Darkside 11. What they don’t know..



“In my office. ..”  the fat chubby red faced man ordered as soon as he walked in.. storming into his office ..expecting him to follow ..

He smiled.
Looking over his shoulder at the person who called him..

The other man shrugs ..raising his hands to the air indicating he has no idea what’s up his ass..

He nods to him…and follows the man into his office.

“Shut the door and take a sit Bob..”..

He does just that and waited.

” Mr banks comes here hurling curses on my staffs ..saying you fixed shit over at his place down town..
Pleas explain to me how you missed the water pipe under the sink in the bathroom…
It gave way…flooding his entire love nest before he comes home with his bride…
To find his house dripping wet…
Documents and appliances soaked beyond repair…

So please please you better come up with a good explanation because am about to ram my fist into your face…
You know how much that is gonna cost us for damages?
What if he sues ..
What if.? All my hard earned work goes to shit….
What did you do or didnt do Bob..??..

He remained calm..
He remembered Mr banks…a good fellow..
Too much money and didn’t know shit to do with it.. But a fine fellow never the less..

Oh his house…
He never got around to fixing his place up..
That day he got deterred ..Following Maggie and her boyfriend and too upset to think about work…
He came back and told them he did go over..but in reality …He went home  and watched Bob making love to Maggie. ..and that messed up his thinking and working was the last thing on his mind..

“His bad”… He smiled..

“Am talking to you …you Fxxker! Cat cut your tongue??”…

He looks at the fat chubby red faced an before him..
He never liked Mr Thomas. .
He hated his arrogance. ..
His bossyness  and the way he laughed. ..
Those laughter that made you want to stuff him with socks and smile afterwards..

He hated the way he talks down at him..even the way he was staring at him right now..
He so waited to smash his head to the wall behind him..
Deflat his protruding tummy with the knife he always carried at the back of his bucket for a quick fix whenever he needed a quick and fast death of his victims. .. and force his doughnuts down his throat. ..and he knew he would enjoy watching his struggle for air while he winds his belts around his neck and pulls. ..

Mr Thomas was going to be on his list…
But for now…He squeezed his arms tight…relaxing himself. ..
” in due time Thomas. ..in due time ‘…He murmured

‘Am sorry what did you say Bob? ?…He leaned in…Both hands on the desk…

” I said am sorry. .The plumbing work must have given way.i will talk to Mr banks and fix it..
Don’t you.worry sir…i will head right there…”..Bob said….looking remorseful for effect..

“I don’t care how sorry you are…
You better get it fixed…or you don’t come back. ..and just so you know. . Am cutting back your pay check for the next 6 months. .that should teach you. Besides I ain’t paying for damages ..
Now get out . Don’t show me yourself untill you have something good to say.
Get lost”…. He dismisses him…with the wave of his hands..stuffing a doughnut into his mouth..licking his fingers..

“Okay dick head. ..right away “…Bob muttered…

“What was that??..

“Nothing “….

Bob leaves the office…and headed towards his friend. .

“And…what did you do B?  ” he asked. .After dismissing a customer..

” Nothing that can’t be fixed. .
Thanks for covering for me earlier btw”  he picks out a form and signs on it..

“Sure. But where did you go? 
You seem to disappear alot this days asking me to cover me But you never tall me where you are going to..

What’s up with that mehn??…..He leaned against the counter …staring at Bob..

“Just some family emergency. .don’t worry about it….need to deal with this issue ….talk to you later. ..”…

Raised eyebrows  ..

‘Er..ok if you say so…” he shrugs

Bob leaves ..

Before he leaves town…He knee he would be adding his boss to his list.

He liked his colleague. Stupid and gullible. But he liked him all thesame.

He smiled wickedly. ..
He was in the mood for games..
He whistled all the way there. .



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