Darkside 10. “The wait.”



That’s all I hear about me..
Complete..deafening silence..

I opened my eyes…and adjusted it to the darkness about me..
I flinched when I tried to move ..

Horrid thoughts of my recent experience flooded back into my head..
My eyes filled with new tears..
I tried to move again..
My body felt like a train wreck..
The hard surface of my kitchen table was unbearable. .

I rolled off hitting the harder ground with a thud…
Injuring my right shoulder ..
I moaned in pain..
I had to lay still to let it simmer down. .before moving again.

I couldnt tell what time it was..but it seemed late…and I wondered why I was still alife..
He wanted to kill me..
I begged him to kill me..
I couldnt bear to live after all he did to me
I couldnt be able to look in the mirror or come close to another man..let alone let another man touch me..or dare come close..
I hated them all..

Poor poor Bob. .
I sobbed remembering him..or what remained of him in my bathroom floor..
And the cruel way he had to die..
And the fact that I have been feed all this while with his his body parts were sickening. ..

Bob was sick..
Bob or whoever he was..
I doubt his name was Bob.
He was a sick twisted bastard
He killed the real Bob. .my real Bob. .
Defiled me..
Raped and wounded me..
And he deserves to get what’s coming to him..to pay..for every pain..Every tear..Every hurt..Every life he has taken …

My anger grew..
I knew I was going to die..
I thought I would die ..
But waking up this moment and seeing I wasn’t dead Yet. ..
Maybe someone was watching over me ..maybe I was given another chance to fight. ..to survive. .to live…
And I sure as hell will..
And if I go down..I will.go down fighting …
And take him with me..
I vowed to myself. .

I dragged myself out of the kitchen. .leaving a trail of blood that oozed from inside my thighs..
Every drag brought tears to my eyes. .
Every pull made me.determined to come out of this alife.
Every pain that seared through my body gave me a reason to inflict as much pain back on him…the stranger that did this to me..
I must fight…
I must make him pay..for everything. .
I swore again..

“This would be your last victim…I will be your last victim..
You will never have to hurt another person..another woman ever again..
I will make sure of it..
Even if I die trying…’..

I wispered into the dead of the night..
Gathering my scattered thoughts and began to plot my escape..attack or whatever I needed to do..

I looked around the dark room.
This was my house..
I knew where everything was..
All I had to do was use it to my advantage..

I paused.
“He has camera everywhere…
So he must be watching me this very moment “….I sighed ..

Dragging my paralysed legs to my bedroom..
Round to the corner of the broken glass..
Picking up a piece ..I held on to it…
Let him see..
See that am ready to fight..

“I will wait for you ..
I am ready…
Come get me you asshole..
I will gut you…I don’t care if I die trying you twisted piece of shit”…

I screamed..
I knew he watched me..
I knew he heard me..
Let him come..
I was waiting…

I wasn’t afraid anymore.
Death no longer held me bondaged ..
I was gonna Fxxk up his face…
I waited breathing hard..

My laid on the ground..
Close to the bed..
Peering from under..
And waited for my killer ..


He was ready to end her miserable life..
He was done with her..
Right now all he felt was disgust and disinterest. .
While he had his way with her …He was going to choke her to death with his cock…
He would love to see her eyes pop out…
And he would gorge them out of its sockets while she chokes to death. .

But that darn bloody call saved her. .
Now he needed to attend to a pressing matter and he needs to come back and finish her up..

He had gotten up from her sprawled form..
Putting his pants back on..not bothering to clean up..
A cold shower would take care of  that bit..

She didnt move.
Not even a muscle..

“I will be back to finish you off..
So be nice till I get back honey..
For I will be back…say your prayers..”…He laughed..

Picking his call on the second ring..

“Hey man. .what’s up??”

“Hey Bob..where are you men..
The boss needs you here ASAP. .
Some customer came in complaining about you and he wants to have your hide and boss is furious…
Get here man..I can’t cover up for you…He raining down fire and brimstone “…

“Shit!! What about?  He asked the caller..

“How the hell should I know.its your shit..go deal with it..am done being your mama. If You don’t come, you are out..and boss don’t joke with he pissed..and he is pissed as hell. So get your ass back here..”….the line went dead..

He cursed.

He wouldn’t have given much thought to it.
On a given…He wouldn’t have cared.
Once he was done with a task at hand and gotten rid of his victims..
He leaves the town without a trace ..

But he had come to like this town..
He was deciding to stay here for another couple of months before moving..

He liked the girls here..
Before he leaves…
He would also like a taste of her friends. .
He knew he wouldn’t enjoy them as much as Maggie. .
Sweet sweet Maggie. .
But they must taste good for being friends with the pretty lil Maggie. .

He snickered.

Plus…He had made a nice reputation for himself here..
So he was going to fix shit up and get back and clean this shit out..

He finished dressing..putting off the light..leaving Maggie on her kitchen table..And left without another word..

Nobody was about …
He always wore a faceccap and glasses..
Just the way Bob  did..who happened to be lying  …
Or What’s remained of him that is. ..on the bathroom floor ….

He felt no remorse.
No guilt.
He was used to blood..pain..and dead bodies…
The thril it gives him was all the excitement he needed. And for him that was enough..

He stopped a cab after getting to the next turn …
When it pulled up..

“Castin’s street please…
I will get off at Mr Thomas tech and tools . Thanks ‘….. He entered as soon as the driver nodded..

Settling into the back seat…
Removing the face cap and glasses…
Ruffled his hair with one swift move and placed a smile on his face..

He wispered a soft song during the entire  ride ….

After he was dropped at his location..
The driver sped off with a thought on his mind..

“He seemed slightly off…
A strange fellow”…. He shook the thoughts off his head and minded his business. .

“Strange city too”… He a added. . Fading down the streets ..



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