly
Everything I worked for was my own..I didnt care if they starved to wasn’t my worry
So I stumbled out of the house..leaving my mother and the siblings..staring after me like I was the evil itself who didnt care ..but really I didnt…I wanted  to hide in my fury
But now that I think about it..I shouldnt have left in a damn hurry..

I felt eyes following me..
And feets walking behind me
But everytime I turn …all I see is darkness and trees and nothing before me
But stubborn I was to notice the lil things I didnt see…nor pay attention to the gut  feeling I always felt inside me

It was a dark and lonely night. .nobody was about ..Just me..hoarding my money..looking for a place to bury it..
I found a spot. .between a marked tree..with a stone overturned. .I knew it’s a perfect place to hide it..
So I began my work..wrapping my coins and all my life’s savings…in a tiny cloth..burying it deep under the ground so no one but me can find it…
And when I was done. I smiled..dusting my hands…now I could go home and let them fuzz about it..
This was my money..and I would do what I like about it..

But that feeling of being watched came again with all its force..
The hairs at the back of my neck stood out in all its fours
The goosebumps crowding my arms …dancing from my head to my toe…my pores opening up allowing air to enter it’s holes..

Who is there I asked. .
But nothing but silence answered me
I turn around again…
This Time fear my companion never leaving my side again..

Who is there…This time I shouted…but my ask came in tiny sobs..
Searching my side wondering if I carried the knife..grandfather gave me as a present last year during the fest
My hands shook…sweats breaking put from my head. .

Show yourself i threatened ..
Have you no fear to attack a man when he is hiding his spoils…
Show yourself..and I will rip your gut out and dump it on your chest…
But my hands voice wavered..fear engulfed me..but I needed to fight…If not I wasn’t man..

And then I heard it…or him..
“The day of reckoning is here old friend’…it said..
Coming in full view of my optical vision..

I dropped my knife and stumbled back in Fear. .
My words fail me..
I went on my knees…if only he could listen to my pleas..

“Please please. ..Forgive me…Forgive me I plead….
“I only did it for the money..I didnt know you would live”…..

“Ofcourse you didnt…isn’t that just a tease…
But I rise from the burning furnace. a flying phoenix ..Please don’t let me bore you with the jist”…

“I have come to collect …all that you all took from me…life…which was all you gave me..all you took away after making me…and left me for dead…bonded and shaggled like an animal and kept in an underground cell. ..”  he ..walked around the kneeling man….dramatically  empathising …

“But you see..loneliness and darkness and are two strange things…
The crave for vengeance and retribution kept me on my feet..
And while I grew weak..I also grew stronger. .
While the holy monks chanted to epp my life slowly away to oblivion …the anger and hatred on me to met out pain for pain revived Me and kept me strong..
Untill that night ..yesterday. .
I felt them grow weak..
I felt them slip and I took my chance..

I had forgotten how it felt to be free..
And feel the earth slowly fade away from my feet..and the toils of death I could create from the dust that rises after me…
I heard them die..i heard them scream and by god it did excite me…

Now I have come to by one I would make them pay..
for making me what I am..and abandoning me to my fate..
But you see my friend…A warning perhaps in your next life..

“Never create a wild thing ..and never let a wild thing live”…….

With those final words…
I watched in utter fright as he raised his hands. ..above my head…
I lifted above the ground without much help…
I levitated ..defying gravity  …
My pleas fell on deaf ear…

“I have a family…
My mother…my siblings”….

“Oh do shut up. kept your wealth from them..Please do not attempt to plead Saint. ..they will thank me even to rid them of the scum you call yourself…”…..and with that….
I was whooshed and slammed myself to the tree….shattering every bone in my body…

He towelled over me smiling …

“Remember me in your neck life…for I promise I will grace it and end it as well….

A message if you will…?  to leave for the others when they come see…”

He slowly sapped the life out of me..
I was too weak to move to plead ..
All that was left of me…was a man…Full of broken bones…as dried out as the harmattan leaves….left at the foot of the tree….and a piece of cloth that reads. ..

” The Levitian lives..
The day of reckoning is here …”…

It was was a cold night in February and that was the last they saw of me..
Am sure my family will be pleased.



2 thoughts on “The Levitian : The Reckoning

  • A frightening poem that generates a very threatening atmosphere. I had to read your previous entry The Levitian to fully understand it, which was also a scary poem. When I was a child I felt an evil ghost standing above my bed. I never told anyone about it but my cousin, when she slept in the same bed, felt the same evil presence. I think ghosts definitely exist, both good and bad. My beloved cat came back for 3 months after he died as a ghost because my grief was so strong I couldn’t let him go.

    • Oh wow..that’s huge. Sometimes people may have a strong emotional attachment to things that we even when you think you have closed all chapters and moving on..they still come back. But sometimes if people feel a presence i suppose it wants to tell them something because if it’s desire is to hurt sure this would have been a different conversation. I haven’t seen one neither do I intend to. I have a lot of drama in my life to take up I hope your cat is at peace now? The Levitian isn’t about ghost ….its a man who takes vengeance on the people who made him the monster he was and left him for dead. Thank you for stopping by…i do appreciate your stay awhile n feel your are welcome. Cheers

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