The Present! !!



Icy cold  water washed down my body. .
I shivered slightly ..
My body felt numb…
Painfully numb..
The cold water trekking down my hard skin caused me to grit my teeth in a nervous clatter…

It was dark…
Suffocatively dark..
Like I had a dark cloth over my eyes..blinding my visions ..Causing my  breathing to be restricted.
I tried to move..but I felt bound…
Literally bound…
And realisation does funny things to you. .
I panicked…my heart beating faster than it had previously..
Turning my wrist from side to side to free myself from these shaggles was pointless ..
Whoever did this to me had no intention of letting me go..
But why…??
That was a question I looked forward to be answered..

A pause..
I hear voices..
They were arguing about guns and drugs…banks and getaway cars..
What did these people have to do with me…
Even that answer eluded me..

Is that him…? I heard one ask..
He sounded gruff…hoarse – like. .
I could feel his hard stare …

There was a brief reply. ..
When I asked you to wake him I didn’t say you should soak my garage with water..
You are gonna clean this mess’..

I felt him coming close to me. …
“Take off the damn cloak..I want him to gaze Unpon the man who would end his life”..

He wasnt nice..The cloak remover. .hitting my head..and pulling it over..The cloth slashing my skin with its sharp edges..I winced..and I got blinded by the florescent light dancing overhead…the overpowering stench of the area engulfed my nostrils..i felt bile rise up my throat but I shoved it down..
My eyes picking out a few dark forms..

Their form first came in shadows..
I blinked twice..Clearing my eyes..
They were four. .
The man who towelled over me..
Sturdy and yet flabby on the sides..He stared menacing at me…bringing his face a few itches from mine…
His breath smelled of rotten fish and dead prawns..I stared him right back..

He asked if I knew who he was..
I studied him for a minute..I had seen him on the news..him and a couple others..I told him
Wanted for numerous crimes. .
They were a mafia gang. ..they call themselves ” The Eliminators”.. I thought it was a lousy name too..
So if he was meant—“..

I look around briefly. .counting three others again..making meant that two others would be standing outside on guard..

He slapped me back to reality. ..
He asked if I knew why I was here…
I was thinking how many I was going to take before the sun goes down. .

His punch to my face caused me a few blood splats..and a cut to my side lip..
I spat out..
I studied him quizzically..
For someone who claimed to be a mafia Lord. .He punched like a girl..
Maybe boozer right there would do a better job…I indicated the man slouching on a can..playing with his belt knife..flipping it in and out…threatening me from a few feets apart…
This caused me a kick to my groin..
Ouch!!..I rolled on the ground..and ending like a ball ..good…I needed to get on my knees…that knife would come in handy. .
I cough..and spat some more blood ..

During their last robbery operation..they killed alot of civilians..they had been successfully all this while..leaving fear and deaths in their wake…from city to city..i wondered if they enjoyed killing more than stealing…
The police were too scared to catch them…or powerless to..It was beyond them..

He spoke again..

“The minister of finance…He refused to play ball…He would have been nice if he was a good old chap and signed off on the money we needed…but he had to be stubborn. .his fingers came in handy eventually. ..but you see…I had taken off my mask to talk to him..just briefly…I know”…He nods his head

…”my bad..stupid mistake..but someone else wasn’t supposed to see it..But apparently one did..after we kill him and his famiy…and emptied out his coffers and leaves… whoever …runs to the police ..and mouths off..”….

“Now our faces are splattered all over the news…which sucks for us…and sucks more for the squealer. ..
Which brings us to you…you should have been more careful in protecting your identity…plus…The police witness program is men said it was like taking candy from a bunch of sissies..
Now…before we leave the city..with new identities…i wanted to leave them a lil present…never fuck with the Eliminators “….He threw back his head and laughed heartedly…

They intend to cut me into me and send me back to the precinct. ..
They had no idea I was planted..and already a present sent to them…

“Kill him!!!…make it slow..loud…painful and long…”…He said..turning around and walking out of the garage…

We take off in an hour…”…He throws over his shoulder..

I watched his recinding back….then I watched the three men coming at me….

Uncertainty is a foul thing….
But lack of knowledge therefore is worse than a can of canker worms. .
But the unknown is much worse…

I wish they knew who I was…
But even then…this wouldn’t be fun..

I looked at each of them..on my knees now..hands and legs tied behind me..
I flexed my neck..squaring my shoulders…
A side smile breaks at on my lips. .
I let the words out…

“Gentleman! !! Shall we begin??

I wished they knew..knew who I am..
Maybe they would have backed out the door…and never look back…but that wouldn’t be fun…



2 thoughts on “The Present! !!

  • OK, these are all suggestions and entirely free to ignore. You are enjoying yourself which is always the point.
    1. Lose the ellipses, they are an affectation that doesn’t really communicate anything. Use the space to make your point.
    2. These prose poems work, but there is more telling than showing. Show us, you are hearing voices but are they clear or muffled? Through a wall and raised or in the room and those tense whispers.
    3. I muddle through as much as anyone, but when you work through these things, it becomes a more rarefied experience. Food tastes better if you know what went into cooking it, you appreciate art if you’ve dragged a brush across a canvas etc.
    4. It’s clear that you are enjoying these, they’re an interesting amalgam but I like to offer up observations and as I’ve stressed, you’re entirely free to ignore anything I say. I just enjoy offering up feedback because we all want acknowledgement for the things that we put up, and feedback is my way of doing that.

    • Noted. No..suggestions and what not are welcome. I take all in good faith and hope to work better at my writing. Thank you for your observations and suggestions. I really do appreciate it.

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