Cont. The Interview! !


Cont. The Interview! !



Was all that he muttered as he pays the cab man and jumbs out of the car..

“Oga run run run oh…make you enter the interview. .
Bye bye oh”

The cab driver shouted and waves. Before he sped off to look for another passanger to bore with his endless questions.

He runs..almost running into the security guard..

“Hey Oga take it easy!” she screams
“Why are you running as though the gates of heaven is about to close??”

She had no idea that to him..
It was that and alot more worse .
But he managed to murmur a sorry, and  asked for the direction to the office.
After asking him the needed questions and takes his detail she directed him to go straight ahead and take a left, another left, a right and a bend and finally stop at a door knock once and then enter.

He paused for a second staring at her.

‘Madam isn’t there a straight road to the office??

“Hmm…even the saying goes that “the way to better things aren’t narrow and straight ” if you like stand there and be staring at me like lookozade!! Na me get meeting by 11 am abi?  And you are here asking me questions.  Oya na”

She taps a seat beside her .

“Sitdon. .lemme draw a map for you like a two year old or better still..wait, I will go and buy bread, cone back and drop bread crumbs for you like hensel and gretel because you are lost in a forest..
Oga see!! They are not paying me to be a guard tour…so shift.  Mtchewwww!!” 

She sighs. Sits down and Crosses her legs and stares at him like ..” Your call brother!”..

He nods an okay, shoves his pride and apologises..
“Please the directions again”
He said through gritted teeth


“Goodmorning Sir,  how may I help you please? ” .

Aha. Atleast someone’s welcoming.
He dips his hands into his pocket and brings out his hanky to dap the sweats that has broken out like pimples on his forehead and bridge of his nose.

She had a nice smile. A bit too chubby for her size and for the chair.
“I don’t wanna be you chair – bear! ‘..

“What was that sir?? She asked


“Er..Please am here for the interview for 11—

Her eyes darts to her watch. It was 11:15
She gave him that disapproving look like..
“Dude seriously ..who comes to an interview 15 minutes late??
Then a once-over and another disapproving look.

For the life of him he didn’t know if he would be able to hold back a retort if anyone mouths him off again..
The cab driver, the security guard and hell will break loose if she tops that chart.

Screw the interview.
Okay..just kidding..

She managed to fix a smile on her face. Then she asked.
“Who is your contact person??”
“Mr Wilson” came his reply.
She nods.
Points at a door behind her

“Go through this door and take your right. There is a waiting area there. You will meet the others who have been here already before you since 11. Am sure you can find a seat If not please bear it. ” She didn’t smile

He murmured a thank you. And walked behind her.
“Whats her problem? ?
He disappeared behind the door.He didnt hear her murmur “this unserious guys” “that a way to dress? ” under her breath.


The cold swept him up before he walked into the room..and he felt as though he walked into a bank.
Everyone was immaculately cut and dressed. Freshly pressed suits and  ties. Polished shoes that smell of shoe polish filled the air, mingled with perfume.
The ladies weren’t left out.
All crossed legged. A file. Nerdy glasses to look the part and an air of confidence .

He thought he got the office wrong. And their stares and disapproving glances..
He answered the question that he had been asking himself all morning..
“I look like shit . I definitely don’t look okay for an interview”..

He had a minute to decide wether to run back home and change. But the change in his pocket would only take him halfway.
And besides the angels were watching over him..The interview hadn’t started. He wouldn’t want to test them by taking chances.
Even if he did manage to go home.he didnt own a suit nor anything close to a jacket. Unless he would have to borrow from a neighbour’s..but Peter went to work and Peter had only one.
Shit .
He picked up a mental mirror and stood infront of it.
Black trousers and a tucked-in shirt. .
He had poured water into his shoe polish so he could have something to polish his almost ruined-only shoes.
He cut his hair.
He carried an okay file.
Ah mean…He thought he looked okay . Plus he didn’t know others were coming for the interview .He thought it was only him.
He sighed.

“Mum says not to let people make you feel less of yourself. ” So he braced himself.
Avoid staring at them. Blocked his ears to the silent murmurs under their breaths said.  Said a “Goodmorning”, didnt let their cold reply annoy him and then sat down. Writing his name on the sheet of paper passed to him. He was the last..10 minutes difference from the last person. And he was the 23rd person.

“Breath dude breath”‘ He encouraged him self.

For want to pass the time, he brings out his phone and enters Facebook to read the #FlashChallenge #Blackout. ..He hates to miss a story.. “Let the best writer win..fight fight fight!!” He giggled .

Another five minutes a lady walks in..
He checks his time and shakes his head..
“Who comes to an interview this late?? He shook his head..
And replied a cold Goodmorning back to her Goodmorning.

But inwardly he was smiling..
He did feel better now

“Now we wait!”..He relaxed into his seat..shaking his legs side to side…



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