The Punisher! !



He bent over..dipping his face a little into the face sink..turning the cap of the tap
He watched as crystal clear water rushed out into the basin, disappearing into the drainage ..
He cups a handful of water and splashed his face with it, once ,twice,  three times…
His mind went back..replaying the scene of not so long ago

She had smelled of flower..and something equally nice..
She smiled ever so sweetly, innocently drawing him in. He never hid his hand, so she couldn’t claim to be blind..yet she came at him with a force..seductively swaying her hips
Sweetly purring sweet nothingness into his ear
he shouldn’t have given in, but she paid more attention to him than he had had in years
She made him laugh
She made him feel alife
He had forgotten how it felt to be wanted, to be desired and to be important ..
He really did try to avoid her.
But how could he?
With her short skirts that exposed smooth thighs
Or was it her low cut tops that revealed beautifully placed bosom..and just looking at them..her nipples would harden and she would smile

She knew what she was doing to him
His constant No’s had never stopped her
Untill that fateful day..
That day in the elevator
Life seemed to be playing a cruel joke on him
They were stuck and he wondered why no one else seemed to be stucked with them, as soon as the last person alighted to his floor..bam!
And there , in that enclosed space
She came at him…”Take me”! She said
Robbing her soft breast against his chest
Pushing her away didnt keep her back..

“We can’t do this” his mouth was talking but his body was reacting to something different
“Yes we can” she began unbuttoning her top
“I am married”….his voice came in wispers

“I don’t want to marry you or take you away from your wife..i just want to be done..and I know you want to too so shut up and get to it.”…

She was naked ..
She stares at him and smiles, noticing his rising bulge
“You need to breath. .allow me” 
she went on her knees ..releasing him…He didnt stop her…He couldn’t
And when he felt warmth enveloping him ..He closed his eyes ..
When his legs began to shake ..
He picks her up from the ground..slamming her to the wall of the elevator and plunges into her. ..not stopping untill he shattered completely …bringing her into a climax that had her screaming and holding onto him..
And that was the begining of his infidelity
He wanted so badly to stop
He knew he was wrong
But it felt good and he didn’t know how to stop
But he loves his wife and each morning when he goes to work he didn’t have the courage to look at her
Or when he came back
He had stopped touching her for months
And now this..

Guilt washed all over him
He splashed some more water on his face
As though hoping the water will wash his sins away
Tonight he would confess and end it with the other woman
He loved his wife.
Screw the sex..
It was a fling that should never had happen
Just because him and his wife were having troubles didnt mean he should have found comfort in another woman’s arms..
Yes..tonight he comes clean..

She walks in seeing him bent over at the sink
His back making a perfect C..
She leaned at the wall and waited
She had loved only one man and had ever been with him
Her world had revolved around him
Her life with him was all that she needed

They were High school sweethearts
And by her second year in college he had proposed to her
After final year and they got married and ever since it had been bliss

But this is real life and fairy tales were for kids
Yes she loved him but everyone had their flaws..and so did she
As normal couples they had their ups and downs
Made up after ever fight
But over time more fights caused them the ultimate price..”distance, lack of intimacy”
The unwillingness to talk and settle issues
Whenever they fought they stayed apart too long before They reconciled
Over time they just stayed apart
Each one being too proud to man up
Each one suffering from the other
It was pointless. .none of it mattered now that she thought of it..
She loves and misses her husband..
It’s being too long..and tonight she needed to be the man and say she was sorry..
She needed her man back

She stood there watching him
Waiting for him to be done

A knock!!

They both looked up
She mouthed “I’ll get it “.. and left him staring at her back while he cleans his face with the towel hanging from the door

It was a package. Nobody at the door.
The hall was empty .

“That’s strange”..she said bending over and picking it up. Closing the door with her foot.

It had a note  scribbled on the package

“From a friend.
We girls look out for each other..
No need to thank me..I did you a favour..xoxo”..

“Whats that?”
“Who is it from?”..

He asked sitting on the bed .
She didn’t answer.
She tore it open and out fell pictures of a man and woman
She bent down and picks them up
looking at a picture at a time
Different places
Different attires
Sometimes both naked
Locked in an embrace
Doing the lovers dance
His face,
His face was of one satisfied
Intense and sensual
His face was his

Her hands shook..
Her visions blurred
She allowed them slip through her fingers to the bed and she walked away slowly as though a zombie would,  staring blankly into nothing,  straight to the kitchen

“Baby what’s wrong??”…his voice passed her as an unwanted wind..
He turns on the bed  ..Groping for what she saw that made her look deathly pale

He turned white
He gets up,
“No no no no no”..He kept saying
He needed to beg her
go on his knees
Crawl on the floor even if he had to
He rushes into the kitchen

She was standing there
In the middle
Transfixed as though a statue

He paused
Calling out her name
He didnt know how to approach her
She didn’t answer
He walked slowly towards her
Stretching out his hand to touch her shoulders
Calling her name again
He slowly turns her
And then his eyes widened

He looks down
The cold knife had sliced into his skin
Where his heart kept a permanent home
He clings to  her as he slowly falls to his feet 
Tears filling his eyes as they began running down his handsome face

“Am sorry!”…before he slums ,
Dying before he hits the ground

“So am I
Don’t worry..I will send your lover to you soon . I promise”…

She wipes the knife on her dress and left him lying there in the pool of his blood

She leaves the room a few minutes later.
She had a mission and a target
And she intended to make good on her promise
“You broke my home. I will find you and make you suffer” ..she swore


Quote :  The wrath of an angry woman can bring ruins to the deserving


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