The Interview! !


He was late…

He ran out of his compound..tucking his shirt into his trousers in a frenzy

His time said 10:50am

His interview  was for 11 am. .

He was late.

He hopes he wouldn’t meet traffic..
The streets can be crazy .
He flagged down the first cab he saw..
He fished out the money from his pocket…wondering if it would be enough for the fair..

Giving him the directions…the cab driver told him his price…it was more than half of what he carried..

He looked at his watch again…Two more minutes gone. .
He didnt have time to take the public cab…
He jumped in..
“Drive!!”…He urged…

He wasnt prepared he knew. The call came in rather impromptu. .but he couldnt back out just because..

“I hope I look okay!!”…He thought out loud….looking down at himself. .using his hand to straighten out his folds …

“Sir?  “…the cab driver chances a quick look from the road to the passenger in his car..

“Eh you look fine Oga. dey go for interview?”….He asked..

“Yes yes..”.. He replied…Visibly impatient

“And na for 11 am? “….He asked..

“Yes yes. .!!”… came the reply..
He kept looking at his watch..willing time to stop…

That was asking for too much from the divine powers.
Maybe to just slow down just a notch…or make the interviewer get a little delayed by 5 minutes   …that’s all he needed to get there. .

“Oga can you get there in the next two minutes. it possible??”…He looks at the impending traffic. ..and willed the cars to move aside..better still …open up like the red sea so they can zoom pass. .like a lightening bolt…

“Can you step on it please..If you will?”…

The cab driver looks at the clock on the dash board…
“I go fit reach there in five minutes. ..let me take a short cut..
Highest, you fit get there like past eleven…e no too bad. Better late than never .”..

Then he turns to him sharply..

“Come inshort  ! Why you no comot from house on time sef? 
“Young man like yourself no fit comot from house since morning…you never even marry sef… “….He spoke without thinking…

The passanger looks at him..
He had a sharp retort ready to deliver..
To give excuses as to why he woke up late…dashed to the barbing salon to get his hair and bread trimed.  To look decent enough..not like a monkey that fell down from a tree..
And to top it up…He had to walk to his neighbours to iron..only for him to get there and he was out. 
His pleas with the security to allow him go in didnt even allow the solid man blink..
And to tell him to mind his damn business..which was to drive and shut the hell up..!! 

His mind was more occupied in getting there. .on time for the interview..passing it and eventually get a daily means of survival. .its being too long..
He looks down at himself again…ignoring the talking man…
Let him answer his own down questions …
“I hope I do look okay?”…..He sighed and bided time till he got there.

To be continued. .


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