On this day ….



On this day…
Twenty something years ago. .
A lil child was born. .
She was a tiny baby..
But full of smiles. .
Full of life..
Lots of giddy happiness..
But she was such a dear..

Mother looks at her..the love she had for her.. radiated from her inside..spilling all over the child ..
Those tiny hands held on to hers so tight..
Her baby coos made her smile..

Welcome my child ..I believe she said..
For this day..you brought us joy..
Filling our house with happy baby banter
And guess what lil one…
On this day. Also a long time ago..
Your mother too was born..
A special connection we share ..

Though I didn’t understand what she meant..but I smile. .her heart melts..
Mother and Child. .born on thesame day  ..
Such love..such bond..such connection only them could share..
The kisses she plastered on my face. .
The prayer she said covering my head..
The blessings and goodwill she wished for myself…
All this from a mother in her bed..

So today..as we turn another year..
Mother and Child. .I wish you well. .
From the sole of your feets..to the hair covering your head…I pray God keeps us in his stead..
May all the good things. .come our way..
May long life and prosperity …Show us its constant face. .
And I pray that we stay happy and blest..
From today till the world ends..

Happy birthday to my sweet amazing mother ..
Who washed my infant head
Who gave up her comfort for my stead
Who made me eat while she starved. .
Who prayed for me constantly on her knees so I be well..
May God keep you and protect you..for the fruits of your labour you must test…my mother. .my sister..and my friend..
My love for you will never end…

Happy birthday mum..
Happy birthday to me..
Happy birthday to us..
May God bless us as well..




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